Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's resolutions I wish other people would make

1. People need to stop answering their cell phones when I am out with them.

2. Vote! - yes, EVEN in the primaries.

3. I want folks to refrain from complaining about their problems if they are totally unwilling to do anything about them. Either ACCEPT them as a resolution or DO SOMETHING. (Just stop bitching to me about them.)

4. Find a charity that they believe in and contribute what is possible. If people have no money, then volunteer.

5. Say 'thank you' more often. People really don't do this enough anymore.

6. Parents need to STOP doing too much for their kids. I'm hoping and expecting these kids to to take our place someday but too many kids behave as if they entitled to everything.

7. Parents should introduce their kids to charity and have them work for something on their own that doesn't involve a kickback.

8. Don't overindulge in ANYTHING. Be it exercise, drinking, pot smoking, religion, recycling, talking, silence, tv, computer, etc.

9. If you are one to often give your opinion, please don't act like you are the final authority in the middle of your debate.

10. Make a resolution to ask more questions of people. Be curious. Most people love it.

11. Drink more water than wine.

12. If you are a vegan, please stop preaching to me about it and i promise not to secretly use bacon drippings in my dishes if I have you to dinner.

(OK, before anyone thinks i am being pious and righteous, let me say right here, some of these are my very own resolutions, especially #9 and #11. )


jojo said...

testing 1-2-3

IslandPearl said...

Excellent! I think I love #10 the most, but totally agree with all of them.

equeyaya said...

I love it! jojo is back! How did you get that photo banner at the top of your blog? I want that! I love #11, and am adopting it as my own resolution. And adding to #5: When someone thanks you, don't reply "no problem." This implies that if it were a problem, you wouldn't give that person the time of day. "You're welcome." Try it!

jojo said...

Thanks for continuing to encourage me to get this going. Between this blog, my new iPod Classic (which i'm having trouble synching, thereby losing ALL of my iTunes playlists, not my songs, but all of my dozens and dozens of playlists in my library (actually i think it was Brian who screwed that up, not me) and my camera i am on overload.

I bought my camera at a locally owned shop instead of Costco (which would have undoubtedly been cheaper but i know i will need the service and like a flyfisher who gets to the know the dudes in the flyshop, i plan to get to know these guys too as i need help. (They already know Brian.)

Anyway i was saying to them how i just HATE to learn new things so i needed something fairly easy to use and the guy helping me says to "You hate to learn? Where do you work?"

And without thinking and not really trying to be funny i replied, "I work in education!" It's true, though - i hate to learn. I just want to know it.

Anyway i think i'm gonna stop now and go cook some Italian Wedding soup.

Julie said...

Jo you need to put something down about wanting your books back in good condition - especially since you are not going to get the two you loaned me back in good condition.

Julie said...

Oh also - and I am being very verbose here because I am waiting for my new room to be cleaned - who do you know who is vegan? And when have you had them to dinner? See - I am asking questions.
Also - the "you're welcome" thing? One time I was listening to an interview on NPR and usually the interviewer says "Thank You" and the interviewee says "Thank YOU", but this time the interviewee said "You're welcome". People actually wrote in about how uncommon that was. At the time I even thought about how strange it sounded. So I agree - try it!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Julie! I'm so glad you're here. Brian said he got on your Facebook.

OK, i have had TWO vegans to dinner in the past. One was a WEA organizer working a strike buildup and i was serving my Famous spaghetti and meatballs and she couldn't even eat the green bean vegetables because they had little bacon bits in them.

(I never have snuck bacon drippings in anything on purpose though.)

I'll forgive you in advance for the books ever since Dick's dog chewed up Marley and Me. (It sort of broke me in.)

What i am most worried about if it's so damp there in Hawaii is YOUR HAIR!

It snowed here today enough to cover everything again.

equeyaya said...

Yes! The "thank you" "thank you" on interviews kills me, too. Just say "you're welcome," or "you're welcome, and thank you for having me."

Melanie announced last night that she is going vegetarian, and Chris said, "vegan?" and she said, "Why not? I love soy milk." We'll see how long that lasts. I don't think I could go vegan because of cheese.

And I told Mel I was already planning to serve lamb for her birthday dinner and her eyes kind of lit up.

Modern Hippie said...

I'm gonna make one now too! i post on my myspace sometimes but those people never care! lol i like the pictures you used, cause theyre you but theyre like not "look at me"

your resolutions crack me up actually. i answer my phone when im with you though :-/ but its never like i answer it and have a conversation (cause that stuff pisses me off too!)

i do try to refrain from texting though :)

oh p.s. this is kylee, since i have a name and havent done my profile yet lol

jojo cucina cucina said...

First of all the reason my name is showing up as both jojo and jojo cucina cucina is because Brian got this blog started with his own email and password and we have been having ALL kinds of trouble trying to get it changed.

Kylee, YAY! you're here. Yes, you are good about not being on your phone when i am with you and i do appreciate that.

I have been taking down my damn Christmas tree for two hours almost and now my allergies are so bad i had to take a break.

If i were rich i would pay someone to do this every year. (HEY! I just think i came up with a new subject for my next blog.....If i was rich...)

jojo cucina cucina said...

testing to see if my update profile on Brian's account shows up as jojo cucina cucina

jojo cucina cucina said...


equeyaya said...


Hi Kylee!

ashley said...

jojo, i love your blog! and all of your resolutions you wish other people would make. i also feel the same way about number 12 - there's a little vegetarian place i sometimes grab lunch from and you should see the horrified looks i get if i order a grilled cheese sandwich. like my one slice of provolone cheese is responsible for global warming and the deaths of millions of cows. you can take away my chicken but you'll never take my feta.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ashley, I'm so glad you were here! I didn't know you were already here when i emailed you my link. I wanted to test it out on a few folks before i sent out a link.

If you have any tips i would appreciate them. And if you are an expert on Google accounts i would love to know how to switch this blog to a my account and get off my husband's profile.

Modern Hippie said...

im guessing ashley is not ashley louvrak, it doesnt sound like her since she said something about chicken LOL

it cracks me up that dick's dog chewed up marley and me how ironic!

i dont like "your welcome" actually, i think its too...generic. like something you just say when you don't really mean it. like a robotic response or something. (like when someone says merry christmas or have a nice day you just reply "you too" its the same thing. the thank YOU gets a little bit more originality but its really just people not know WHAT to say, although i agree that we need to say thanks more often, just in a more original, sincere way.

jojo cucina cucina said...

You're right Kylee....Ashley is from the Gumbo YaYa board and NOT your California sister Ashley. LOL. (You probably could have figured it out when she mentioned "global warming". LOLOL.... Don't tell your sister i said that!)