Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fly-Tying Wine Musings. Totally Random.

MENU OF THE DAYMusic: Amy Winehouse's "Rehab"Beverage: This really good Washington red with a migrant worker on the label.
Mood: A tiny bit enebriated. (OK. more than a tiny bit.)Exercise: I have run for three days in a row during my lunch hour this week, which means i have run 5 days in a row.Book: That DAMN Edgar Sawtelle book again. ( I cannot wait for it to be over!)
What I am cooking: Cook's Illustrated Beef Stroganoff
Recent iTunes purchase: "Stick to the Shallows" by Tea Leaf Green
YouTube of The Week: (I'm not gonna tell y'all what it is. You have to look!'s only about 2 minutes.)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
1. Tonight our friend Keith is over for fly-tying & i cooked. (This photo is me ...tonight .)
2. I watched American Idol yesterday. I really do not want to be sucked in unless y'all are dying for it. So i think i might pass on blogging about it until it gets close to the end. (I DO however like the new judge.) I took hand written notes on only four people yesterday. The gal in the bikini who auditioned who made it through is the one i will LOVE to hate. I did like the blind dude at the end of the show. (And the oil rigger guy too.)
3. I forget the 4th person, so i'm sure whoever that person is will be gone by Hollywood.
4. I cannot remember where i found this, but i wrote it down. It's a quote by Kurt Cobain: "I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not"
5. My favorite song by Nirvana: I have to tell the truth. I only have one: Smells Like Teen Spirit. It try to be a cool 50 year old suburbian and want to like the stuff that the masses don't know, but truth is: I am that suburban 50 year old chick.
6. I like to think i am cooler than Laura Bush. I'm thinking I might even be cooler than Caroline Kennedy. But i cannot say for sure. (What i do know is that i am smart enough to know that i am probably not cooler than Michelle Obama.)
7. I would LOVE to go out for chardonnay with Michelle. Wouldn't you?
9 Actually i think i would love to go out with Caroline too. (But not Laura.) Only I think Caroline seems like the type who probably orders only one glass of non-descript white wine... (or worse... a cup of earl grey tea. ) And i so hate knocking back chardonnays by myself with folks who are drinking some prissy libation.
10. So i think i am going to hang out with Kennedys at all.....well.... it's gotta be Teddy!
11. (Besides at HIS age. ... he'll think I'M still hot.)
13. Isn't it weird for those of us who are Baby Boomers? Our President Elect Obama is not only the first African American President. . . he is also the first president elected who is younger than we are.
14. OK. so what's on your mind. Even if you are drinking earl grey tea, wine, or koolaid?

15. Edited for photo resizing and also to say ..nobody noticed how badly i numbered these! (I just noticed it myself.)


equeyaya said...

1. ...ok, real quick, cause i have to go to work
2. to tell the truth, michelle seems a little smug to me. she'd probably prove me wrong, though, if we all could share a glass of chardonnay.
3. the person i'd really like to share a chardonnay with is jojo.
4. :p Obama is still older than me by a couple of years, lol!
5. our new marketing director is very good at what she does, but she is arrogant and condescending and ultra conservative and i am really trying very hard not to hate her.
6. today i'm going to work out at the gym for the first time.
7. tomorrow i have a meeting about drawing up a will.
8. i am so worried about paying for my daughter's college. sometimes it's all i can think about.
9. is that the brokeback mountain dude at the beginning of that youtube?
10. equeyaya out...

~grits~ said...

Just coffee this morning - gotta be out the door in 15 mins and Im not dressed yet nor have make-up on - Yikes!! So I'll do a mindless gritslist later.

I love youtube! You can find anything on there. That girl in the short black dress w/short blonde hair reminds me of you, Jo and how you would look out at a club dancing. I'm so tall that if I flung my arms around like those folks, I'd kill somebody!!

Modern Hippie said...

1. I dont see Michelle drinking white, i see her drinking red i dont know why. i can see caroline kennedy drinking cocktails like cosmopolitans and laura bush would be the one who would drink the earl grey, although i bet caroline drinks earl grey, just not at cocktail hour. who does that? haha

2.whats fly-tying? i thought you had a typo! haha

3. number 10 doesnt make sense, i'm confused.

4. you should just make a seperate blog for american idol; you can actually do it on the idol webpage, i used to do that.

5. i love the song, "come as you are"... "come as you are, as you were, as i want you to be, as a friend, as a known enemy" its pretty mellow; you tube it, i think you'd like it.

6. i like nirvana because they are rock and roll, but theyre like mellow. which i dont really get since kurt was always on acid when he was preforming (but i guess maybe not when he was recording?) and kurt came from seattle lol.

7. the gallery at school has a huge exhibit on obama the paintings are amazing; students did this whole exhibit with painting portraits of him they're very original and very cool. i was going to take a picture but i didnt know if we could lol

Ummagumma said...

1)I like coming here, it reminds me to check the cancer survivor flyfishing (is it two words?) website for when they have new retreat dates.


3)its for cancer survivors, people going through treatment, etc

4)spaces fill up really fast so I am stalking the site for updated info about the new retreat dates constantly. I really desperately want to do this!

5)I wish jo could go with me

6)Its not bothering me as much as I thought it would to not see myself as 9

7)probably because I know I will always be #9 :D

8)and it was totally cool to be a part of gumbo faq page for a while.

KatKit13 said...

1. Okay, just didn't get started into Idol this year. I dunno why. Oh. Wait. No control over the remote. Yeah. That's the REAL reason.

2. I'm drinking a dry Montepulciano tonight... one of my favorites from Trader Joe's and bonus - less than 5 bucks!

3. LOVE that video on You Tube. I happen to love that song (odd for me) and there's nothing sexier than Freddie leading that guy dance. Wow.

4. I wouldn't mind having lunch with Laura. I think she probably has a wicked sense of humor - I mean think about it, she married George. Snort.

5. I think Michelle is cool. Chardonnay? Sure. Why not. I'd love to just sit and listen to her. She's got an incredible sense of humor but what I really like about her is she conveys that she's very comfortable in her own skin. Very cool.

6. The whole flippin' world is cooler than me. Seriously. I'm such a dork. And a geek.

7. Fly fishing - someday... (melancholy sigh)

8. I'm not sure I care much about Caroline. I find her sad - she's lost her whole immediate childhood family. She's the ultimate orphan. But that being said, I find her strong. I just don't have any interest in sitting down with her.

9. For Umma.

9. Edgar Sawtelle - part of me cannot figure out why I'd ever want to read it. I'm having a problem reading lately. I'm addicted to the Twilight series. I just finished HP 6 & 7. (loved it). I just want entertainment I think. The Memory Keeper's Daughter is sitting here waiting for me.

10. The so-called Dh - who I've renamed Baby Huey, or The (Da) Huey, is driving me batshit tonight. Nuthin' new there! LOL

sam said...

1. I would feel so inadequate if I were to have a drink with Michelle.

2. Maybe a little inadequste with Laura, but she's much more my style. Even though she has millions, I think we're more alike than not.

3. Caroline would be so much fun after a few drinks. I, however, would be so sleeping so I think I'll have to be the designated driver (even if we have a driver).

4. I've always admired your flyfishing gig jojo. I always think I'd like it but the standing around in a swift running creek would cause me to lose it. Maybe I don't like the outdoors as much as I used to - or used to think I did.

5. I have never ever watched American idol for more than 5 minutes during any season.

6. The husband is getting ready to leave for most of a year. He's trying to be cool about it, saying things like "I hate this" and "YOU don't have to face the isolation" but I see in his eyes that he's looking forward to riding in a helicopter over large pieces of Antarctica. And he gets to go to Happy Camper School and camp out in the elements. He'll get a certificate to prove it, too. He's even looking forward to meeting some world dignitaries - the Prince of Monaco is down there now for a few days. He's not going to hate it.

7. I, on the other hand, get to keep on doing what we always do only without the aggravation of the man. Or the help. 6 weeks would be a perfect break for me but 9 months? I'm gonna hate it.

8. While he's gone I'll be working on my own health. Losing the rest of this fat will be a start but making exercise a priority - as in, this is a JOB and I have to make time for it - will be the thing that makes it all happen.

9. I might even join the "no commitment" gym and hire another trainer. Or not.

10. I feel lost at the moment. This feeling should pass by mid-February when our new routine is established. If it doesn't maybe I'll start watching American Idol. Or call Caroline for a drink....

jojo cucina cucina said...

1. equeyaya. Thank you for #3. You're right. Forget about Caroline and Michelle. I want to have wine with you! And we can be bad together, buy up a bunch of crappy songs from iTunes, curl each other's hair, call old boyfriends and then post on our blogs. LOL...

2. Grits. I love that video too. My favorite part it when Usher tells the boys to "Take it". I love the blonde girl in the shimmery gold halter dress because she is so "in charge" and sophisticated, though i think she was a bitch in the movie.

3. Kylee-Hippie, you're right. Michelle probably WOULD drink red wine. When i say chardonnay i actually sort of mean just wine in general. Sort of like how people say they want a 'Kleenex' when they really should be saying 'tissue'. When you get 21, i'll teach you about wine. And you're right. I do like the song "Come as you are".

4. umma, you'll have to tell me about your flyfishing experience. (I use it as one word, but i've read it both ways.) Just remember: patience. It takes a lot of that. If i can do it, so can you! You know any yaya around thinks of you when they see #9.

5. Kat. i think that is what i like about Michelle too. She seems comfortable in her own skin and probably can mingle among anyone in the world and still be herself. I like her alot. I forget, did you actually finish the Sawtelle book? I have never in my life taken so long to read a book. I started this in October. But there is something about this one that won't let me give up on it, as i would normally do.

6. Sam, will your husband have internet connections in Anarctica? I don't know why i even thought of that. You could upload videos to him and get real creative and vice versa. When my husband travels (though it's never been that long - two weeks at the most) i've loved the emails we've sent back and forth. It was like dating again. I saved them all.

I'm gonna change this blog pretty soon. I need to think about the Inauguration. I love that it comes the day after Martin Luther King's birthday holiday.

Thanks for posting, y'all! Happy weekend.

Ummagumma said...

1)I am not going to admit this to my Pub friends, but I am kind of excited to see what Obama will do

2)I am covering that guy and his family in prayers

3)I will do that every night as long as he is pres

4)I have to take a pizza and some juice over to clintons house for ariel today

5)I am 'recycling' my cards and going to reuse them to send out again.

6)if you get a card that looks familiar...well, you probably sent it to me at one time! lol.

7)I am only recycling the ones that didnt have writing on the left side.

IslandPearl said...

1. Steadfastly refusing the koolaid, and it's too early for wine...just a morning cup of Vanilla Mac Nut here.

2. Jo + Edgar Sawtell = Pearl + Celestine Prophecy.

I finished CP over a period of years. Yes. Years. Not because it was worth it but because I refused to let a book kick my az. I now have a modified approach...if it hasn't grabbed me by the end of 2 chapters, it goes in the Goodwill bin.

3. Read 2 more Sookie Stackhouse books on the trip over and back. Have ony 2 left... :-( Harris needs to start writing faster or wind this series up.

4. I wonder what my current near obsession with bloodsuckers augurs...a new tax plan, perhaps?

5. I will never get into AI. I'm pretty confident when I say that. I hate the "style" of singing that requires the injection of numerous superflous syllables in an already well written song. Which is why I can't stand Mariah Carey (except for 'All I want for Christmas is You') and Whitney Houston (at all.) And that seems to be what captures the "expert" panel of judges interest time and again. Meh.

6. Hanging with the pols...I don't understand dissing Laura B. I think that her placid demeanor is a cover and she's a really smart woman -- and she has demonstrated a wicked sense of humor. I like Michelle O better now than I did at the outset of the campaign. She's worked on being more personable, but I don't know that I'd want to find myself on her bad side. Another very smart woman. Caroline K. is too Junior League for me. I was frankly bowled over at what a poor speaker she is...especially for a Kennedy, fercryinoutloud. Guess that skill isn't genetically distributed.

7. Video was cool (where do you come UP with this stuff!) Loved the blonde in the vest...the Spike-y looking one.

8. All thawed/dried out from AK, time to get my clothes ready for FL. That one'll be 2 weeks. Will miss ya!

IslandPearl said...

Kennedy's most objectionable speaking feature is what we used to call 'Locust Valley Lockjaw"...that nasal monotone through clenched teeth. Brrrr.

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl says in re: to American Idol: "I hate the "style" of singing that requires the injection of numerous superflous syllables". I KNOW exactly what you mean. I hate it too. (And i also hate Mariah and Whitney) It was also the reason i never watch A-I before i saw that rocker guy, Constantine. He got me curious. Unless i see a rocker on Idol i won't be watching. Besides Lost is coming up.

Actually i like Laura Bush. I just couldn't go out for wine with her because i would likely offend her by saying something about her husband.

Speaking of...i think i'm gonna try and slip in a "Bye Bye Bush" blog post in here before the inauguration(<------ I can't wait until i can quit typing that word because of that damn extra "U"!) I was thinking it up last night when i couldn't sleep. This blogging has given me something to do when i can't sleep ...i think of new topics! anyway, I hope y'all come back and leave your own goodbyes to him. (I won't be too mean.)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yeah, i gotta say too, that i was also surprised to see the few Caroline Kennedy clips on the news. I have seen her speak so much better on Meet the Press.

~grits~ said...

1. Just coffee in my cuppa as I can't think of anything else at the moment.

2. Sooooo fun to see some of the gang here! I'm thrilled you are blogging, Jo!! It's really cool to 'meet'-read Modern Hippie too.

3. I don't think I've ever seen more than a few minutes of AI. Nothing against it though. It's hard to get to watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy without interruptions around here!

4. Re-reading 'Bridge of Sighs' by Russo. God, I love his writing!

5. I am so out of blogging ideas lately, so I'm really really glad to have others to read.

6. I thought I would get more done around the house since I don't do message boards anymore. I was wrong lol.

7. I am certainly not following the train of thought here!

8. Gonna go have a soak and a glass of redwing. Salute to allayall!

9. for yummyG!

Ummagumma said...

1)I agree, its really great to 'meet' Kylee! We have heard a lot about her in the last several years. jo is always talking about her cool niece

2)I usually misspell the word niece