Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Five Ways I Could Be Driven Crazy. What are yours?

This is just a random list and actually as i type i have no idea, except for one, what i will choose for the other four ways. I only know that i could actually come up with about 100 if i really tried....it does not take much to make me intolerant.

So let's start with the one i know for sure:

1. Being in demand too many days in a row.  I have what might be an unnatural need for unencumbered time with myself. It might come from growing up as the oldest child of four, a non-working mom, living in small military base housing, all mostly 1200 square feet or less, constantly sharing a small room and closet space with my sister. Or maybe it comes from my other life where i was probably a harried mother of about 10 kids. Whatever reason, i like my alone time. If i have too many obligations (especially family ones) i start getting cranky.

2. Telling me you don't vote in primaries. Today is our primary deadline. I have never NOT voted in a primary. It might also be the reason i get so many political calls if i don't mail in my absentee ballot right away. But dammit, sometimes i don't have the patience to try and rip open that sucker without tearing it all to pieces so i put it off. (Seriously, you should see me try to open cereal boxes. It's a hoot and kind of drives my husband crazy, even as he is slightly endeared by my inability to open packages smoothly.)

3. Not playing music at a party. I can't believe how many people are guilty of this! (In my family it is a mortal sin.) In Brian's family it hardly ever happens, though his sister really likes music. But i have been to dinner parties at folks homes where there is no music playing at all. It is so foreign to me. When i have people over i always try and match the music to the people coming. I like doing that. Gatherings need music!

4. Y'all already know this one: Not giving appropriate thank yous. ...especially with some younger folks who just feel entitled. I almost should not even put this one up since i mention it so often on my blog. But i'm doing it, because it is likely the single most thing that drives me most crazy because it happens far too often.

5. OK, i have to admit since this is the last one i am thinking about this one harder..... OOOh, i got it! How could i miss this one?...  People who are cheap. The ones who make that half assed effort of pulling out their wallet like they are going to help pay only they hope you beat them to the punch. Or they don't tip their wait person well, even with good service, because they don't plan on going back to that restaurant anyway. People who are cheap or un-generous think they are getting away with it, but i have news for them. I notice it. All the time. And i adjust for it too.

Notes to Self:                                      
Word Count: I tried to get it down, but i could only get it to 528. I'm leaving it at that.
Sunrise: yesterday: 5:53
Sunset: 8:39 pm
Run: ran 37 minutes after taking a week off. Walked one hour 1 minute at Chambers today. Foot still not right.
Book: I am reading two: Boys in the Boat and Big Little Lies. 
What I'm looking forward to: Going to Lake Quinault this week for two nights at my friends' cabin!
What makes me so happy: If i were not retired i would be at work this week!
iTunes purchase: Eric Clapton's new tribute to JJ Cale.


jojo cucina cucina said...

5 more:

6. Leaving cabinet or closet doors open.

7. People who are so passive they seem to be without opinions.

8. Parents who talk to their kids in questions instead of outright disciplining

jojo cucina cucina said...

8 cont. I.e. "Sweetly, you didn't mean to smack Baby Jojo in the face now did you?"

9. Obvious one: (how could I leave this one off?)....People who litter or dump garbage anywhere they please.

10. Crooked levelor blinds or crooked pictures.

Amanda said...

I'd like to add an addendum to your #3 and mention stores that don't play music. There's a grocery store here that is dead silent. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I only buy there when they have a produce sale and I can pop in and out quickly.

Four Ways to Drive Me Crazy (I ran out of time for a fifth):

1. Whistling - I can't handle it rationally. I hate whistling. I know you're married to a very handsome whistler, Jo, but it makes me crazy. It must be a genetic thing. My nerves are hardwired against whistling. It drove me crazy when I was a kid!

2. Calling back without listening to voicemail - I hate when people automatically call back without listening to the message I left. Sometimes, the message is letting them know I won't be home or that I'll call them later, or it answers the very brief question they left on my voicemail. Just listen to the damn message before bothering me! That's what messages are for!

3. Not picking up after your dog - I'm a dog person. I love them more than people. I kiss them on the lips and share my ice cream cones. But, I do not like stepping in dog shit. People who don't pick up their dog's poop make everyone with dogs look bad. Plus, I don't pick up 8-10 piles of shit every day (seriously) so I can step in anyone else's. So gross.

4. Screaming kids - My neighbor has two small girls. Toddlers, I guess. Most nights, they go out in the back yard and take turns screaming at the tops of their lungs. The neighbors do nothing and these contests can go on for 30-40 minutes. Those kids could get brutally murdered and I'd just close my windows! I'd have no idea something was wrong because they scream EVERY DAMN NIGHT! Is this a thing with toddlers? I need to know.

Damn, gotta do some work! Love this topic, Jo!

jojo cucina cucina said...

YESYESYESYES!!!Amanda... Your #2!!! Course I know I drive people crazy leaving long ass voice mails and I used to do it on purpose once I knew they weren't listening. I would even promise to give them $5 if they let me know they heard that part of the message. I never had to pay it. Now I never leave voice mails AND if I am not home when they return my call they have to now wonder why I was calling . So I get back at them anyway. My brother Troy and his son Brian are the worst about returning calls . Hahaha.... Now that I think about it they are also the worst about returning borrowed stuff!!!!

#11. People who don't return stuff! :)