Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter ...My family in 1965... Bedford, Virginia


(Inspired by Islandpearl's Easter photo cause i love old photos!)

Here are the only family Easter photos that I think exist in my family. The first one here was taken in 1965 in Bedford, Virginia.

I am the oldest in my family - So i'm far right (smiling with the bad Toni perm and that little stupid white hat.)

I crack up when i think that my brother Scott (who is only 11 months younger than I am) and I might actually be holding hands because that is so not like us.

It's no accident either that my sister Kelly is looking down. She almost always looks disconnected from any photo that is ever taken of all of us. (I think one of the reasons i love photography so much is because a photograph tells the truth in a way that words never do.)

Here is another Easter photo taken before going to Mass. This is during the time we lived Zama, Japan . (We were military brats. You can tell we were in Japan by the Japanese doll in the glass case and the Mt. Fuji painting in the background.) I believe this is 1972. Scott and I are in the same position as the previous one. I am 15 years old here. Scott is 14. Kelly is 12 and Troy, the youngest is 9.
Edited to add another photo: not from Easter but I took it off my mom's refrigerator tonight at Easter dinner (so i could scan it and give it back to her). I think it's interesting that while Kelly looks happy in some photos there is always some distance. I pointed it out to Troy tonight and he had to admit that after looking at other photos framed at our mom's house, there is a disconnect between Kelly and the rest of us - it's either physical or she just looks unhappy. (Sometimes i do too, but i usually look sort of more angry than unhappy.) The one who always looks happiest is Troy, the youngest.


equeyaya said...

those are great. i like that you can see kelly's face in the one from '72. i'll have to see what i can dig up...

Lynnie said...

Happy Easter to Y'all! (Reverting to Gumboisms there.)

I love the pictures, Jo ~~~ you were smashingly gorgeous as a kid ~~~ and of course, you still are!

Kelly looks happy in the second picture. Everyone does . . .

susieatl said...

I love these pictures.

Modern Hippie said...

haha god, these pictures are funny. i bet you and dad held hands all the time when you were kids!

the funny thing about you saying "you can tell we are in japan because of the doll and the painting" jo those items are still in your mothers house in tacoma, wa,usa.

KatKit13 said...

I remember Easter bonnets, and purses, and all that white frilly (re: ITCHY) lace... with the lace trimmed bobby socks, the white patent leather shoes.

And my sister always got the prettier dress. LOLOL

IslandPearl said...

Blinded by the Burberry jacket there. You guys are so cute together.

equeyaya said...

Interesting in that last one how you and your brothers are close enough to be touching, and Kelly has some space between the rest of you.

furline said...

Crap...I just watched AI...

David Cook was so much better than any of 'em. Michael Johns was better.

Hell, Sanjaya coulda give them a run fer their money

jojo cucina cucina said...

Furline, i've been faithfully watching Idol too - just not taking notes anymore. I agree about David Cook, but i have to say i really like Adam Lambert because he's always doing something that surprises me and he's got a great rock voice. I bought his Mad World from iTunes, the song he sung for which Simon gave a standing ovation.Last night i wasn't crazy about his song Born to be Wild, there are so many better songs that have been in the movies. But Adam always seems like he is already at his own concert.

I thought Lil was going to be the one to beat but she totally bores me and she gave Simon some backtalk last night that made me like her even less. I love her little family.

Kris (why does he spell it like a girl) is so damn cute. I wanted him kicked off quite awhile ago but now he's really pretty good. He did the don juan de marco song so well.

The redhead is really good. I sort of hope she doesn't win because i have a feeling it will shorten her life. She looks like the kind of artist that is going to travel a real bad road, if she isn't already. I keep thinking that's why the judges keep influencing the audience by not giving her the best kudos.

Anoop is not bad, i just hate his kind of music. Sam with that Matt guy. Matt did not do well last night. He was all over that song.

I LOVED Quentin Tarantino being the mentor though. He totally cracks me up.

Danny Gokey was my pick early on for a favorite. He's got a cool voice, but he pretty much comes out and seems very much the same to me. Last night he took off his trademark glasses and i wondered why. I think he looks like Robert Downey Jr.

My top 3 are: Adam, the redhead girl, and Kris. I think Adam will win.