Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Old Fashioned Random Homemade Fresca Musings

Homemade Fresca: pureed cantaloupe, fresh squeeze limes, a dash of sugar and salt; seltzer water
Like the Gumbo YaYa message board days, only i'm not drinking chardonnay. I am drinking a homemade recipe that is supposed to be like Fresca.

1. It isn't. But it's good.

2. Damn it, first Phillip Seymour Hoffman and now Robin Williams. I don't think i will ever understand depression. It runs in my family, even outside my immediate family with first cousins...(all on my mother's side). I don't know why it missed me but i'm so thankful and feel blessed that it did. I think my favorite movie of Robin Williams is Good Will Hunting. I always liked it when he played a serious role. Even that One Hour Photo one too, which was creepy. Sometimes he was too manic for me to enjoy during talk shows or late night TV. (Jim Carrey feels the same way to me.)

3. I welcomed the rain today. I bitch about it all winter when it rains for 10 days in a row. But i have to admit after about 10 days of sunshine i am ready for rain. I like the coziness of it.

4. I bought new running shoes with the idea that it might be my cure for plantar fasciitis issue. My doctor gave me some physical therapy exercises too which i will do. Already i am three pounds over my normal weight from not running. That bums me out a lot.

5. Here is how i diet: It has always worked for me. (Maybe i have mentioned this here before, i can't remember.) I have what i call a "magic weight" where i feel very comfortable in my jeans and clothes. When i get over that "magic weight" i adjust. I either go for a longer run, cook a healthier dinner. And i don't pour any wine. Today i can't go for a run still but I did cook a healthy dinner with no carbs, and while i really wanted a glass of wine while cooking (since it's been a few days of being good) i didn't because i am over my magic weight. I thought for sure i would be under!

6. I am going for a run tomorrow no matter what!

7. I am also trying to not drink so much Fresca so i made my own using a recipe i found online. It called for a whole canteloup pureed and then strained. Limes and seltzer water. I only used a tiny bit of sugar. It was pretty good. But it didn't make a lot and it took a long while.

8. If this were a cocktail i might be more inclined to make it more often and spend the money.

9. Damn, blogging on this iPad is very difficult. But Brian is doing work stuff on the iMac desktop. So i'll stop for now and come back and edit this. As i type right now i can't see it because the page doesn't scroll until i hit return and then i only see part of it.


jojo cucina cucina said...

how do you spell canteloup? cantaloup ???? nothing looks right to me.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Cantaloupe....we called it musk melon.

1. I've been drinking Mio drops in water at night. Tasty and no fat.

2. Robin, now Lauren Bacall. If it comes in 3s who will be next?

3. Depression is a big deal, been dxed with it since teenager. Tried it without meds and wasn't a happy camper. Now I take them faithfully. Life's not perfect but what is?

4. Rain? What is this rain? We had one day when we had some thunder and lightning and a teensy eensy bit of rain fell. That was the same day the kid was electrocuted in Venice Beach with the lightning. Didn't look like rain his friends said. I want a good nights worth of rain with a little storm and then rain during the day. Send it down please. This drought is killing my poor little lemon plant.

5. My son just started running again. Got him some really nice Nike running shoes. He's usually cheap but this time he spent some decent bucks on them. The guys do 3 miles to start and will build up. Proud of him. He's losing weight.

6. We need to flea bomb our house so that means a visit to the dog park and then doggie baths and hopefully the little SOBs will die. Between that and the rat (for whom we bought it's very own rat zapper) life is exciting.

7. I don't attempt to blog on my Kindle. Fingers are too fat. But I do read!

8. Did you know Zenia Cabrera on the Porch or did I tell you she died of Breast Cancer at 34?

9. Robyn (Umma) is in a battered women's shelter with A because she's finally seen the light that Clinton is no good for her. Hope she finds her happiness.

10. Time for me to take the PM meds and the cough pill. I still am coughing from the bronchitis/pneumonia that started in June and ended in July. At least I can stay up most of the day now.

11. Am reviewing a book I got from Blogging for Books tomorrow on my blog. Now I have to think of something witty, it's a cook book.

peace and out
da bunny

louielouie said...

I have nothing to say, but that's not going to stop me:

1. Plain ol' club soda or seltzer water with lime is my beverage of choice these days. Am looking forward to trying the cantaloupe fresca (although I can't stand real Fresca). I made a ginger simple syrup once that was good, but every time I make something special, I always go back to the tried and true.

2. You have more calories to spend on dark chocolate if your mixer is soda/seltzer water.

3. I love my new running shoes - but then I don't run.

4. The rain was/is good. Still had trouble sleeping though. I think what I really hoped for was raining and 58, not raining and 74.

5. Finally have my sewing machine out; am finishing up a tote bag I started about two years ago. I'm ready to plan a new project.

6. I am ending with six because I can't think of seven things. Six not one of my lease favorite numbers because it is divisible by both two and three; makes it seem kind of common, or easy. I much prefer prime numbers. My favorite number is 17, but I never have 17 things to say...

louielouie said...

least favorite

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny, good to see you here, even if you bring some bad news about fellow yayas from the Gumbo board. I had heard about Zenia, though i didn't know her, even though she lived near me for awhile.

jojo cucina cucina said...

oops, the moment i scroll up i can't post anymore on my iPad so i start over....

I am sorry to hear that umma got into a relationship with a bad guy in the first place. She's had some struggles.

Good for your son starting a running program! I used to say i hate running and would find all kinds of ways to procrastinate before heading out, but in truth i hate not running more. I did manage to get out for 35 min. last night and it hurt a lot this morning, but now it's better.

louie! i know what my homemade fresca is missing! Simple syrup instead of just sugar. I used only a half TBS in the whole batch but it could use more. I'm drinking some right now.

OK, now i want to scroll up and see what else you wrote so i can respond some more but it will freeze me out.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I like the number 10.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i DID use seltzer water for the fresca and like it. The recipe says you can substitute vodka for the seltzer. BTW, Thug Kitchen wrote on Facebook that they sent their cookbook to the printers today. I believe it comes out in October. I'm going to buy it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

cantaloupe. THERE! Thank you amulbunny. I swear i put an 'e' on the end and still got the red squiggly admonishment symbol, but i believe i must have used an 'e' in the middle instead of an 'a'. canteloupe. yep, that's what i did.