Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No Specials, Just a Menu of the Day

 Menu of the Day....

My new project: my favorite old jean jacket ripped in the wash. I almost threw it out. 

My Bohemian Jacket: Work in progress
What I'm looking forward to: Port Townsend with louielouie/Sarah for four days! Sun, pool time, sewing projects, puzzles, reading, cooking, wines, movies! (hahaha... we know how to party don't we?)

Books: I am reading three at the same time: Seabiscuit; The Orphan Train; and Looking for Alaska. (Favorite summer read: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.)

Project: I am embroidering a favorite old jean jacket that fell apart the last time i washed it. Something i loved doing in high school.  Sewing for hours on my patio, listening to music is very cathartic to me.

In the News: Isis and Ferguson. I don't know what to think so i won't say anything. I'll just put it here for history. I might be more frightened by what's happening in Ferguson. What do y'all think?

What I'm procrastinating about: Working on my Italy photos.

Product Endorsement: Pandora One radio. For less than $5 a month you can stream music you love with no commercials!

What's bugging me: Insomnia bites! Retirement hasn't helped me sleep better. I thought when i stopped working it would. Last night i couldn't shut my brain off for hours and didn't fall asleep until after 3:00 am and this was after taking an Ibuprofen PM, eating early, drinking nothing but seltzer water, and sewing before bed.

Good thing about that: I don't care so much anymore if i don't sleep, i can wake up anytime that i want to! (Don't call me before 9:00 am!)

Observation: Today i felt autumn in the air for the first time. We've had a glorious summer with many hot days, but there was a change today. And i liked it. Partly because i'm excited about the Seahawks.

What's occurred to me: Since i have not been working i feel myself feeling more content! (Union work is draining and negative and is soul sucking after awhile.) But I also worry that i've lost a bit of my mojo and enthusiasm for political work and my phone is ringing a lot right now from the Democrats.  I think i am the kind of person who is driven only by being against something. I wonder how i used to do so much when i worked full-time. Now i have all the time in the world, but no motivation. (I think i need another George W. Bush to get me going again.)

Notes to Self: 
Running: Bought new Brooks Adrenaline from Fleet Feet shoes two weeks ago. (Also Super Feet inserts.) My plantar fasciitis is still bad, not sure they will work. I'm running only every two days and it hurts bad the next day. Ran 37 minutes tonight.
Sunset: 8:16 pm yesterday
Sunrise: 6:11 am
Temp: 85/56
Weight: Since i've had trouble running I'm over my 'magic weight' by two pounds. I haven't had to worry about that for years. That's how good running is!
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jojo cucina cucina said...

Re: the news... I think ISIS actually is more scary. What I am not scared of that is on the news is Ebola. Seems like we do this each summer... West Nile, or SARS, or Swine Flu and now this new scare.

pearl said...

Tried reading Cuckoo's Calling (JK Rowling's murder mystery under her pseudonym Richard something-or-other) on vacation - good enough book, but not enough to really grab me. I also started Christopher Moore's Serpent of Venice. Loved Lamb, but none of his books since have lived up. Finished off Deborah Harkness' All Souls Trilogy on the way over - as close to bodice-ripping romance as I care to get, but grabby. Thinking about starting Outlander, given all the buzz about the series. Of course, book one of Game of Thrones is still idling in my kindle queue...

Weighing myself twice a day - first and last thing of the day - is keeping me on track. I feel like I've habituated the necessary behaviors to keep the weight off, but need to amp up now to break this plateau. Very proud of having exercised enough on vacation to offset the wine and fabulous food. Net gain = 0!

I'm as bored with politics as O is with being president. He may be a lame duck, but this is the lamest duck I've ever seen. The very definition of blase'. Even Maureen Dowd is sick of him. Her latest column was spot on. (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/20/opinion/maureen-dowd-alone-again-naturally.html?_r=0)

ISIS is terrifying to me - a cancer that may not be able to be stopped. Brutal, ruthless and dominating.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Good for you pearl for exercising on your vacation and gaining no weight! I am typing from Chevy Chase Beach Cabins where louie/Sarah and i are on a four day vacation. The weather has been perfect. We've been going on walks. Yesterday was a one hour and a half walk today only an hour.

Agree about Obama. I think like the Jimmy Fallon joke he is so ready to be done. The newsfeed on my Facebook with his photo shows a much different looking man than the one who came in. To be fair he's had a pretty tought bunch of shit to do during his tenure. And if i were MIchelle i would almost be wanting him to do what Pope Benedict and Sarah Palin did and get out early. Let Biden take over.

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie/Sarah and i are back from our Port Townsend trip after four days. I am going to change this blog tomorrow since my husband has band practice. I have a funny photo of him to share.

jojo cucina cucina said...

He said i could put it on the blog, but NOT on Facebook, so i promised i wouldn't put it on Facebook if he let me take it.

Amanda said...

I can't wait!

jojo cucina cucina said...

:) !!!!! Hey Amanda. How are you doing so far? I forget when your due date is.

B said...

Great jean jacket project!