Monday, April 27, 2009

Seven Years, But No Itch.

I need to change my blog, so i thought i would make it easy on myself.

I have been married three times. I have never been married longer than 7 years. Today is my 7th wedding anniversary.

I wrote these 11 Things About Boo 8 years ago on the Gumbo YaYa board and they still stand.

1. After 9 years we still call each other at work at least once a day to say hi. it
feels funny in those rare times if we can't because things get too hectic.

2. He makes my coffee and brings it to me in the bathtub every morning even
when he stopped drinking coffee himself.

3. When i have to go away overnight for work or when he's had to - we miss each
other even if it's only a couple of nights and ring up big phone bills on the calling
card just like the "dating years".

4. He has sparkly eyes and a bright open face that people are really attracted to
and he's good looking , but not in any pretty boy way.

5. He tells me what he appreciates in me and catches me doing good things.

6. We have the same politics and values.

7. We drive across the state quite a few times a year to flyfish and see his
mom (over 3 hour drive) and we many time don’t even turn on the radio on because we are always talking. He loves to talk like i do and we always have stuff we want to say to each

8. He's a calm, centered person with little ego and a quiet confidence.

9. He looks good in a toolbelt. and knows how to use the tools!!!!!

10. If he's mad or upset with me we talk it out at the time he's feeling it. (& i do
the same.) So we save alot of hurt by not dragging stuff out or acting passive

11. Sometimes when I’m cooking he comes in the kitchen and does this little dance that cracks me up! i call it the "Boo Boo Twist". It looks alittle like that dance the groundhog does at the end of the movie “Caddyshack”


IslandPearl said...

You guys are soooooo cute!

equeyaya said...

Happy anniversary!

lol, my word is "rites"!

grits said...

Happy Anniversary!

We hit 14 years on 4-22. It's simple and ok for us. It isnt anything like you write and that makes me just a tad envious, but it's still good. I do love to read about such nice things in people's marrigages because sometimes I feel like it all ceases to exist. You've made my day by proving it otherwise!!!

susieatl said...

Where have you been Grits?????

Congratulations, JoJo...Happy Anniversary...and I love your post...

Modern Hippie said...

like i told you in an email earlier but i want to share it with your blogger friends, i aspire to have a marriage like you guys do.

its no secret you speak your mind, i do it too, but theres some almost un-nautral balance between you and Brian where he knows when to step in and when to back off and let you vent, i think thats why you guys are so good, you have balance, brians the ying to your yang haha.

this is why i'm a supporter of divorce (like we talked about in the email) if you had the mindset like many women do, especially at your age and in the 70's (is that right?) then you would still be married to shingledecker or bernie and you wouldnt have your boo boo!! haha

i think you need to add the post its on #12 cause its my favorite (if you go over to their house, probably when its a little unplanned they have post-its on the mirrors in the bathrooms and such places that say things like "i love you boo boo" with a little drawing of a face or something, it was always my favroite.

well that and the fact that if Jo asks Brian to do somethign he puts post-it notes all over the house to remind himself! which is actually pretty funny as well :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Grits....yeah. good to see you! you can tell the post is old because i use the word "calling card" instead of cell phone! lol.

Actually since he got his new job, Brian and i don't talk on the phone every day like we used to. He's too busy with manager meetings, but we still try.

he did quit drinking coffee (again) but he still makes it for me and brings it to me.

It's this kind of stuff that makes me not care so much about Valentine's day celebrations or an anniversary gift.

I'm gonna change this soon (if my computer will quits acting up). i've just not had any mojo for it lately cause i get so pissed off when it buggers up.

equeyaya said...

kylee, i wish that kind of marriage for you! and i think you'll find it because of the model jo and brian have shown you - you know not to settle for less. i think it's better to be alone than to be in a bad, or even ho-hum, marriage.

anyway, whomever you find to share your life with will be a lucky guy!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Kylee, my little soulmate!.....when i added my post last night i didn't see yours here!? I can see we were posting at the same time. Synchronicity! Cool.

I LOVE what you wrote. I read it out loud to Brian just know. I laughed out loud, so did he. You're right...the post it notes are funny too and he's been doing them a long time. I save them all. I totally forget those. Thanks for adding them here. I was going to change the blog probably this evening, but now i think i'll leave it up for a few more days.

equeyaya is right, you will no doubt have a good marriage. Of course remember that he has to pass the jojo test. lol....We should think of divorce as 'problem solving' too. So i of course agree with you there! I have never met a woman yet who didn't improve her life after divorce. Though i do hope Kylee you never have to go through it.

Modern Hippie said...

haha i love that work "synchronicity" did you make it up yourself? lol

haha well im glad you read it outloud and laughed cause that means you LOL'ed for real haha

i too think i will have a good marriage, someday, no pressure, well not right now anyways lol and i do too hope i dont have to have a divorce but if i do, it will equal in happiness. :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

you know 'synchronicity' is one of my favorite words!

OK, i just have to vent for a moment here even though my underpants post was last week. I KNOW PEOPLE ARE SCARED ABOUT THEIR JOBS BUT I AM FREAKING F*UCK*NG TIRED OF PEOPLE BEING RUDE.


This is all in reference to work.

There.....i feel better now.

Carry on. And thank you for listening.

Cat said...

Beautiful photos....he's a hottie and so are you! I love it that he brings you coffee in the bath each morning. I am envious you get up early and take a bath to prepare for the morning! You've definitely got a keeper, and I hope I'm lucky enough to find someone that amazing some day. Thanks for sharing!

Catching up, I am sorry your beloved Honda got stolen! The nerve!

Grits, belated Happy Anniversary to you!

KatKit13 said...

Happy Anniversary! Lucky 7.

You are truly blessed.

Lynnie said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to Jo and Brian, two gorgeous people! That's a great post for your special occasion . . . you 2 are lucky to have found each other.

And Even More Belated Happy Anniversary to Grits and Hubby!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thanks all of y'all! we feel lucky.