Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'm just here so i don't get fined.

This is Frank Lloyd Wright's quote. Comes from a book "In My Humble Opinion"
that my friend Julie gave me a couple of years ago. 

Coming soon ....a new post.

I'm thinking about talking about what's trending in the news. I'll be back to add to it soon.

Next day: February 5th. In the News:

1. The only reason i remembered the date today was because my favorite Seahawk Richard Sherman had his baby boy today. Born on 2/5, (Richard Sherman is #25 in Hawk uniform). It makes sense that Sherman is my favorite player. Back in the day (the 1970s) i LOVED football and everything Joe Namath and even read his book "I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow Because I Get Better Looking Every Day". Recently i watched the NFL two part series on Namath and loved it. I also couldn't get enough of Muhammed Ali. Very similar styles. I have never gone much for false humility and love brash personalities who can back up what they brag about.

2. Speaking of the football and the Super Bowl, i am tired of the media (and various folks on FB) who are pissed off at Coach Carroll's call to pass at the one yard line. The Seahawks got to the Super Bowl because of gutsy calls like that. Plus the pass was good, that Butler dude looked like Richard Sherman on that play. It was amazing what he did. Had the play worked everyone would have called it a brilliant move.

3. Harper Lee's new book - I'm excited to hear this news of her long lost sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird  being published, but i'm not getting my hopes up. When i Googled to find out more, i read that her attorney sister, who protected Harper Lee who was blind and deaf and losing her memory, died a year ago. There was an article a couple of years ago in Vanity Fair  about some scumbag trying to take advantage of her failing health by getting the copyright to her Mockingbird book. So i have some trepidation about the sequel and that it may not live up to the expectation. There must have been a reason that book was shelved. Her mystery was that she never published another book. And I doubt she would have agreed to what is happening now.

4. Speaking of books. American Sniper is also in the news for not being all that it is cracked up to be. Immediately i thought of Million Little Pieces and the Jessica Lynch, the soldier's story. I do want to go see the movie anyway. And yes, i believe Jesse Ventura. It's not difficult for me to believe that Chris Kyle would make himself sound like more of a bad ass than he was.

5. And more on the subject of embellishment or untruths: I am dismayed to find out that Brian Williams 'misremembers' the story of being in Iraq and his helicopter was an hour behind the one that got hit with a rocket, only it was reported that he was in the one hit. I LOVE Brian Williams!  How could he do this?

Notes to Self:
Word count: exactly 500, unless i edit! (not counting notes)
Sunrise/sunset: 7:31 am / 5:19 pm (We have gained one hour 13 minutes since my last post, which was over a month ago).
Book: Fall of the Giants (just getting started!)
Project: In anticipation of our remodel and dumping stuff i just burned every cd we own into iTunes (i had missed many), donated probably about 150 of them and alphabetized them in two boxes.
Lastest iTunes purchase: Andrew Duhon. (He reminds me of Amos Lee.)
Looking forward to: BOWLING starts Feb. 17th!
Not looking forward to: Moving everything out of our house so we can redo our floors.


pearl said...


jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey pearl, i thought everyone heard this by now from our Seahawk's Marshawn Lynch during Media Week. It was quite the news if you watch the NFL channel! LOL....

jojo cucina cucina said...

He hates talking to the media but it is in his contract. So to get around it he gave an interview at the podium during Media Week and answered every question with the same statement. "I'm just here so I won't get fined." It's been such a catch phrase these days that two bowling teams in our league wanted to use it for their bowling team's name!

The interview before that he answered with simply "Yeah".

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Even if Marshawn doesn't like the press, they follow him like magpies. And he loves his Skittles.

So Richard Sherman is a father today. Today's my husbands 59th birthday. He's happy and so is my hubs.

Being a Packer fan and not at all a fan of the Patriots, it was a difficult game. My husband had his Seahawk throw over him and he stood up and said WTF when that play was called.

I've got the American Sniper book and my 90 year old mom saw the movie yesterday. She said she didn't like to see WAR glorified. I think she'll stick to rom/coms. She won't see Shades of Grey.

I got Amazon Fire TV for Christmas and the other day I was browsing, and I landed on Chef. I loved it. It was such a good movie.

Now that the beloved daughter has moved to Chicago, I am stuck with the 2 men. One plays video games and the other watch Ancient Aliens and countless reruns of his favorite movies (I can't remember how many times he's seen the Riddick movies.

So now I go into football hibernation till preseason.


pearl said...

I liked American Sniper. Brad Cooper's personal transformation was astonishing. And I can't see how that movie could be seen as 'glorifying war'. Quite the contrary.

I haven't really gotten into the whole Jesse Ventura debacle, but I find it hard to give Ventura any degree of credibility. A man whose trades were wrestling and politics? Fraud and fakery as career choices.

Am gutted by Brian, tho.

pearl said...

Oh - and Chef was fantastic. The only way I'll see 50 Shades is if I'm tied to a chair and my eyes forced open (like Malcom McDowell in Clockwork Orange.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amulbunny, so good to see you here! Let me know what you think of the American Sniper book. I hear many good things about American Sniper movie and I do love Bradley Cooper. Maybe he will win the Academy Award. I wouldn't normally give Jesse Ventura credit but he did win the defamation lawsuit for 1.8 million dollars (when Kyle was still alive. Not sure Jesse would have wanted to put even more attention on being hit by Kyle in a bar unless the story really wasn't true. But yeah, i hear what you're saying about the wrestling and politics.

I loved Chef and saw it twice. Not only that it made me want to eat at those food trucks, where i used to steer away from them before. In fact i ate chicken tacos for lunch out of a food truck in the area just yesterday.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am so frustrated with posting comments on my own blog that i can understand why everyone else might give it up. I just posted a comment welcoming new follower LC Greene! WELCOME #37 follower, i hope you comment here....but i forgot to hit the PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT before moving on and lost it of course. Not only that my iPad keeps freezing up so i lost a longer comment on Beth's blog about parenting and how much i appreciate her honesty about it but lost it too because my iPad froze up completely and wouldn't move even with the back button.

My ipad makes me sign in each and every time on my own f@*($ing blog and then i forget to hit the Publish button again so i lose everything. i have no idea why i have to keep signing in.

Anyway, Welcome LC Greene! That's what i wanted to say.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Unless i am babysitting Baby Brady i'm gonna change this blog tonight. I had some ideas at 3 in the morning and wrote them down in Notes on my iPad. I hope they make sense.

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey, that's the first time in awhile that i didn't have to sign back in. I DO think it's my iPad then since i am posting from my desktop. So maybe that is why folks have problems with blogger. Blogger may not be user friendly to devices.