Monday, April 21, 2014

Jesus Didn't Stop By & I Still Don't Know What to Blog About.

my feet posing with my tulips that Brian brought home the other day
I haven't been in blogger mode because i thought Jesus was coming to post on my blog for the Easter Holiday. But He didn't. (I think He has been too busy checking out all the Facebook posts about Himself on Easter.) I know i had a few friends posting about Him on Facebook this past week. And i hid them too. I didn't unfriend them, i just hid the post. I don't think Jesus appreciates being a topic on Facebook.

I like hiding stuff on Facebook. Especially, of course, the cat photos!

Anyway, thinking that Jesus was coming made me not plan anything to blog about because i figured when Jesus posts you have to keep it up there for a fair amount of time so folks can view it.

And i've got my hands full trying NOT to make every night a Friday night now that I'm retired so i try to keep busy by binge watching Breaking Bad, filing my mail, checking my Facebook page about 30 times a day, and ironing my husband's shirts. Yes, i told my husband i would iron his shirts because i hate how he does laundry. And i also, oddly enough, enjoy ironing for it's instant gratification of having done something. I like dusting for the same reason. Plus i just like order. Period.

I'll come up with something later. In the meantime. Talk about whatever is on your mind.


jojo cucina cucina said...

louie i just saw you post TWO blog posts ago tonight about updating my blog. You didn't even admonish me on the post before this one. The only reason i found it was because the stats show that the 'punch a bird' post had 128 views and most were through google and not the fakey Vampire stat post. I think that was because folks watching Parenthood like i do saw that episode where Ray Romano's character refers to 'punching a bird' and looked for it like i did.
Not that they actually read the blog once they found it. But it does speak towards picking provocative subject lines.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i rarely go back and look at an old blog post. Sometimes i will look at the one before the most current but i hardly look beyond that for new posts. So i am sorry if someone comes and posts late and then i don't respond after it or acknowledge that i saw it.

Cause i'm telling y'all now, if you blog you must go back and look at what others write. Cause otherwise the folks commenting feel like they are writing for no reason.

louielouie said...
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louielouie said...

1. I though Punch a Bird was the last one? That's why I don't have a blog; I'm not savvy enough to post one some one else's blog.

2. Are there really two Vs in savvy? It looks dumb.

3. I am writing for no reason. Well, usually it's because I should be doing something I don't want to, so I post here instead. I guess that's a reason.

4. Have you been hiding the cat links I post on your timeline? I wondered what happened to them. The best was a cat dressed in a crocheted taco. You so could learn to crochet and make those pants and a Taco costume for my cat.

5. I like ironing shirts too. I used to teach ninth graders how to do it. They would bring a shirt from home and then stuff it in their lockers after it was graded. I brought in my husband's shirts for the kids who didn't bring one. I think that was right after my stain removal lessons and the famous "In a Quandary about Laundry?" bulletin board.

6. I tried to edit this but posted it my mistake. Then I had to delete it (see above) because there were too many typos.

7. What happened to the edit/preview button?

Never mind, I found it, but now I don't care enough to edit.

louielouie said...

Oh yeah, Russell Wilson. Already forgot about him.
How 'bout those Mariners?

pearl said...

My atheist SIL drives me crazy when he puts God on the couch with the Easter bunny and Santa Claus. I love a good debate, but the conversation is over when the ad hominems start...while there is a certain purpose to remaining childlike in some areas, I'm not stooped.

I look around at the accumulata around here and would like to think that when I retire I'll tackle it. But then I think it would be good to give the kids something to do when we die...

The only chore I'm tasking myself with catching up my scrapbooks. I'm a trip and a half behind - for the first time ever! and my everyday album stops at 2006. Haven't gotten past my memorial pages to Deb.

But between now and then - when ever then is - the stuff will keep piling up. Bud always says that since he's been retired he's been so busy that he doesn't know ho he got it all done when he was still working.

Amanda said...

I want to see the cat in the crocheted taco!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey what a nice surprise to come here and see you all!!!!

I was coming here to talk about Russell Wilson filing for divorce from his wife. They have only been married since 2012. And he's so born-again Christian-like on his Facebook page (there reason for my earlier post about him) that this really surprises me. She was in all of his photos at the hospital with those very sick children.

I wish him well and hope it doesn't mess up his game!

louie, i SO remember your In a Quandary About Laundry for two reasons: It was so freaking clever AND i learned how to properly spell 'quandary'.

pearl, i love your usage of the fifty-cent word 'accumulata'. I wish i knew more fifty-cent words, ESPECIALLY since i just organized a women's Scrabble night at my house for May 6th with the idea that this will be an ongoing get together a couple of times of month. One of the women is an English teacher who was teaching when i was a senior at Mt. Tahoma in 1974-75. I expect she will have lots of good words!

Today i ventured out to the Caring for Kids headquarters. I volunteered as their bookkeeper for over 15 years and then just got tired so instead worked by helping with her website instead. But today Diane and a couple of my old union buddies Lyle and Dick invited me to lunch and i said i wanted to see their new headquarters. I was amazed and how much it's grown and how organized it is now! So i'm going to start volunteering there too. The librarians haven't been getting back to me so i'm looking for something else.

Tomorrow i babysit in place of my nephew Brady's nanny and have to be there at 7:30 am. I have another lunch date after my Port Townsend trip with the woman who is giving me pointers on Italy because she was a guide of small groups and she invited me to her house on the island for lunch and wine. And in between i run and work out at the YMCA. It's been so GREAT!

Like Bud says, i wonder how i ever got it all done when i worked full-time.

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie? i never even noticed there was a preview button, but why would you need to preview when you can see it in front. I need an edit button in Comments! Is there an edit button i don't know about? You can ONLY edit as you preview, not after you publish. That's so dumb and not helpful.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda i think someone photobombed a cat photo in a crocheted taco costume on my wall but i deleted it! My cat lover Facebook friends love giving me grief for my cat phobia.

louielouie said...

I will find it and re-post. It's a keeper.

louielouie said...

Today reminded me of why I'm retiring.

Started off on a high, but ended with too much craziness and then a work baby shower.

At least there were no babies there.

louielouie said...

I just Googled "Cat Crocheted Taco" It is unbelievable how many images came up. Actually, pretty frightening.

None were the one i was looking for. Don't worry, I will continue on my quest

jojo cucina cucina said...

That IS disturbing that more than a few images showed up for Cat Crocheted Taco Cat. louie, was it really you who posted that or are you kidding?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Work Baby Shower ....ugh. sounds like a version of hell to me.

pearl said...

Jo - I long for the day when you break down and decided to go 21st century on us...and get an iPhone!!! Then we could play Words with Friends, which is an on-line scrabble game.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Taco cat spelled backwards is Taco Cat which is why it's so popular! I didn't know that until i googled it. Taco Cat has his own facebook page. I did not go there.

Swiss said...

Been loving your blog,,,,,still..not in a wordy mood. I don't talk so much when all I would do is rant.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Swiss.... You can rant away anytime!!!! Glad to know you are still here!