Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stuff I Googled Today. With photos!

Today i did a lot of things besides change this blog post. Here they are in order with bullets, so as not to confuse y'all with my numbered items of Stuff I Googled Today.

  • Watched Midnight in Paris (which started the whole Googling thing) on Encore this morning. 
  • Walked for 1-1/2 hours with my sister in law Marie at the park. 
  • Grocery shopped.
  • Cooked dinner from my new SkinnyTaste Cookbook.
  • Ordered a baby present from Amazon.
  • Googled the following: (In this same order almost.) 

1. What happened to Owen Wilson's nose anyway? (He is the main character in the Midnight in Paris movie. (Which i really liked!) 

He broke it twice, once in a high school fight, and again in football. 

2. Who is that super handsome actor who played Ernest Hemingway in that movie? 
Turns out it is Corey Stoll as Ernest Hemingway

What he really looks like without the toupee. 

3.  How often are you supposed to rotate your tires?

4. What is the safest baby car seat for a toddler?

5. How long does white wine keep in the refrigerator if the bottle is 2/3 full?

6. What percentage of my finances should be in cash accounts?

7. What is Hilltop Kitchen's menu like?

8. Who makes a good pair of underwear that won't show VPL in yoga pants?

9. Hair styles for women over 50 with thick hair.
i wonder if my hair could do this? I'm afraid it might end up looking like a helmet! 

This is what my hair looks like if i don't do anything to it. (It looks far worse in the front.)

10. Substituting turkey for chicken in recipes.

This is my own photo of dinner tonight: Skinnytaste recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu meatballs. Only i used turkey.

11. Custom Entertainment Centers
I like this one, not quite so big, but this i what i want! This actually sort of looks like our place with the floors and walls. 

Also considering replacing my 6" kitchen floor tiles with this.

Notes to Self: 
Sunrise: 7:18 am
Sunset: 6:38 pm (loss of 23 minutes of daylight this week). 
What I'm looking forward to: I can't think of anything right now. I'll come back to it. 
Longest run: 38 minutes (My foot is giving me troubles again, dammit!) 
Book: I keep picking up and putting down books. So far i haven't finished: Dear Daughter, The Leftovers, Galveston, The Invention of Wings, American Rust, and another book that I've forgotten. 
Word Count: 290-ish (Without these notes.... This is probably the least amount of words i've ever posted on a full blog post!...Edited to add that i made up for it in COMMENTS!)


jojo cucina cucina said...

Explanations of why i Googled some of this stuff.
I think we have all wondered about Owen Wilson's nose. I never thought to Google it though before today. I know not everyone likes Woody Allen, but i do. Not all of his movies, but this one i did. Owen Wilson was also very good in it.

My #3 has to do with having to buy two front tires for my Honda yesterday because i neglected to have the tires rotated. I only have 31,000 miles on them, but the car is over 6 years old. It cost me $400. Turns out you are supposed to rotate them every 7,000 or 10,000 miles. Or whenever you change your oil.

#4. I am going in on a convertible car seat for Baby Brady and did some research online for toddler size. Turns out Graco My Ride65 is a decent one. Brady's mother approved.

#5 is kind of funny. I bought this Costco Kirkland pinot gris wine to cook with during our flyfishing trip exactly one month ago. It's been in our refrigerator mostly full all this time. I needed 1/2 cup for dinner tonight.

I decided to mix one half old wine with one half new wine that i bought today. But when Brian came home from a long day of meetings he asked about wine. I said it was in the frog. But he poured his glass from the OLD Costco wine. I didn't tell him there was a better bottle behind it.

What's funny is in sharpie pen i have written "COOKING WINE ONLY" on the label. He didn't even notice it. After he drank it, i asked "how did you like that wine?" He said it was fine. Then i told him it was the open bottle from a month ago! And we both laughed. I said "I didn't even want to cook with it and googled to see if it was okay to use in cooking!"

#6 Met with my financial planner. Checking stuff out.

#7 Sarah/louie and julie and i ware going to Hilltop Kitchen but have never been. I wanted to know what the menu was like. Turns out it's got some great specialty drinks and very good reviews!

#8. I am not wearing a thong or going commando and i don't think there really is any other way not to have Visible Panty Line in yoga pants.

#9. I hate working with my hair. I can't cut it short either because it will spring up into a kink of curls. My blog photo shows perfectly straight hair and most people think that is how it is. But i have to work hard to get it to look like that. This photo makes it look kind of cool from the back, but it's terrible in the front. More frizzy and weird bangs. (But you won't see me putting a really unattractive photo of myself on my blog.)

#10. Albertson's didn't have ground chicken only turkey. But I got the same 93% lean. It worked great and these were really as good as they looked! With ham and Babybell lite cheese inside. Actually i think my photo looks as good as their cookbook photo!

#11. I'm on a mission to replace our old big fat TV and armoire and want to hire our custom cabinet makers to make us one. This one is my favorite of the many many photos i viewed today on Pinterest and Houzz.

jojo cucina cucina said...

FRIG, not 'FROG'.

jojo cucina cucina said...

What I am looking forward to: Walking Dead is back on Sunday!!!! Plus Seahawks play Dallas Sunday.

louielouie said...

How Columbus Day/Indigenous People Day Messed me up:

I forgot about it.
Sunday they were giving away bananas at church because they had way too many donated. I brought some home and made a banana cake for Ron to take to work (made a couple of cupcakes so we could taste it). I had no walnuts so used pecans and added chocolate chips. It called for a chocolate sour cream frosting but I had no sour cream so made chocolate cream cheese frosting. The recipe made way too much frosting AND the cake was nasty. Also, I made Ron a lunch to take Monday.

Meanwhile, Ron reminds me it's Columbus/Indigenous People Day which is a Federal Holiday so he has the day off. So I used a bunch of time and good will Sunday I didn't need to, AND my whole Monday is messed up because Ron is home.

We did get a ton done in the yard, battling the blackberries. I made Disneyland reservations, talked to the retirement lady (again) and I had to make lunch AND chocolate cupcakes to use up the left over frosting. Ron went to the dump so our garage is no longer full of bottles. Was too tired to make dinner so am currently baking a Papa Murphy's pizza.

Good thing I have tomorrow to recover.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I like cooking but i do NOT like baking so much. Maybe because i'm not a huge sweet eater. I would rather eat cake mix before it's baked. I don't think i've ever made a banana cake ever in my life. Maybe because i don't really like banana bread. I don't hate it either. I'm just ambivalent.

I need to change this blog. It's getting harder to keep up without many folks here since i get ideas from stuff that other folks say more often.

I am only getting my news from the bit on King5 in the morning when i wake up and The Daily Show and Facebook or Comcast. I refuse to get the shit scared out of me from CNN's coverage on Ebola or ISIS. It's enough to make me stay indoors under the covers every day, not that i need a reason.

Today was my little great nephew Brady's first bday. We are celebrating on Saturday with family but Brady's dad, my nephew Brian invited me out to dinner to a BBQ place with his dad (my brother Troy, who we call G-Paw). Brady got very excited sucking on fat rib bones. He's so adorable and walking all over the place with his little bow legs and pigeon toes. I am in awe of how happy and sweet he is. I've been around him so much and he's rarely ever fussy or cranky, unless it's bedtime and he fights it.

pearl said...

Keep trying to post but Google keeps erasing it all. Not writing more than this til I'm sure it will show up. Dammit.

pearl said...

Aha!! It's firefox. Not recognizing my google account.

Tired of retyping the same damn thing, by now. In brief

1. Love Midnight in Paris - especially the soundtrack. Have a great story about our first morning in Paris, but too tired to type it again.

2. Babies are awesome. Too bad they have to be kids and teens before they get interesting again...

3. Trying to get jazzed about putting an album of our family cruise together for the kids for Christmas. Pretty sure it doesn't mean 1/2 as much to them as it means to me. Takes the fun out of it - and it's a lot of hours of work!

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl! i hope things are okay in Hawaii with Ana? Is it Ana? and why did we start over with A's anyway? Not sure how that works with tropical storms and hurricanes. I like babies when they are over 5 months old. Before that they bore the shit out of me.

The cruise photos of your family will down the road mean something to them later . One thing i've learned about photos. I never like whatever i take right away. I have to let photos sit for awhile , like almost a year and then when i come back to them i appreciate them more for not only the memory, but also the quality. It's why i'm in no hurry to do something with my 1000 Italy photos.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I need to change this blog but I have been too busy researching curved TVs and entertainment center designs. Buying a new tv is overwhelming!

I go back to work in two weeks! I will be working for 6 weeks. And I have decided since I am not looking forward to it ( as I thought I might when I said I would sub for my old job while my replacement is having hip surgery) I am going to spend that money in upgrades for our house.

My other projects include getting rid of stuff in the garage. We are saving nearly $100 a month by getting rid of storage but now Brian's car is parked outside the garage. That's how it should be though since I realized most of what was stored is crap he can't live without! Some of it is pretty funny like a very old and smelly letterman jacket! It is ugly, it doesn't fit and it is very bulky storage.