Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Things I Am Really Jazzed About....

1. I am loving Breaking Bad. We're on the 3rd season so please NO SPOILERS....we have a ways to go! How does a TV show have such good writing that can make you love people who sell and use meth?

2. I love bowling. I don't know why i love bowling so much, i  only have a 114 average and this comes about from sometimes bowling a 92 and then another game bowling a 158, as i did last week. (Maybe it's because i surprise myself with the 158.) Plus my husband and my brother are on my team and my other brother coordinates the league. And also my favorite nephew bowls too, so it's a family thing.

3. American Idol. I watched for years but when Simon left years ago we quit watching. Now they have three new judges and i love them all. Keith Urban is so endearingly sweet to me that i can get over him being married to Nicole Kidman. I crack up most at Harry Connick Jr and he fulfills my need for not being too nice to the contestants. (He's a tough critic.) And Jennifer Lopez doesn't bother me at all as i expected.

4.  Retiring. My retire/rehire part-time work is almost over. I think March 28.  Enough said.

5. Cortona, Italy! Yesterday we wired the money to pay for our house that we are staying for two weeks this spring. Now we have to book our airfare. I've been doing some research online and found a series of travel videos on YouTube on the town. It's a cute small town with lots of culture, though it is somewhat touristy now because the town is the same one where Diane Lane lives in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun.  (I did not know that before we booked this trip.) It looks perfect for us. Brian has a friend that will already be there who will show us the ropes and pick us up from the airport. This is how i like to travel!

6. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has been awesome already in his first week. I am pulling for him like he was part of my family. I just love him. How could you not? I loved the charades game he had with Tim McGraw, Emma Thompson and Bradley Cooper.  Part 1 is below.

7. Nothing horrible has happened at the Olympics in Sochi. I was so worried. And Bodie Miller won a medal.

Notes to Self:

Sunrise: 7:06 am
Sunset: 5:43 pm (21 more minutes of daylight since my last post!)
High/Low temp today: 46/38
Longest Run: 40 minutes, but i'm not sure because my stopwatch broke.
Number of cat photos i hid on Facebook this week: 3
Word count: 413
Idea for next blog post: Stuff that people post that i hide on Facebook


Swiss said...

I am excited about your trip....the Olympics actually were pretty good this year.
I have only watched a few epidsodes of "Breaking Bad" - want to see more- good acting as well as writing.

I like Jimmy Fallon when he does bits but he annoys me when he interviews....I am not sure exactly why....maybe he trys too hard to look excited. He is a funny guy though, I agree. I love his T-Bowie and loved him on SNL. I said the other day "he doesn't look genuine when he is kissing ass".....oxymoran...or something like that.

I tried hiding a comment or two before on FB because they did not even fit the post.....and I hide posts. Really.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hi Swiss! I always love that you comment on older blog posts! We're gonna do Academy Awards tonight and then i'll do the what i hide on Facebook.

I get on some of the Fallon. He does love everything doesn't he? And i say often that if someone professes to love everything ...they really love nothing. Sort of like those mattress sales ever day. How can it be a sale if there is a sale every day?