Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Viognier in my glass. Not sure what's in my head ...just yet.

Menu of the Day:
Photo: From my trip with galpals to Alderbrook Inn last week.
On Shuffle Play: "Three Marlenas" by The Wallflowers.
Last book read: See below
Best thing that happened this week: Simon gave my favorite Idol, Adam Lambert, a standing ovation last night. I don't think Simon has ever done that. It's been making the pop culture news.
Bad News: The Adam Lambert YouTube has been removed nearly everywhere - i think because they are collaborating and making money with iTunes this year. (Even from online news article links have been removed) and now i think Islandpearl here is the the ONLY person in the whole world who has it because her DVR recording cut off the end of Fox's Fringe and instead includes the last 7 minutes of Idol. (Adam performed on the last 3 minutes. ) the song is Mad World. It was a Donnie Darko song. I bought it from iTunes a few months ago when i heard it played on a new series that Benjamin Bratt was starring in.


1. Ok, here we go. I have no idea what i'm gonna say. I was wide awake last night for over two hours at 3 in the morning and my mind just raced. Does this ever happen to you?

2. It goes something like this: Is my hair appointment on Thursday at 5:00 or 5:30?... what should i bring to Easter dinner?... i hope i don't have to bring a salad.... did i file that that taxable fringe benefit report?.... I better change my W-4 form for next year...Brian and i need to make an appointment to get that last will and testament....what if my upcoming colonoscopy shows something....please God let my brother come out of this divorce okay.... if i run on Friday morning before work before our four day vacation trip to the river i could get away without running on the trip.... is there anybody's birthday i'm forgetting?...what is that noise?...
3. Wanda Sykes (love her!) does a whole bit on this and when i saw it i was like OMG....that is so me!
4. I am loving Barack Obama. I don't care what anyone says. (Including the Catholic priests.)
5. I'm loving Michelle too.
6. I am scared of all the shootings lately. Now it makes me want to buy a gun.
7. If i bought a gun. And i'm not saying i would. but if i did, you can betcha that i am taking lessons on how to shoot it. Because i do not get how in our country we need to take two tests to get a driver's license but anybody can have a baby and buy a gun and not have ANY TRAINING WHATSOEVER.
8. If you have seen me bowl. You don't want me shooting a loaded gun unless a sharpshooter instructor has been working with me for weeks and weeks and weeks.

9. I read the most amazing book last Sunday. I read it one day sitting outside in our rare sunny 70+ degree weather in April. It's called Little Bee. The author is Chris Cleave. I cannot tell you too much about but you can Amazon it and see what i am talking about. The book jacket tells readers not to give away too much of the story. It's not an easy book to read. But it made me laugh. And it made even someone like me cry. Little Bee would make a fabulous movie.

9. for umma. wherever she may be.
okay....allofyall. what's in YOUR HEAD?


IslandPearl said...
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IslandPearl said...

I don't have the Adam bit -- we were so pixxed we deleted it.

The racing brain steals at least 2-6 hours of sleep from me every week. Usually between 3-5 AM. I hate it. Must. Learn. Meditation.

Of course Monday night I had about 3 hours of SWTS dreams. I wasn't dancing, just watching. Weird. But better than the dreams I had after a 4-episode Dexter marathon one night. YIKES!!

ABC is doing a special - Friday night I think -- on gun ownership. I used to own a gun. Several. Okay, a whole cabinet full...X#2 was a collector. I spent plenty of time at the range but never got really comfortable with it. And I was a pretty awesome shot. Haven't had a gun in almost 20 years. Left them back east when we moved here and I just let him keep em all in the settlement. Don't miss them at all.

I love that picture, Jo. It looks lonesome and welcoming all at the same time.

eta: I'm glad you are still happy with O and Co. Me, not so much.

equeyaya said...

I love Wanda Sykes, too.

that looks like a perfect setting for a galpals weekend. i wish we were close enough to do that.

I've been waking up thinking between 3 and 4am this week. Mostly to the tune of "how are we going to pay our half of Melanie's tuition" then endlessly counting up resources in my head. most of it, we are getting out of a refinancing, so i'm working all of that out in my head, too.

when i applied for the loan on the phone the banker dude told me, "your credit rating rocks!" it kinda turned me on a little.

i'd love to learn to meditate, too. my friend kym referred me to a course, and when i looked into it, it was $2,000. that's one for your "whuh?" pearl. how can i meditate when i'm anxious about the meditation class making me go broke?

guns totally skeeve me.

the full moon is beautiful. "bella luna" by jason mraz is playing on my ipod shuffle as i type. pretty song.

today will be a brief respite of spring weather.

i'm taking the long view with obama. i'm not loving everything he does, but i'm optimistic that i'll look back in 4 years and think, thank god.

IslandPearl said...

Cost of the meditation class cracks me up. When I was on chemo, one of the drugs was a real kickass one called Adriamicin. It was bright bright cherry red, and really toxic. Mean stuff...prolly saved my life.

Anyway, I developed a serious psychological aversion to the color red. Would get physically ill at the sight. You know how much red you simply can't avoid day to day? LOTS. And I love to wear red, too, but simply could not.

Recognizing this for what it was, I called my friendly shrink (the one that helped me escape X#2) and asked him if he thought hypnotism might help. He said absolutely and gave me the name of a reputable hypnotherapist.

I called for an appointment and was told it would be $75 a half(!!!) hour (not covered by insurance and at a time when I was barely scraping by on my own). From the moment I hung up the phone, I was cured.

Srsly. My brain giveth, my brain taketh away. LOL

Modern Hippie said...

maybe its a good thing you dont have to have classes to learn to shoot a gun, it could be worse if people actually knew how to use guns!

Lynnie said...

Sleep ~~~ I often don't get enough. 2 hours here, 2 hours there, but not much in sequence.

But this past week, I've gotten more than I thought that I was gettin'. And that's GOOD!

Admission time: I have been drinking since noon. But not continuously. At lunch with Sharon. Than shopping. Then a couple at Martin's (after shopping, with Sharon and Michele.)

And then after dinner ~~~ a teense of Apple vodka, Pomegranate/Blueberry juice, sparkling water, ice. I'm getting ready for Easter dinner with Patient Dad and Complaining Mom. So I'm drinking again now, while sort of watching "Torchwood." (Reruns.) See ~~~ I don't mind the TT on "Lost" ~~~ I've been into Dr. Who for decades, and "Torchwood" since it appeared.

Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) is gay ~~~ don't care. He is one of the best-lookin' guys that I can think of.

I hated the way that "Life On Mars" (American) ended. I missed too many of the British ones to know if I saw the end or not. Now BBC America is showing another TT show: "Ashes to Ashes."

I should think about having a gun, but I don't. I depend upon my smile and my very protective aura.

Pearl, when I was on chemo, I remember the smell more than the color.

It's the same smell that hits me when I walk into a Wal-mart. I have no idea what that means.

OK ~~~ That's what's on my mind. And that I should get "Rosetta Stone" so I can learn French.
Or German.

Lynnie said...

Oh chit ~~~ I have to add this: BBC America just showed an ad for an upcoming show called "My Car Is My Lover."

Totally cracked me up!! Had to share . . .

Lynnie said...

Pearl, I have to ask: how do you know that Adriamicin was red? I think that I may have had it, but it was thru an IV ~~~ and, if so, I never saw its color.

I also had white pills with blue speckles. I am embarrassed to say that I cleaned out my bathroom closet a few years ago, and found a bunch of those pills in a plastic bag ~~~ from the 1980s. Why didn't I take them?

Whatever they were, I missed taking a bunch and still survived . . . I was amazed to find them, because I thought that I had always taken everything that I was supposed to . . .

jojo cucina cucina said...

pearl, there is something poignant in your aversion to red. As in there is an essay or poem in there.

And thank you, i think the photo does look lonely and welcoming! It's not frameable, but i liked it. Also, i have NO DOUBT that are a sharpshooter. goes with your personality. LOL.

OH GAWD y'all.... i cannot meditate. And i have to laugh at you eque...indeed the cost!

I cannot do yoga either. I've tried. I am the Anti-Zen Master. And the truth is i can't even tell you i WISH i could do it. It seems too outside of myself and that is not a comfortable place for me. Reading a book is all the escape i need. Maybe writing in journals is a sort of meditation. I can do that because it's an activity and that feels better to me.

I never thought of myself before this way and would have likely vehemently denied it 10 years ago, but i think i am a very Type A person.

I don't want to be a Type A person. but when i think about how i change lanes on the freeway 5 miles before the exit i have to admit, that i might be. How i ALWAYS get the exact change out for the Arby's drive up window....
yeah, i might be telling myself it's for THEIR convenience...but the truth is i am a case.

Lynnie, i so love how you come here and post three in a row or more and bump up my blog count. LOLOL. And now i too wonder about how chemo has a color. And i have to laugh at your disclaimer about drinking at noon.

eque, i bought Dire Straits "Love Over Gold" off iTunes this afternoon. What have you been buying? I'm listening to it for the third time. How come i don't own this cd already?

Who else here loves Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits?

KatKit13 said...

JoJo - The Anti-Yoga. BWAHAHAHA!

Fortunately I don't have a lot of racing thoughts - I'm too farkin' tired all the time for that I think.

I am in utter drool over your photo - and a galpal weekend. I need a break. But your photo is a mini break for me and I'm enjoying.

I'm also bugged by all the shootings lately. It's so sad. They're doing a daily count on how many Chicago Public School students have been shot this year. It's sickening.

However, I'm also thinking I should buy a damn gun and use it on the complaining ass I married. (just kidding). I'm so tired of his freaking WHINING about me not paying attention to him. The world must revolve... damn Baby Huey. Maybe just a water cannon. I could happily listen to him splutter as I blast him with it.

grits said...

I sleep like Lynnie - nap a couple of hours - up - snooze a bit more - up -
I'm always sleeping TERRIFIC when the alarm goes off!!

I never have been able to master meditation either. Not in the traditional way where you sit in a pretzel and zone totally out. I do like yoga but probably am not doing it right.

Reading has always been my #1 relax and escape method. Loom knitting has recently become another - I love that stuff!

Jo's #8 made me LOL!

Next time I order from Amazon, I'm gonna get 'Little Bee'. Sounds like a really good read.

I dig the Obamas!

Ummagumma said...

1)you can tell what color chemo is by the iv bag being clear. Adriamycin is red, and appropriately called 'the red devil' by patients. It knocks you on your ass. It has a very pungent smell. You can smell it emanating from your pores, your pee, and your breath. It makes your pee have a reddish tint. Some people get what they call 'anticipatory nausea' meaning, when you know what it will smell like, you dread it, and start feeling nauseous even before you are truly smelling it. I had 4 treatments of Adriamycin and Cytoxan. They only gave it every two weeks because of how strong it is. It can also cause a lot of heart problems.