Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer by the numbers. What are your numbers?

Menu of the Day:

drinking: Genesis syrah with this wonderful cheese from Spain called Campobello Iberico.

book: "Gonzo" - i found it yesterday in the used bookstores. It's fabulous. I'm more than halfway done.

music: Dustin Kensrue, new music i bought yesterday (at Troy's recommendation) from a Ryan Adams sound-a-like. (Best song: Pistol)

What i keep cancelling: going to to movies to see "The Children are All Right".

Why: Brian and are i too lazy to get up and get ready.

About the photos: Escape - has been my theme for most of this 6-week long summer vacation (which ends on Monday). Photo of my beloved iPod (playing 40 Dogs, a song sent by equeyaya) and this wonderful Gonzo book. Also i liked the way my flowers turned out this summer and this seemed like a waterfall of flowers so i took a photo.

On with the Numbers of Summer:


1. 10 or 11 - the number of books i have read during this 6-week long vacation. It started with "The Other Boleyn Girl" and is ending with "Gonzo". some thrillers in between.

2. 62 - the number of iTunes songs i have purchased. Best picks are Forest Sun's "Alchemy" and this cd by Dustin Kenrue called "Please Come Home".

3. about 22 - rough estimate of the number of bottles of wine i have consumed.

4. + 2 - really great margaritas from Chambers Golf course grill. Where you walk for an hour and drink for two afterwards.

5. 2 - number of seasons of Lost i was able to watch.

6. 1 - season of Glee. (LOVE that show!)

7. 16 - approximate number of naps i took.

8. 1 - the only movie i would recommend that i watched from netflix - "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee". Great acting by Robin Wright and even Keanu Reeves.

9. about 30 - the number of tv shows on TLC or HG channel i watched.

10. 47 - number of political phone calls on my voice mail.

11. 3 - the number of times i checked my work email each day.

12. 3 - the number of times i actually got out of bed before 8:00 am.

14. 120 - a pretty good estimate of the number of miles i ran/walked.

15. 400 - 450 number of photographs i took.

16. 7 - number of times i spent any real time at the pool. (That has changed so much over my past summers when Dorothy was still alive.)

17. 14 - number of gin and tonics at the pool.

OK, if any of y'all are still reading this blog, please come and put your summer by the numbers down.


equeyaya said...

oh, i don't know if i can come up with numbers, i've been drinking wine, lol!!!!

listening to: "Hello" from JBT. I love putting itunes shuffle on at home. my itunes wirelessly networks with the girls' itunes on their laptops and I never know what's coming up. Last week Grace got excited because I was listening to "toxic" by Brittny Spears. JBT is definitely preferable!

drinking: clois du bois 2007 cabernet sauvignon. my old work friend Barbara emailed me a few weeks ago about whether Grace could do cap highlights for her. So we met at Sally's beauty supply today, got her a discount on her products and she loved what Grace did and paid her $60. Grace's eyes got big when she handed her 3 20s. And she blew out her hair and made it look nice before she met her husband for dinner. And I opened this wine and we drank and talked and caught up the whole time. It was a good afternoon. I now feel the need to finish it off.

book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Love it and hope to get through it more quickly than most books!

movie: isn't that one called "the kids are alright"? That's what Vera calls it anyway, unless she's getting it mixed up with The Who song. Anyway, she and I are going to see it on Wednesday.

Jo's photos: I love that 40 Dogs song! I worry about the state of my ipod.

I'm kind of sad that you are going back to work. I enjoy vicariously vacationing with you in the summer! And this year I got to do it IRL for a few days! The girls and I had a good escape to Niagara Falls this week. I'm going to upload my photos after this post.

on parenting: Mel and her friend Laura have tickets to see Something Corporate tomorrow. It's a reunion tour and very exciting for them. I'm excited too. They bought the tix 3 months ago and this past week Laura asked if Mel could drive my car and I said no. A. Grace is working and I need to pick her up. and B. Just no. Laura has a car, let her drive and Mel can pitch in for gas.

Well, today, the day before the concert, Laura's mother decides that Laura cannot handle driving into the BIG CITY and we now have an ISSUE. Laura's mom wants to drive them down and have me pick them up late at night. No.

I offered to drop them off at the train station. So we'll see where that goes. If Laura can't go, I offered to go to the concert with Melanie. No.

As I told her, being a mom is complicated.

New thing: The girls got a bunny after we got home from Niagara Falls yesterday. So far her name is Pocah, after Pocahontas. But it's not final. She IS very cute.

Now on itunes: Breathe by U2

jojo cucina cucina said...

Tell Gracie i just paid $90 for my highlights yesterday! (Including tip). So $60 is a very good price. and Gracie does a very good job from what i have seen. I really liked your hair.

yeah, i think it is the Kids and not the children. I think Mark Ruffalo is hot and that's one of the reasons i wanted to see the movie. I just didn't feel like putting on makeup .

eque, Britney vs. JBT... don't buy the music i am listing here because i'll send you a cd soon. You always are introducing me to stuff and i've been lax about returning the favor. That 40 Dogs song is great.

OOOOH re: Something Corporate. I was behind a car with a sticker in their back window for this band and i thought about your girls immediately and how i might misunderstand what the sticker meant otherwise without hearing about it from you.

I felt very hip. Even if i don't know their music! LOL.

And i like your quote here re Mel using the car: " and B. just no."

P.S. i thought the bunny was a joke when i saw it on Facebook...... OMG!!!!!!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

it's pouring down rain right now. I actually like it. Even thought it's my last weekend. I think Brian and i will go sit outside tonight on our covered patio, drink wine, listen to music, and sit around the outdoor firepit.

equeyaya said...

Where did you see the bunny on facebook? She is SOOO cute, but the last thing I felt like doing after 8 hours of turnpike driving through traffic and construction was going to the pet store for bunny and bunny gear. And of course we had to play with all the puppies while we were there!

I sent you two Something Corporate songs on that one mix that you couldn't upload everything from: "Cavanaugh Park" and "Globes and Maps" my two favorites. I think you liked one of them, too.

Barbara did pay another $30 for her supplies, but most of it was conditioners and hairsprays that she took home with her and got Grace's "cosmetologist discount" for. I think she was satisfied.

I would love to sit out on a covered patio, drinking wine and listening to the rain fall. Perfect.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Melanie posted a Facebook wall comment about wanting a bunny. But i thought it was a joke.

i just made a cd of Forest Sun, Dustin Kensrue, a song that Troy gave me that he just loved called "75 and Sunny" by Ryan Montbleau band, Sideways by Sheryl C., new Citizen Cope song, new Jackie Greene, and a new Ray LaMontagne song and some others. I'll try and get in the mail Monday.

equeyaya said...

yay!! just when i was thinking i had nothing more to look forward to!

oh, and it appears that I am driving TO the concert venue in the city tomorrow and Laura's mom is picking them up. I draw the line at picking up after a concert. Especially when I know they would have been fine driving themselves.

louielouie said...

8 - number of days of vacation for me, not counting a couple of Fridays in May and June

74 - times I have done the “30 day abs” work out with Jillian Michaels since April. Yes, I do mark on my calendar every time I work out

0 - pounds I have lost

2 - pairs of new sandals for the summer; 4 – new bras for the school year

3 – furlough days we agreed on for next year, I think that means 3 days less of pay

about 7 – drinks Emma and I learned to make; can’t remember how many we tasted and enjoyed

about 15 – number of new recipes I have tried and would actually make again

$6.04 – the amount my checking account was off this month

I can’t remember reading any books. My attention span is too short for an entire novel. I have re-started doing crosswords again though.

oooo I am so boring, looking at my list is even worse than living my list. I am off to Spokane in the morning for a 3 day conference; now that should be exciting!

~grits~ said...

Hiya Jo! I cant do numbers yet - Im on my first cuppa coffee. Love your flowers - very pretty!!

Barbara, does your bunny live in the house? I had one once - Bugsy. So cute when it was little. I wont say anymore. Well, except for when the neighbors dog got it, I wasn't tooo upset!

Have yall seen the tv show "Billy the Exterminator?" It is hilarious!! It's sorta like Dog, bounty hunter (cant stand them though!) but w/a exterminator family in Louisiana. They go after wild stuff like coons, snakes and aligators as well as bugs. It's gross to watch but we keep watching it.

equeyaya said...

The girls were watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on vacation. That was a first for me. I just don't get the reality thing. We have very basic cable and I spend so little time watching TV, I can't justify upgrading. Although I do like the music choice stations that come with the digital package.

The bunny is in the house in a cage, in Mel's room until she goes back to college and then will go with Grace. THEIR responsibility - this was the condition of getting her. I'll have to put a photo of her on my blog when I update it.

And Louie, you are not boring. At least you cane up with some numbers.


2: vacations :)

3: times I had to stop while mowing the lawn last week to allow heart rate to return to normal, refill gas tank, assess damage to mower (resulting in unfinished lawn mowing and call to landscaper for estimate on cutting my grass for me).

4: trips to Lowes

12: horseflies killed (approximate)

1,452: horseflies missed (approximate)

1,500: dollars spent on things related to moving

84,000: daughter-related joys and aggravations

jojo cucina cucina said...

this cracks me up:
12: horseflies killed (approximate)

1,452: horseflies missed (approximate)

louie says:
74 - times I have done the “30 day abs” work out with Jillian Michaels since April. Yes, I do mark on my calendar every time I work out

0 - pounds I have lost


Grits says:
So cute when it was little. I wont say anymore. Well, except for when the neighbors dog got it, I wasn't tooo upset!

y'all crack me up.

louie talks about being boring. And i am too i think, yet i am not bored. And that makes me doubt my intelligence level! LOL....

I finished reading Gonzo. LOVED that book. i want Hunter Thompson's license to be ornery. I wish i was wilder too. I am not drinking any wine because i want a good night's sleep before going to work tomorrow. Oddly enough i am not really dreading it. I am very fortunate in that i have a job that allows me 44 days off in the summer.

The only thing i am not looking forward to is i have an email from my own union asking if i would call about a project that might be good for me. I am not thinking it will be one i think is fun. i am not loving unions a whole lot these days, even as i love the duties of my job.

Lucky for me, i don't have a problem with the word "No".

I should have added that i believe i have purchased about 12 books this summer. (Most of them i have not yet read.)

KatKit13 said...

53 - consecutive work days without a day off for fun for ME.

6 -doctors appts with the Huey.

9 - more days until the princess goes back to college (gonna miss her)

5 - number of people living in this house again - 2 moved out and 2 moved in. A wash - although we upgraded on residents. LOL

5 - number of pets now. 2 dogs, 3 cats. Not by choice. I had one cat, and one dog and got the puppy (who's now 1 - is that another number?)

1 - year old puppy in July.

unknown number - of days that I've not been here. I should come more often. It's such a friendly, relaxing,sunny spot.

5 - 6 - A>M> is too freaking early in the morning.

Waving hello