Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Same blog, different subject line. But i am coming back. I swear!

I got a call from Washington Education Association today (my former employer). My name came up to work the month of May at the headquarters office working in membership and on the database. I love database work. I said i would as long as i didn't need to be there right at 8:00 am because the I-5 commute is brutal. And after driving only a couple of miles to work, i'm not sure i'm ready for that headache if i have to go during rush hours.

And i have a few dates that are already filled that i don't want to change. So i might be going to work for a month. Or not.

I have no ideas for the blog right now, but wanted to move my sister's happy birthday tribute.

In the meantime, here is a photo from Vashon Island from last December i think.


jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, if you are checking in i have to say that the Meadow House is pretty cool. We really love it! It's spacious and a great kitchen and living area and i love the meadow view with the pond just as much as the Clubhouse because this is a private setting.

louielouie said...

Just back from Seattle where we bought beautiful flowers at the Market for the Anniversary party tomorrow. Kids are now at Costco stocking up on libations. should be a fun time.

Would be willing to give the Meadow a try; what's the bed situation? Post some Meadow view photos too

pearl said...

Getting ready for Bud's Big Birthday. He's 70 today and we're having a big dinner party tonight at Buca di Beppo. That's our favorite hangout on movie night and they have great food, served family style, so we're meeting there with 20 of our closest friends!

jojo cucina cucina said...

i haven't forgotten y'all. I was gone to Port Townsend and i don't like putting up a new post on my iPad Air. I started working again for the month of May at our headquarters office. First time commuting in my career! hahahaha.... It's only part-time still cause that's all i could do since I had stuff scheduled i did not want to cancel. I'll think of something.

I had an idea as i was driving to work, but i swear i have no retention anymore for anything and i couldn't write it down while driving.

louielouie said...

If you had a cell phone, you could have sent me a text (talking to your phone) with the idea.