Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm UnFriending Russell Wilson on Facebook...AND...The Best TV Show Opening Credits ever.

You may have seen my post on Facebook. I love this opening for the HBO show True Detective. We watched the first season during the free Watchathon last weekend. I am not sure how they will top this season because Matt Mc & Woody Harrelson were amazing and each season features new detectives. I bought this song by The Handsome Family because i like it so much.

1. Here are louie's ideas for a blog post:

  • What you love and hate about Spring 
  • Where you least want to go over spring break
  • Oh, and I need ideas for Easter dinner for 12.

2. What i love about spring: ...that summer is not far away....that flowers are so pretty...
What i hate about spring: ...antihistamine...rain and more rain...that summer is still too far away.
Easter dinner ideas?....check out your new Pinterest account, louie! 

3. Regarding Matt McConaughy (i had to look that i up and i think i still got it wrong!):  I used to not like him so much and once made a comment here somewhere that he and Woody Harrelson were sort of interchangeable actors, but that the movie would be better with Harrelson. But i've changed my mind. I really liked him in Mud and now this. And i haven't even seen his movie Dallas Buyers Club yet. 

4. I looked it up and there is no apostrophe after Buyers in that movie title. 

5. Speaking of movies: I did not care for American Hustle and don't know what all the fuss was about. 

6. After watching Game of Thrones on the free HBO watchathon, i now know what all the fuss was about. I started to read the first book to see if i like them.

7. Peter Dinklage is my favorite character. 

8.  Friday was my last day of work. I was surprised by how difficult it was to walk out of the office and leave my key. I worked it all out so that i was the last to leave because i don't like goodbyes. I know that i will remain friends with two of my colleagues but not working will change things. I have always worked full-time since i was 17, though in the 40 years of working i did have lots of vacation time. 

9. I have lots of projects i need to do including:
  • learn to make DVD recordings (with music) of my photographs so i can keep them organized 
  • organize my files and bills
  • watch that DVD of my Nikon D90 and learn to use it even better than i do
  • consider organizing a game night with some of the women around my condo association
  • volunteer in the school library by my house
  • research Italy and learn some phrases and study up on the euro money system
  • Go to the YMCA Wed. and Sat. mornings with my sister in law, Marie
  • Be more positive about people
Part of my Notes to Self: Russell Wilson's one of many photos with sick kids in the hospital. This one is disturbing. 

Notes to Self:                                                     
Best Thing That Happened This Week: Besides retirement - 71 degrees yesterday! 
Word Count: 496
Sunset: 7:48 
Sunrise: 6:37
Temp hi/low: 71/46
Book: Game of Thrones and The Goldfinch (almost done)
In the News: Malaysia plane still not found; family rescued by Coast Guard because little baby got sick (seem irresponsible on the part of the parents to me to take a baby to sea on a trip like that); Oso Mudslide victims continue to be found two weeks later. David Letterman retiring next year.
High Bowling Game: 120
# of People I Quit on Facebook: 1 (but more to come!) I quit following Russell Wilson, our Seahawks Quarterback. He kept posting Bible scripture after scripture plus  photos of himself with sick kids in the hospital. I prefer Richard Sherman's vacation in California and birthday party with the family photos. 


jojo cucina cucina said...

i really wish people wouldn't post such serious subjects on Facebook. I do not mind memorial postings, i do them myself on birthdays of loved ones who have died. But if someone is in the middle of dying and writes about it i am at a loss of what to do.

There is no appropriate way to address it. If you ignore it you feel like a jerk. If you write' hugs and prayers' it seems trivial and redundant because everyone else says the same thing. You can't even LIKE their post for Gawd's sake because that doesn't seem right either!

I think the problem is that we have friends on Facebook who are not really friends so when a 'friend' you don't know well writes about having cancer and starting chemo you feel a responsibility to do something, though in real life you wouldn't because you simply don't know them.

troutbirder said...

Indeed. I don't know how your sure someone is dying though obviously vary sick. This whole friend unfriend business seems to "junior high school" to me....

Amy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE TRUE DETECTIVE AND GAME OF THRONES!!! True Detective and Game of Thrones both have epic intros. Game of Thrones changes every episode based on where the characters are which is helpful and super cool.

I heard next season of True Detective might feature Brad Pitt. I can't wait to see how they do the next season.

I'm on the last book of Game of Thrones and I love the books just as much as the show. Let me know if you need to see any other the other seasons. I have all 3 seasons that are out on blue ray and can send them home with Brian.

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey troutbirder. long time no see. I agree about the junior high-ness of Facebook and unFriending. My problem is that people request your friendship when they hardly know you at all. Sort of like that 6th grade boyfriend who asked me to 'go steady' even though he had never once talked to me. (I said yes.) I don't like ignoring friend requests because i feel like i'm dissing them so i accept the friendship and then i'm sorry i did.

Amy! love seeing you here. I was Google researching on True Detective and saw that there was discussion about Brad Pitt recreating his detective role from the movie Seven. Not sure if it was just people on the internet hoping or if it's a possibility. I love the intro to Game of Thrones too. I never finished watching Game of Thrones first season - i got up to episode 7 before the free HBO went away. (I swear we watched 18 hours of free HBO last weekend!) I would LOVE to borrow your DVDs once we are done with Breaking Bad. I will take good care of them and will return them.

My nephew with the baby Brady has HBO, when season 2 starts of True Detective i will offer to babysit so i can watch his DVR of the show! hahahaha....

Amanda said...

I hated American Hustle. It was way too long and the story wasn't as interesting as I'd hoped. I don't get why it was nominated for anything. The music and costumes were great, and Christian Bale and Amy Adams were incredibly interesting, but the movie was way too long. It felt like it would never end. And, when it did finally end, the payoff was very disappointing. I give it two thumbs down. Way down.

Are you a Seinfeld fan, Jo? There's a great Seinfeld where Elaine is dragged to The English Patient a few times. She has a total meltdown and that's how I felt about American Hustle. I was getting angry because it was so boring and long.

We started watching Out of the Furnace with Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson last night. It's a good movie, but way too depressing. I couldn't take any more and we stopped about an hour or so into it. I rarely give up on movies halfway through, but it was just too depressing. Ben and I both looked at each other and admitted to feeling slightly suicidal...and that maybe the movie wasn't worth the emotional damage. I love Christian Bale, though. He's amazing in everything. Same with Brad Pitt.

Which brings me to The Counselor. Have you seen that? That's another one I think was supposed to be really good, but I just didn't get. It felt like a lot of the story was missing.

pearl said...

Sooo tempted to watch Game of Thrones (specially after the VF article this month) but too far behind. Reading the books instead - easier to catch up that way. (CA Kids just finished binge-watching Breaking Bad - all 5 seasons! Can't be bothered.) I bought Coben's book before you trashed it - now I can't get interested in even starting it.

I actually liked American Hustle - probably because I really loved the cast. Just saw Grand Budapest Hotel for initially the same reason: awesome casting. And the cast/acting was the only thing I liked about 12 Years a Slave. That's my Ellen/English Patient movie. His style of direction (looooooong lingering shots of Spanish moss wafting in the sultry southern breeze etc...) drives me absolutely batshit crazy. Steve McQueen (keep picturing Bullitt when I hear his name...) and Jane Campion are from the same school of self-indulgent filmmaking, and I wouldn't go to another Campion flick if she was directing my life story.

My favorite TV show of the moment is Blacklist, with Spader. Love his character. We also watched True Detective, and I have heard that the Brad Pitt character would be a resurrection of his detective character in Se7en. That would be awesome. Wonder if he'd do it? He seems to be willing to do a lot of 'little' roles just for the challenge/fun of it. Lord knows he doesn't need the money.

I also love Castle, but I would watch Nathan Fillion in anything. And have. He's just adorable.

And I'm a hard core Dr Who fan (cell phone case and ring tone reflect this - fly my geek flag with great pride, I do!)

Envy your retirement, Jo. I'm now a trip and a half behind in my travel scrapbooking (we won't talk about how many years behind I am in the other books) with no sign of relief in sight. I'll spend the first full year of retirement (should I ever be so lucky) just slapping pictures/narrative in books that no one but Bud and I will read.

I have only blocked 2 people on FB - for very good reason (2 yaya whackjobs) but I will remove you from my newsfeed if you insist on describing every single snack you eat or post a lot of political screed. Or random cat photos every 5 minutes (my SIL being the worst offender) Ain't nobody got time for that!

Best part of spring break - traffic is way better for the rest of us who have jobs to go to. (Being raised in Daytona Beach, spring break was when a hoard of drunken sex crazed youth overran my beautiful beaches and yours truly was confined to quarters by my over-protective - thank God!- parents.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda... Brian and i were HUGE Seinfeld fans. We used to plan Laundry Night around Must See TV on Thursday nights because of Seinfeld. Brian loved Elaine. I don't think we have ever missed an episode but i still like watching the show in syndication. AND YES! the English Patient was incredibly boring...i think i blogged about this before during an Academy Award post. Couldn't believe it won. Same as Chariots of Fire. And don't get me started on Gwennyth Paltrow and the Shakespeare in Love movie.

It was Christian Bale's movie and i like Amy Adams, but i kept getting distracted with her low cut blouses all the way through. So dumb. But i did love the opening scene with Christian Bale's toupee. I have not seen The Counselor.

pearl! i loved your photo of Siblings Day on FB. I think you might like Game of Thrones because you won't have the same problem that i always have which is keeping all the characters straight. Lost about did me in when they kept introducing so many new players.

Blacklist is on my list to watch too after House of Cards when we are done with Breaking Bad. Man, TV shows have gotten SO good! I am glad to be retired so i can have something to watch besides soap operas which were never my thing....

I hope Brad Pitt does resurrect his Se7en (pretty astute of you to remember it was written like that!) ... I love Brad Pitt in almost anything too. I might even have to buy HBO if he signs on. Though i still won't mind babysitting Baby Brady.

I was watching Bill Maher the other day on the free HBO (did i already mention this? I forget) but he also made the complaint about all the cat photos on Facebook and added "we've all seen a cat before". It is not just me with the cat photos on Facebook! I do get a kick out of Cat Petcher's photobombing of my page of cats though. I guess i was asking for it when i went on that first rant!

I never had to block any whack jobs on Facebook. But i really really don't like a lot of Bible scripture on Facebook. I still can't believe my Jesus is Not on Facebook never got picked up by my newspaper as a guest column op-ed... hahahaha.... I think i'm going to change this blog soon. Where is louie anyway? She's probably gunning for her personal Shout Out.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Re: Coben. The book i trashed was Six Years i think. I know it came out last year about this time because i was reading it on my March trip to Sequim and i was so mad that i bought it and read it. And my friend Dick felt the same way about it and he was a huge Coben fan. I loved his early Myron Bolitare series though but he just doesn't do it for me anymore. Just like Jodi Picoult.

And Stephen King to some extent too, though i did like his 11/22/63 novel.

Twango said...

Blacklist, YES!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I wanted an episode of House of Cards so far and like it. But i really need to finish Breaking Bad first. Blacklist is another one Twango.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I really need to change this blog but it's not a wine night so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Now that i'm retired i have to be sure not to act like every evening is a Friday! So like my running rule i make a similar wine rule. I never miss more than two days in a row running.


jojo cucina cucina said...

ideas for blog post:
Stuff i Liked About the 80's
7 Things i LIke to Do When it's Raining
5 Things I Already Miss About Working

jojo cucina cucina said...

Stuff about the this Decade That Will Define Us
Things and Stuff