Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mild Rants....Mild Observations.... come add yours!

I don't care
too, too much if only 5 people are reading my blog these days: ms. hippie, eque, louie, susieatl, grits..... always good to see you.

But i do care a little. So what happened to Amanda and Amaretto? Lynnie? Islandpearl... EoDE, jennifer, sam, jaxie, for starters.... and then some girl named shazazz21 who only posted once on the Roman Gabriel post. (Do i know you shazazz? I do like your name.)

I like blogging because i need the writing outlet. And the bonus is that sometimes people come here with their own menus, opinions, lists, etc.

So I get not only get "kudoed", i also at times get ideas. But if nobody is reading, i will still blog, because blogging is like leaving something behind, even if you are gone tomorrow. and i like that better than if someone discovered my handwritten journals.

This photo: is scanned from a card that louielouie sent me and i have since mailed to equeyaya. eque, you need to forward it on to someone to a Facebooker/blogger who will get a kick out of it who will then forward it on to another cyber buddy... or we can keep swapping it with a new message. I loved the card.

Though i have been in a very positive mood lately, i do have a list of mild rants and some mild observations. I hope y'all come and share your own.

1. Mild Rant: OH those damn LED lights. On my alarm clock, on my fan, on my TV. I swear it feels like Friday Night Lights sometime in my bedroom with all the damn green lights. I need a remote for my armoire doors that hold my tv because those are the worst ones!

2. Mild Observation: FINALLY Jon Stewart shaved off that gawd awful goatee. You know Mitch Miller recently died and when i saw Jon with that stupid beard i thought of Mitch Miller. He looked about 65 years old with it.

3. Mild Rant: Actually this is not even a mild rant. This is bigger than that and probably a blog post all on to itself. STOP with the Anchor Baby stories!!!! What is wrong with us?

4. Mild Observation: Anderson Cooper. You are still my hero. You are showing the absurdity of the aforementioned Mild Rant.

5. Mild Rant:
The new Jonathan Franzen book comes out August 31. I really really wanted to read it over summer vacation. He wrote the book The Corrections which i really liked a lot and could be written about own parents in many ways.

6. Mild Observation: rabid liberal folks cover more square footage on their vehicle with bumper stickers than the average person.

7. Mild Rant: Modern hippie/Kylee where the hell are YOU? i am boycotting Facebook if you boycott my blog because of your posting issues.

8. Mild Observation: i am 53 years old and happily married but i still like watching a good looking young guy. Such as today: Julie and i were at the pool today after work and my older neighbor/pool buddy Barbara brought over her 29 year old godson and he was so cute. In the way i describe as Almost Better Than Johnny Depp Gorgeous. (Not quite, because no one is better looking than Johnny.) This Godson had very dark hair and very light blue eyes, which is a most beautiful combination. Plus he swam laps like a dancer. I could watch him swim all day. And before you think i am Mary Kay Letourneau just know that it's okay for me to check these young dudes out because i am always looking for husbands for my nieces.

9. Mild Rant: Why is salt bad for you?

10. Mild Observation: I have too many opinions. But i find that even when i have a bad judgment about something/someone, i can always find something that i like too.


Ok, that's about all i have. Now i am on to check that gawd damn Facebook, which i know is ruining my blog.

If you are reading, please come add your own Mild Rants/Mild Observations....
Oh yeah:
My new favorite commercial.
i love commercials as long as i can remember (starting with Meet the Swinger...Polaroid Swinger commercials). And i am going to try and remember to include this on every blog. (I think i would have loved to have some kind of job in advertisement, even if i was only the secretary. )

My new favorite commercial on TV right now will probably make some of y'all sick. I love the Toyota minivan mom Sierra commercial. (I think that's the one? You know where she says folks think she is the babysitter and when the cute cop is waving at her it's only to tell her she left her diaper bag on the top of her minivan? ) Anyway, i like that chick.


Modern Hippie said...

haha well in my defense my lack of blogging hasnt been because of my error posts but it has been a contributing factor i've just been busy with school, facebook is quick, my movie updates are quick. blogging is full time job, like we have all said many times and you could get paid for it. i'll be better! but its 2am and i have class tomorrow mornign so i'll try my hardest to come and post again later!

Modern Hippie said...

when you see my final project for the john mayer tour bus, you'll understand, and don't forget I have other classes as well. hahaha.

Jaxie Fantastic said...

Jaxie still reads and always has, just is flying under the radar! A lot of the blog reading I do is at work (I know, I'm a terrible person), and I forget to come back and post comments later most of the time. I AM READING!!! I'm also losing touch with my own blog and need to get back to it. I struggle with the whole "blog for yourself" thing and don't feel the motivation when I know there are very few people reading and even fewer commenting. I'll do better on yours, I promise!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

JoJo I am still here. Just wanted you to know that Chenapen/Library Goddess Sharon is battling stage 4 breast cancer which has gone to her lungs and brain. She is currently undergoing full brain radiation.

If you are on FB there's a group for her Rainbow Chasers for Sharon.

Just thought I'd let you know. A lot of yayas are on there.

KatKit13 said...

I'm here - and there. And I posted on your summer numbers post. :-)

Mild rants - oh I could fill books. It's the major rants that make me nuts. LOL

(PS: Sam's busy with those kids, the hero hit the ice again and she's probably moving - again!)

equeyaya said...

OK, I'm spent from updating my blog tonight, lol! Nice to see y'all checking in.

I'll have to come back and do rants later.

I did want to say, though, that I FINALLY saw an old spice commercial with that cute black guy. It was on comedy central during a Daily Show reair tonight. It was one where he is in a boat, I think, pulling off fake mustaches.

That guy is hot.

I was sorry to see about Sharon. I hope she beats it. Remember when people gave her crap on gumbo because she said she didn't shop at Kohl's? That was actually pretty funny when you think about it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OMG, it is too too hot to sit outside reading my Twisted River book on the patio even with the fan on so i had to come inside with the air conditioning. (Thank goodness it was a non-running day for me. )

Jaxie, i posted on your blog today, the one with all the questions, (i think July 19th.) That was fun. Anyone wanting to post on it can click on Jaxie's photo, it's the 7th one in the list of followers. (She's wearing a baseball hat!) At first Jaxie your blog seemed to not accept my post because it was too long (but it really wasn't), and then it accepted it anyway. Not sure what's up with that.

amulbunny and Kat, i forgot to list your names! I'm sorry. i knew i would do that with folks who aren't always here.

That is sad news about Library Goddess. I didn't know her that well or about he family or friends. Are you close with her? I forget who had relationships on Gumbo. Her prognosis doesn't sound very good at all.

Kat, i did not see your summer numbers post until you just told me! I need to remember to go back and check after awhile. Often times i just don't go back to a post when i see it stays the same number of comments and last i saw it had only 10 posts and you are the 11th. Good to see you!

eque, the old spice guy is so cute but so funny with his delivery. I wonder how many times they just crack up. "Did you know that i'm riding this horse backwards" was just for YOU!

jojo cucina cucina said...

ms hippie, do not dump me for Facebook! and louie, where are you? Still traveling for work?

equeyaya said...

i'm trying to think of rants and coming up blank. this always happens to me. does that count as a rant?

i do love the card and will have to think of the right person to send it on to.

oh, a rant: unreliable contractors. i want someone to cut my grass. you would think SOMEONE would want to take my money. I tried four nights this past week to hook up with my friend's SON. and he blew me off. so i left a bunch of messages today and whoever gets back to me will get the job.

amulbunny and jaxie - i don't think we're hooked up on facebook, are we? find me dammit. Barbara Beatrice. I bookmarked your blog, jaxie.

louielouie said...


It was nine-bajillion degrees (for bazillion but not bajillion is in my spell check and has a bona fide definition? What gives? My spell check also couldn’t find bonafide, (without the space) to suggest a correction. I had to Google it. I hate Word.) here in the Pacific Northwest Yesterday. So spent the day, of all places in Seattle. We accomplished a lot.

30 –SPF on my face
15—SPF on my legs
50- SPF for ron and em

Em got a part-time, short-term job at an ice cream place.

40 hours a week, time she has been working in a UW research lab all summer.

$1400 - total income from that work

Priceless- Value in experience (from what she tells me)

Em also finalized an apartment for next year (she has to be out of her current one by the 31st)

$500–Security payment check from mom

4-hours we would have had to take to ride the Duck, an overland over water sightseeing deal we have always wanted to do, so we altered our plans.

0 – number of Seattle hotels with rooftop or bars with views (guess I could have turned that into a rant) so we wound up at the Edgewater (of Beattle visit fame), forgot to count the number of hot Seattle streets we walked to get there.

2- number of adult beverages we each had at the Edgewater. Terrible service (could be a rant there), great drinks and apps. I had a gin and tonic mixed with homemade tonic; it was fantastic

3-number of times ron honked at a rude driver; 6-number of times he wanted to, but didn’t, so complained to passengers

7-number of days Em will be in Hawaii visiting her brother (the flight was a birthday pr3sent from us) at the end of the month

0-number of days I will spend in Hawaii this year

2 ½ - days of leadership “retreat” I will attend next week. I don’t think you can call it a retreat if it’s at a high school and you have to bring brown-bag breakfasts and participate in potluck lunches

27-minutes I now have left to get ready for church, so no proofreading here!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

it is so hot. I ran at 6:30 this morning because i knew i was supposed to be doorbelling today for Tami Green. then i show up to Tami Green's office but her campaign manager isn't there. (This is the probably the third or fourth time she has been late and frankly i've had enough of it. so i left after 15 minutes of waiting outside in the heat!)

Not that i was sorry she didn't show up since i really didn't want to do it anyway.

How do you make homemade tonic, louie? really?

louielouie said...

Don’t know how they made their own tonic (out of Quinine) but it was very tasty - cleaner or crisper somehow. My G & T today was made with Schweppes, entirely satisfactory

The Old Spice commercials are still my favorite, although I have to admit I like the Keith Stone ones too.

Meet the Swinger, the Polaroid Swinger –it’s more than camera, it’s almost alive, it’s only 19 dollars and 95. . .

I think maybe my mind is rotting

Jennifer said...

Jo Jo! I got a mention! Thank you for missing me. Like others, I've checked in occasionally but I've been in lurker mode lately all over the place. I'll do some quick Rants and maybe an observation or two.

Mild Rant: It's HOT! My latest FB photo of the outdoor temp on my car registered 120. There's a bit of a cheat there in that it got that high in stop/go traffic on a crowded tollway. But it's still hot.

Mild Rant: I have had no summer by the numbers. Work as been very busy and I haven't taken any time off yet. Today, I'm requesting two weeks off in October to finally spend at the beach.

Mild Observation: There are times on Facebook when I find some very surprising common friends. For example, I'm friends with the city judge in my home town, who is a friend of a guy I worked with about 15 years ago. I haven't asked them yet how they know each other.

Mild Rant: I have to get ready for work now.

Mild Observation: I'm very glad I have a job to go to.

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey jennifer.Thanks for being here!

louie, have you seen the YouTubes of the Old Spice dude that aren't seen on TV? They are funny.

It's always exciting to me when something happens that you have never been witness too. It's breaking news around here that two F-15s broke the sound barrier while chasing a plane that unknowingly (i think that's the story) violated air space during Obama's visit.

I have lived on military bases for many years because my dad was in the Air Force and not once can i remember ever hearing the sonic boom.

I was at work when i heard them. The first one hit and i went outside immediately because i thought something huge fell on our roof. As i'm outside the second one hit. And i could see people coming out of their offices. It happened so quickly without smoke or anything that i didn't think it was a fire. It was puzzling. And within minutes the News Tribune and King5 news were putting up the story.

I was at Jake's tonight meeting with the WEA political folks about the primary election after work and as i am tasting and ordering my microbrew at the bar three older guys were sitting there talking about sonic boom.

I read and loved the Chuck Yeager book he wrote back in the 80's and i also read Thomas Wolfe's The Right Stuff and loved the movie.

I was thinking what it would be like to be the Chuck Yeager-y character who did that today. How cool to be sitting in a bar next to those three guys who were talking about it and i could casually say, hey, that was me! I was the pilot who broke the sound barrier today. And they would all buy me drinks.

It would be fun to do something that hardly anyone ever in the world is able to do.

Anyway, i was jazzed by that today.

louielouie said...

I heard the sonic boom too, didn't know what it was . .

Also, while looking for new "the man your man could smell like" Old Spice Ads, I found I had seen them all, but did run across this:


I like the most interesting man in the world Dos Equis ads too

sam said...

I admit to not even lurking here for weeks on end. Yes, I have an excuse or two and they're even good ones but I won't whine since we all have our own stuff to deal with.

Mild Rant: How come neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can put up a decent gubernatorial candidate in the primaries. I'm voting for Tancredo, an independent, in November. And since I've already decided it would be great if all the smearing and slamming that's called campaigning would just stop now.

Mild Observation: Wouldn't it be refreshhing if real people - real everyday heros who know what it's like to live and work in the trenches with other real everyday heroes - were on the ballots?

Mild Rant: homeschooling my children through a virtual academy shouldn't be as difficult as having them in an actual brick and mortar school but it is. I'm actually thinking seriously about UNschooling them which might give me more time to educate them. And give me more time.

Mild Observation: Standardized testing scores might look better if we actually tested children - and taught them - sound basics like reading and math. Our state scores went down again this past year with the exception of math, I think, which shows 53% of 8th graders are proficient. How sad that there was such excitement over 53%. And for the record, my kids' scores weren't counted because of a proctoring mistake by the district.

I have to move in the coming month. It's going to keep me busy and maybe on edge but I'll see what I can do to stick my head in the door every once in awhile.

equeyaya said...

louie, i thought that campaign ad was funny! that article really trashed it for being poor quality - who the hell cares?

sam, love your rants and observations! good luck with your move. I just moved in July and it was exhausting!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Mild Rant: i was watching Bull Durham last night on TBS (I think) and they cut out my favorite part where Kevin Costner/Crash Davis makes a sweeping gesture upending the milk and cereal and cereal bowls and they go at it on the kitchen table after talking about how come everyone in their past life is a famous person instead of of a "Joe Schmoe". (Crash's line).

Mild Observation: actually a comment. Is there a better name out there for a baseball character than Crash Davis? I think not.

Mild Rant: Some of y'all don't change up your blogs often enough.

Mild Observation: Wine is not so great when it's super hot outside.

Mild Rant: Why was our sonic boom yesterday such breaking news. It was all over the News Tribune today and on the local websites everywhere.

Mild Observation: I guess it good news when a sonic boom (called Obooma on the Twitter sites) is the big news of the day.

I think i'll change this blog in a couple of days. Thanks to y'all who checked in so i know it's not all in vain! But let me add this....i wanted this blog to be a particpatory blog. So i hope y'all keep coming back!

~grits~ said...

oh that is so sad about Sharon/Library Goddess! I knew she had breast cancer but I didnt know it had spread this badly. I wish her the best!! I always loved her story bout her navity scene w/the baby jesus rubber-banded in. She caught shit about that too.

It's too hot to run here even at 6:30am. The heat/humidity index is like 120!! We were just at the beach in Rockport and although I love the beach, it was just too flippin hot!!!!!

sam said...

grits, I was in Fort Worth for a week - Aug 1-7 - and there wasn't a day that the temp didn't climb past 105. Even in the morning it was well above 80 and the breeze was hair-dryer hot. I'm hoping my husband's job doesn't move to Texas.

Amanda Haines said...

Hi, Jo! i've been reading, I promise! I tried to post comments on your last bit about Summer by the Numbers, but I'm not a numbers person and I struggled. But, I'm still here, even if it's as a silent creeper ;)

EoDE said...

Hey, JoJo! Mild lurker here…;) Thanks for the mention. I’ve been buried in work this summer (which is a good thing), but it means I mostly just read and run. I’ve separated my comments into observations, rants, and raves.

Summer by the numbers/not-so-mild observation: We’ve had 2-plus weeks of 100-plus-degree weather with 2 days of clouds during that entire time. I’m just sayin’.

Mild observation: This is the price we pay for mild winters. At this time of year it doesn’t seem like such a good tradeoff.

Mild rave: Loved louielouie’s description of her husband’s honking at one rude driver and complaining about the other six.

Mild rant: Microsoft Word keeps shutting down on me once a day, usually when I’m in the middle of a work document.

Mild observation: Perhaps it’s either protesting the heat or the huge workload.

Mild rant: Either way, I’m not happy about it.

Mild rave: I strung up some purple Christmas lights around the window of my office (I work at home). They look magical, and it reminds me that some day it will be cool again.

Mild rave: The two new(er) Geico commercials. One is patterned after Antiques Roadshow (the bird in the hand ad) and the other is based on the child’s rhyme about the little pig that cried wee wee wee all the way home. Silly, I know, but they crack me up.

Mild observation: I’m easily amused.

equeyaya said...

Mild rave: I strung up some purple Christmas lights around the window of my office (I work at home). They look magical, and it reminds me that some day it will be cool again.

love that!

jojo cucina cucina said...

yay! love seeing y'all come out of the woodwork. EoDE that's great how you changed it to Mild Rave. It goes better with Mild Rant!

Mild Rave: I am watching Season 3 of Lost and saw an episode today that i had NEVER seen before. I thought i had not missed Lost ever, but apparently the one with the hitchhiker cop and Locke escaped me.

Jaxie Fantastic said...

jojo - I don't think you knew my mom lived in Tacoma... I haven't been out there since I was like 21 though (4 years ago). Also, thanks for posting on my blog! I didn't see it 'til just now. :)