Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Totally Random Stuff I’m thinking about while taking down my Christmas Tree

1. I am drinking a glass of Bogle shiraz (first & last for the night, cause right now I am sneezing my head off. I have been taking down the Christmas tree and I’m allergic.

2. I live in the Pacific Northwest and having a fake Christmas tree here (to me) is sacrilegious. Sacrilegious in the same way that people who live in Santa Barbara or Napa Valley drinking Mogen David wines would be.

3. If you are not Jewish (or of some other religion that prohibits a tree) and tell me you never put up a Christmas tree I will probably give you a look that is very similar to the one I give people who tell me they never vote because all candidates are alike. (So praise the Lord and pass the antihistamine!)

4. I bought the Ashton Kucher Nikon D90 camera, which also shoots video. I hate learning new technology but I do like photography and after recently paying $50 to process three rolls of film I’m liking the idea more and more.

5. Nikon is very smart, cause if they had hired a different celebrity….say Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey or Paula Abdul to pimp the D90 I would not have even thought about that camera.

6. I am taking the day off from work to watch Obama’s inauguration. I like to think that I am excellent speller, but I have to admit that every single time I type inauguration I have to spell check it. (I always forget the first “U”).

7. I am not meaning this to be mean, but I am not sure why John Travolta’s son’s death is getting the attention that it is.

8. I just finished the book “American Wife” which is loosely based on Laura Bush. I didn’t expect to like it but I did. It is LOOSELY based on her story, but there are enough parallels to her life that make it difficult not to think of Laura and George while reading. I was most entertained by how Curtis Sittenfeld wrote the “Barbara Bush” character. I'm still plugging along on the "Edgar Sawtelle" book. I should have known when Oprah picked it.

9. I’m drinking tea now cause it’s the next day. I am not so funny with tea so I’m just gonna get these posted and go watch a DVD. (Tea is so boring and tastes like hot water to me, but I do like the medicinal soothing nature of it, even if it is not exactly my muse.)

So what are y’all thinking about?


IslandPearl said...

1. I cooked salmon tonight so I'm kinda buzzed on a nondescript chardonnay. And I've moved up my "takedown" date by a week...so now it's before AK instead of after. I'm just not feeling the Christmas love.

2. But I always love my tree. It's fake because I live in HI where the trees are pretty close to kindling when they get here. But it's breathtaking.

3. I'm with you on the "I never put up a tree yadayadayada". I've only missed a tree one Christmas and it was the last one with ex #2. And Bud even had a little tree when he was based in Vietnam. Soulmate? I think so!

4. I'm so glad you are entering the world of digital. SO convenient! And FUN!!

5. I was trying to get out of my driveway this AM and the motorpool across the street had not only partly blocked my driveway, but the car was parked a good 2 feet from the curb. I rolled down my window and took a picture - complete with license plate. Not that I'll do anything with it...I just hope that SOMEbody was watching...hehehe.

6. Pineta has me questioning Obama's choices in a way I hoped I wouldn't have to. I hope he doesn't turn out to be Obama's "Brownie". That's not a position I want a rookie in. And what's with hiring Clinton's entire freaking administration? They weren't THAT good. There have to be some better folks out there. But I'm still pained over Richardson's withdrawal. I really like him.

7. I'm sad for the Travoltas. I truly am. The loss of a child is the worst. But I'm totally OVER the tabloid vultures playing off it. Sick bastards.

8. Cheers to my darling mate Craig Ferguson for getting married over the holidays -- in Vermont! Outside!! In a kilt!!! To a woman!!!! I'll still be falling asleep to the sound of your smooth brogue you cheeky monkey!

9. Having finished the Twilight series over the holidays, I've started the Sookie Stackhouse vampire chronicles (that's me -- all vampires...all the time.) They're the ones on which HBO is basing TrueBlood.

10. How did I get ahead of you?? I love drinking tea. It's a ritual for me...soothing.

I'm so happy you've joined the blogoshpere, dear friend. A welcome addition indeed!!

Modern Hippie said...

look at my last post its my obituary, you'll get a kick. i talk about you in the beginnig blurb lol

Modern Hippie said...

1. i can never spell deffinitely

2. i still dont know how i'm watching the inauguration; online cnn is my backup.

3. fred meyer pizza is really good.

4. i just wrote a really long blog so im done but i felt compelled to do a little list.

Cat said...

Hooray for wing musings! I'm not even sure I'm logged in right, so this my test post. Or comment. Whatever you call it in Blogland!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Lists y'all, i'm looking for PARTICIPATION! lol.

1. Kylee/my sweet Modern Hippie, i don't see "the obituary". Where is it? And you're right, but i always like how you spell definitely.

2. pearl, i love that you took a photo for 'evidence'. When i was registering voters last year there was a guy who was taking photos of the illegally parked cars in the handicapped spots. I saw him get out with his camera when he drove up to the Safeway and then when he left the Safeway there was a new car parked illegally and he took his camera out again and took a photo before he left. I was dying to ask him what he would do with the photos.

3. Also, everytime you talk about loving Craig Ferguson, i think of Norm Macdonald saying his name was "Turd Ferguson" while doing his Burt Reynold's impression on SNL's Jeopardy game.

4. I don't know anything about Pineta and was asking the politicos in my office what they knew, so i guess i'll have to read up! (I like his name, though! lol.)

5. Welcome Cat to the blogosphere!

equeyaya said...

1. We took our tree down in a panic on December 30 because it appeared about to spontaneously combust. We were even having a dinner party that night.

2. I was sad about that because:
2 a. (haha! sublists! what do you think of that, jo!) It really was a pretty tree.
2. b. It means we have to change tree farms next year. It was the second year in a row they were too wiped out and brought in cut trees from upstate. It's not worth driving half an hour to spend $50 on a cut tree, and then have it die on us.
2. c. It always makes me sad to take down the tree.

3. As far as whether or not people put up trees, that's an individual choice that I can respect even while I don't understand it. I know my in-laws stopped just because it became too much for them to cope with.

4. I forget what kind of wing we had last night, we seem to be on an italian kick. But Chris tried a new recipe from our vegetarian cookbook: cottage pie! with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and large curd cottage cheese, in a nice flaky crust, with paprika sprinkled on top. It was good! It would have been even better with peas.

5. I'm excited for you with your new camera, jo. Isn't it like having a new toy?

6. I'm listening to Todd Snider's Ballad of the Kingmen right now on itunes genius.

7. Re Obama's choices... I'm not paying a lot of attention but focusing more on the big picture. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say about the economy today.

8. Pearl, I'm sad about Richardson, too. I hope the allegations about him aren't true.

9. But I also wish he'd lose the beard. There aren't many men who look good in a beard. He's one. Matthew Fox (Jack from LOST) is another.

10. I feel sad for John Travolta for losing his son and having it turn into a media event. How much more painful must it be to have your inconsolable grief be made into a circus.

11. I watched some of the Swayze interview last night. He and his wife seem like regular people and I hate that this is happening to them.

12. I finally started a new book. Check out my blog to find out which one!

equeyaya said...


2b - we have been going to that same tree farm for 20 years!

9 - I mean that Richardson and Fox are two that DON'T look good in a beard.

equeyaya said...

one more thing (I swear I'm not drinking! It's only 9am!): There is a photo on my blog of someone who DOES look good in a beard.

I promise this is the last shameless blog plug from equeyaya!

jojo cucina cucina said...

LOLOL.... i posted over there tonight, equeyaya. I was just thinking about you right now as i was YouTubing different stuff and showing it to my husband. And i showed him Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne signing "To Love Somebody" (cause i think his band should play this song.) and i also said that I thought Damien Rice looks like Heath Ledger! don't you think a little bit?

equeyaya said...

yes, I like Rice better with the longer curls than the buzz he had at the Cohen thing where he played Hallelujah.

Do you think Gov. Richardson, Matthew Fox, Bruce Springsteen, and Damien Rice care what I think about their hair? lol!

another alternative band name: The Blog Plugs

yummyg said...

I am still deciding whether I want to forgive you for deciding to not make me #9 anymore. ;-) I will ALWAYS be #9 even if you decide to not write it anymore. so there.

love, #9

yummyg said...
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ashley said...

i love that you call the D90 the Ashton Kutcher camera!

i would post some musings but I have been embroiled in Congress ratings, Richardson (I thought about you when I heard that) and I am just way too tired to think right now.

Yay jojo :)

equeyaya said...

lol...umma/#9, jo sent me a recipe a while back and numbered the ingredients and she made you number nine, so take heart that you are a key ingredient in her meatballs!

the thing that cracks me up about the word verification thingy is when it makes an actual word or something that is like a word.

metivel is the one I got just now! not as funny as some others.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i know i know....ms. yummy umma, like i said in my email, since i'm sending this to friends who are Non-YaYas i didn't want secret handshakes that made it feel 'clannish' to those who were not with us on Gumbo, but don't think i didn't think of it as i was writing it out. Like i said, i can NEVER write out #9 again without thinking about you.

Barbara, that's funny, i had forgotten that i did that with the meatballs!

yummyg said...

I know what you mean, jojo. I still love you anyway. ;-) :D I told tsam tonight that after I pouted for a while, I got over it. I decided that it was more important for me to be able to talk to you here then get in a big snit about it. But if I die, I want you to dedicate one last #9 to me.

susieatl said...

Ok, I just spent five minutes typing out my thoughts and hit the wrong button and it is gone.


sam said...

1. I was ready to take my fake tree down the day after Christmas because there were so many/much kids, people, dogs, stuff, toys all over the place and NOBODY was helping to contain the mess. I took the garland off and then had a fit and didn't get around to taking it all down until the 4th.

2. It probably would have been lots better had I been drinking during the whole visit with the family. 12 days of nothing but booze. I'll plan better next year.

3. I need a new camera. The Last HERO Husband is taking a 9-month job in Antarctica and will be taking my little Kodak V10 with him. Maybe I'll seriously look at the Nikon D90 with his bonus check. What can he do? He'll be on a large sheet of ice with no way to get back until Labor Day...

4. I think the inauguration might be way too much pomp but I'm looking forward to watching it anyway.

5. I don't think I've finished a book in at least 6 months. I started going to the library instead of buying books but I still don't manage to finish many. I did finish American Wife and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

6. That's about all I have to say. I'm thrilled you finally decided to write publicly again.

KatKit13 said...

Poppin in to say howdy. Glad you're writing again.

1. Tree came down fully Thursday - on a day in between jury duty appearances.

2. Many of my neighbors not only still have trees up but outside fully decorated and lit.

3. It's snowing like hell.

4. I spent 3 days sitting in the courthouse ready for jury duty - and read harry Potter - 6 & 7. Read them both. What an awesome ride.

5. I'd ask for the inauguration off, but I've missed a lot of work lately and I think I'd be tracked down and hauled back to my desk.

6. I haven't been reading much - other than HP during hours of boredom in a large room with 124 of my "peers".

7. How are you liking that Ashton Kutcher camera? I want a smaller one. I have a rather large Kodak and while it's very nice, it doesn't fit in my purse or pocket.


jojo cucina cucina said...

OH what a great surprise! susieatl, T-Sam, Kat to see your here too!

T-Sam, next year i'm thinking i'll get a prescription filled for Xanax for my family holiday! Wow, your husband in Anarctia? Not likely a place you would love to join him for a week i guess. Yeah, about the American Wife book. I did not expect to like it that much but i did. I think i'll check out her other book, Prep.

susieatl, i hope you come back with your thoughts. I'll probably change the blog tomorrow or Monday. So come back.

Kat/GoC, i love being on jury duty, (served twice, and once like you right after the holidays). I like it not just for the chance to serve, but even waiting around is cool because it offers that forced relaxation and the time to read without feeling like you should be doing something else.

I am going to LOVE the Ashton Kucher camera. Funny that i told the guy at the camera shop that i didn't want to buy a camera with video that i won't want to use and he said, well just don't use it then. But i'm liking that so far the most. But right now i've only been using it for "interviewing" my husband after a bottle of wine and the results are pretty funny.

Thanks all of y'all for checking in! I'll do my best to keep changing it often, so please come back.... (Taking a cue from how equeyaya works her blog cause it's important to keep them fairly current and fresh.)

jojo cucina cucina said...

does somebody here know how to edit a post when you find that you have typos? I thought i could do that easily, especially if it was my own blog. But apparently not.....

jokerswildagain said...

Hey Jojo...thanks for the 'add.' ;-) !!! ~JWA

Ummagumma said...

okay, I went overboard notifying and renotifying people to not tell anyone about this blog. ay yi yi. sorry. disregard the 2nd notification.

susieatl said...

The problem with AW was that I could see GW in those love scenes. Not a pretty site.

My tree is down. Bad luck to keep up after New Year's. That's what mom always said. Course she just may have wanted an excuse.

I'm not off for the inauguration..but that's ok..I got lots of buddies at work and a t.v. to watch it on. I'll just take a long lunch.

Please post a lot. Don't be like me.

Ok..that's about it.

equeyaya said...

"Don't be like me."

A-Update furline's blog, susie!!!
B-That line always reminds me of Jack Nicholson in "As Good As It Gets," which I watched again recently and just love!