Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Numbering Random Shit

My new cookbook! 

I have no idea what to write about so i'm just going to start numbering and wing it. 

 1. Amazon: I hate shopping, but love getting packages in the mail, especially from Amazon. Today i received my new SkinnyTaste cookbook. It is such a pretty cookbook with nice slick pages and beautiful photos of the recipes. 

I also bought 5 cds. I buy cds because they cost the same as iTunes ( i tend to lose cds i burn). I bought new ones from Ryan Adams, Natalie Merchant, The Wood Brothers, and John Mellencamp and an earlier Amos Lee. (I ran to Ryan Adams today. While listening to the lyrics i worried that his marriage to Mandy Moore might be on the rocks.) 

2. Money: Tomorrow i meet with my Smith Barney guy. FINALLY i've had time to look really deep into my investments. He won't be prepared for how much i have prepared, complete with running tapes and notes showing my math. My newest mutual fund investment that he got me in when i started investing my pension before totally quitting work has only netted 10% in one year while sitting stagnant. On the other hand, my 401K from work (the one he wants me to roll over) had increased by 24% comparing the same year. 

3. The Secret Service: Glad they aren't babysitting my new great nephew Baby Brady! 

4. Books: I just finished reading the book Seating Arrangements and the author used a lot of 50 cent words. Here is just a small sampling: 


I don't think i want to go out and have wine with Maggie Shipstead. 

5. Running: Yay! My new Brooks Adrenaline shoes, the SuperFeet inserts, and the stretching that my doctor recommended has almost fixed my plantar faciitis. It is so much better. I can now run two days in a row.

6.  Jon Stewart - I love when he gets pissed at the absurdity of Fox News ( and the rest of them, but especially Fox News). I was cheering my TV when he took on Fox's LatteGate, (so named because Obama saluted while holding a cup of coffee in the same hand). I really think Jon Stewart might be the sanest man in the national news these days, next to Brian Williams, (who i also love). 

7. Mid-Term Elections: I saw my old office posting on Facebook about the phone banks and doorbelling going on. This is after spending all of May and June collecting signatures for the class size initiative (which i also thankfully dodged by retiring the day they sent the email about the signature gathering). I think the WEA killed my political mojo. I hope it's not gone forever. 

8. Data Breaches: People laugh at me for writing checks and carrying around a lot of cash but recently Albertson's grocery got hit with a credit card breach. I don't have to be worried!  I only write checks or pay cash there. 
The first thing i plan to cook out of it! 

Notes to Self: 

Last books read: Mr. Mercedes and Seating Arrangements. This makes 34 books on my list since i retired in April 2014.
Temperature yesterday: hi/low 69/49
Sunrise: 7:08 am
Sunset: 6:51 pm (Is my math correct on this? We are lost 48 minutes of daylight in one week?!
Looking forward to: Seahawks playing Monday Night Football and booking a trip for Thanksgiving by ourselves. (Looking at a new place on Vashon Island, since our favorite place is booked.)
Procrastinating: Organizing my Italy photos into a book; cleaning out my cupboards in the kitchen and garage.
Word Count: 501


jojo cucina cucina said...

hmm, have no idea why the font is so much larger than normal, but i think i like it.

Amanda i saw your comment on the previous blog post and responded.

Amanda said...

How did the chicken marasala turn out?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, i'm going to make it tomorrow night. (Brian hasn't been home all week because of evening work stuff and tonight his band plays.) I'll post a photo. I recently made the FAT version of this dish a few weeks ago and realized that it wouldn't be THAT hard to lighten it up so i was excited to find a real recipe.

louielouie said...

1. Am messing around with a migraine today so am doing nothing but laundry.

2. Those are $5.00 words Jo; could you figure them out by context or did you have to look them up. I hate to look up definitions. I sue up all my look-up-patience on spellings.

3. We're watching House Of Cards. I'm not sure I'm going to stick with it. The main characters are really hard to like, and there is a sense of dread in every episode.

4. I'm still not reading or getting much of anything done.

5. I am making a list of things to do. Then I'm going to rate them according to what I care about.

6. I have been walking, doing my Jillian (except today) and making dinner, but that's about it. I'm eager to hear about your successes from that new cookbook.

7. Went to "This Is Where I leave You" it was worth seeing. Also enjoyed "The Hundred-Foot Journey"; you would like it too.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Louie, the best thing about reading on the iPad is the ability to look up words for the definition. I look all of them up but then forget what they mean especially when there are so many words. I love to write but have a pretty elementary vocabulary. However i don't think writing needs show offy words like this unless you are writing a dissertation so it's fairly irritating to me.

Did you read the Jonathan Tropper book This is Where I Leave You? I love all of his books.

I am going to make a list of things to do. You should put it here and so will I. Putting it out there is incentive. It is why I do a What I'm Procrastinating About note. It usually works.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I got the same feeling about House of Cards! Not one redeeming character. So opposite West Wing when I had so many favorites I couldn't pick. Plus I really didn't like the reporter either. Are we supposed to? Not sure I will watch it. I think I am going to go for Sons of Anarchy.

Makes sense, in real life I would probably find more people in a motorcycle gang than in politics these days !

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hope your migraine went away quickly, seems like you haven't had one in awhile????

jojo cucina cucina said...

My math IS wrong on the daylight . I think I was comparing two blog posts back when I said 48 minutes because it is half that. It does feel so late now by the time it is 8:00 though.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yep... That is exactly what I did .

Amanda said...

I love Sons of Anarchy. It's so violent and crazy, but it's a nice escape from my (boring) life and the main character is sex on legs. He's so handsome. He's my celebrity crush (with Jon Hamm).

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda is your favorite the blonde guy with the Brad Pitt thing going? I saw him in a movie The Ledge, not to be confused with the other movie by a similar title. He is soooo handsome. I was glad when he backed out of Fifty Shades of Gray.

I did make the Chicken Marsala and it was really good! With only 1 TBS of butter in the whole thing. My other recipe that was excellent called for something like 5 or 6 tablespoons. It actually looked like the photo too. Today i am making a mixed version of their White Chicken Chili and Cooking Light's. Not sure why

jojo cucina cucina said...

cont...... ooops anyway, not sure why since it is 76 degrees outside and i believe it because i just walked to the grocery store and back and couldn't believe how nice it was! October 6 and we are still having summer weather!

jojo cucina cucina said...

jojo cucina cucina said...

Damn i can't do much on this iPad for posting a photo. Also i just found out Walking Dead is back on THIS SUNDAY!!!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Wow ... Today's high at our house was 78 degrees on October 6th . And I checked and that is exactly the same as my highest patio temperature.

Amanda said...

Yes, the blond one! He's so handsome. I hate watching shows for a good looking actor, but I love saving up episodes and binge-watching while Ben is at work. I'm about five episodes behind, so I'll try to catch up this weekend.

I've been trying to get into Boardwalk Empire. It's not my favorite. I'm slogging through but only until Walking Dead is back. That's my favorite show. I even like it better than Mad Men right now, but mostly because I'm still pissed Mad Men spread one season over two years. That's bullshit.

It's so hard to find good cookbooks. I love buying them, but then only make a couple recipes out of them. Either the recipes are too complicated or there are too many ingredients, or they turn out looking nothing like the photo. I love flipping through cookbooks more than I like making the actual recipes.