Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Good Week...includes my favorite Olympic Moment

These are salt and pepper shakers that my mom bought me a few years ago because we bowl. They are so incredibly goofy that i love them. 
It's been a good week. Here are some small reasons why:

1. iTunes: I haven't bought anything from iTunes in awhile but just recently found two songs thanks to equeyaya for Passenger's "Let Her Go" and SNL for introducing me to Imagine Dragons and their song"Radioactive".

2. Running: Finally hooked back up with friend and running buddy Karie today. She started a new job and we have not run together since September.

3. Book:  Started going to the library again. Found a book The Returned which has been made into a TV series i have not watched yet. But i like the book so far. And i like going to the library. (Plus it will save me money!)

4. My job: My job was finally posted yesterday. It closes on Feb. 27. I will train my replacement in March and after 25 years will be totally done. It's been so nice to transition with my 18 hour week. And i will probably be sad that day i turn over my key and leave, but i am looking forward to it. I've already been packing up.

5. American Idol: I LOVE Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban too. And i never expected to like Jennifer Lopez but i do. (I just wish she would quit calling everyone 'baby'.)

6. My favorite Olympic moment: the American skater Jeremy Abbot fell on his very first jump and stayed down for quite awhile before getting up. It looked like he would leave the ice but the crowd cheered and he went on with his program and did very well. When he was done the crowd gave him a standing ovation. It almost made ME tear up watching. Years from now, this is what i will remember about these Olympics.

7. Bowling: We started this week. I haven't bowled since last April so when my very first ball was a strike i had high hopes. But then i ended up with a 92 and a 94 on my first two games. But my third game? ...I bowled a 158!  (Don't know how i did that. I think that second beer loosened me up. )

8. Richard Sherman wants our photo: His people asked me if i would write a review about the four 'You Mad Bro' shirts i bought for our bowling team. So i wrote about how he was my favorite Seahawk and how our bowling team was called the SuperBowlers. They wrote back yesterday and asked if i would send them a photo of us wearing our shirts so Richard Sherman could add it to his Facebook page. hahaha...( Does Richard do his own Facebooking really? )

9. Jimmy Fallon! Can't wait for him to start on Monday!

10. Snow: One week ago we had a lot of snow! We didn't see much of it since we were at a charity auction but it was fun to come home to.

Notes to Self:                                                            
Sunrise: 7:17 am
Sunset: 5:33 pm (30 extra minutes of daylight since last week's post!)
hi/low temp: 53/37
Number of cat photos i had to hide on Facebook: 4
Number of Valentine's flower photos i had to hide: 5
Word count: 479

Added because i mention in my comments: i found this house for louie to buy, which is only a mile from our place. It's on my running route and it's on the golf course and very cool inside! 


jojo cucina cucina said...

eque, i just know that you know this Radioactive song already. It reminds me of the kind of music you have turned me on to.

Other good things i want to add but couldn't since i want to stay under my 500 word count:

11. I rearranged my living room and i always love how that feels when i do that. It's amazing what a boost i get from this!

12. I found a house for louielouie that is only one mile away from mine! And it's so cool from what i can see (I ran by it today, it just went on the market) that i wish i could afford to buy it....but if we did, i would have to get a job right away!

13. I found out why i didn't get called at the wine bar. We went there with friends last Thursday and the girl who was supposed to be leaving (the reason he needed someone 1-2 times a week) was still there. I asked her what was up and she said she did move but was working nonprofit in Seattle and the money was better at Pour at Four so she decided not to quit and is now commuting to work a couple of days a week.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I heard Radioactive on the episode Radioactive which was the Season 6 finale on True Blood. They name the episode and play the song at the end of the show. I really like it.

How cool about Richard Sherman wanting a photo of your bowling team. What a great thing. I saw a meme on FB that listed his achievements and then showed a picture of Justin Bieber and the tag said, now who's the thug?

I'm jazzed because I did some research online for a friend who's a luddite and since it was correct, he's taking me to the LA Master Chorale's salute to Morton Lauridsen next month. I told him I really would have liked to go to the Forum tonight to see Paul Simon and Sting, but it was really late and I had things to do with the hub tonight. Sigh.

My new GSPointer whacked the living hell out of my daughter's face this morning. We were sure she had broke her nose. Whisked an ice pack on it and so far no bruise. She's out at a tabletop Game Night so she must feel good.

We're in drought conditions. I hate it. I want rain and wind and anything else they can throw at us.

Take one thing home a day and by the time you're ready to walk for good, you won't have to lug a document box full of treasures home with you.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey amulbunny! you know when i first heard Imagine Dragons sing Radioactive on SNL i thought they were doing a remake of someone else's song because it sounded so familiar. NOw i wonder if i heard it on a promo for the True Blood show!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I wonder if they are televising the Sting/Paul Simon concert. I would love to see it.

Another good thing i forgot to mention is that we watched the 50th anniversary of the Beatles the night that changed America i think they called it. I have never been a huge Beatles fan but i really liked this a lot! David Grohl performed a song that is less known and i loved it. And Ringo Starr was great at the end. I also feel better about Adam Levine from Maroon 5 after seeing him perform.

jojo cucina cucina said...

idea for blog subject:
1. Stuff I think about when i can't sleep.
2. Some things never change.
3. 5 Things that pissed me off while reading the newspaper today.
4. 7 Things to do when you're bored.