Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stuff that comes to mind on my last week of summer vacation

Menu of the Day:

Book: i have read TWO books since Friday. The first one is The Last Child. The other is Look Away. They were both good summer books because they were page turners. Now i am reading Love is Mix Tape which is a pop culture book written by a Rolling Stone author.

This Photo: was taken by equeyaya from our Vashon getaway time. I love it. I was looking to see how to temporarily change my blog photo up top but couldn't figure it out. So here it is.

Latest iTunes purchase (and also playing as i type): Jackie Greene's Shaky Ground. I also bought this really cool song by Forest Sun called Alchemy.

What i have been procrastinating about: I have to write out a sympathy card for a person from work headquarters because her husband died suddenly at the age of 58 from a heart issue. He was very very fit, active and a healthy and handsome man. She had just been posting on Facebook with photos from their fun time a few days ago at his 40 year class reunion. It's a freaky thing. She just got over breast cancer and chemo and got the all clear in the past 3 years. And now this.

The best thing that happened this week: louie/sarah, Julie and i walked Chambers Golf course yesterday and then immediately had drinks afterwards for hours. The margaritas were as good as my very best shaken ones. I thought the drinks would undo that hour long hilly walk but when i weighed myself this morning i was 2 lbs less than the last time.

On with the randomness stuff.


1. Today might have been my first day where i was a little antsy on my 6 week long vacation. When Brian came home and asks me what i have done that day i find that i sort of hate the question. So i simply answer. "I was very busy." He just laughs because he knows i'm lying.

2. Busy today meant i bought an iTunes gift card, some chardonnay and Windex at Safeway. Then i went to my favorite teriyaki place for late lunch/early dinner since Brian is not home tonight because of band practice. I took a nap. Ran this morning. Read a book. Shopped for music and now i am updating my blog.

3. I am exhausted .

4. I finished watching the first season of Glee. I LOVE this show and i say this not liking musicals at all. I thought it would be the cheesiest and wholesome show but it's so much more than that. It's really great.

5. My phone keeps ringing with political calls. It's making me crazy. I have to doorbell later this month for a local candidate i believe in. But that's all i want to do right now. I hate answering the phone.

6. I am loving my patio flowers and think i might be able to say i have a green thumb after all. I brought a half dead fuschia back to life. And healed my neighbor's fuschia i was babysitting for three weeks.

7. Please, if you decorate your house do not use fake plants or silk flowers anywhere. I can't be responsible for what i might say. Especially if you serve me wine.

8. I don't like to cook for vegans or lactose intolerant people.

9. i don't even know what made me think of that just now. I think it's something that louie was saying yesterday at our martini/margarita lunch.

10. If i had to eat one food for the rest of my life i think i might choose crab.

11. If i had to listen to one musical artist for the rest of my life it would be a toss up between Van Morrison and Ryan Adams.

12. If i had to choose one author i would pick Richard Russo.

13. Brian and I recently watched One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest the other day. I had not seen that movie in years. If you have not seen it either you might want to check it out again. It's really an amazing movie for the acting alone.

14. I am reading about all this American Idol drama. Ellen is out. The Kara judge may be fired? Steven Tyler from Aerosmith might be on, J-Lo too. And then they lowered the Idol age to 15. Good. I wanted to be done with Idol. This makes it all easier. Why is this the headline news on Comcast anyway? I am quitting reading anything about Idol from now on. I mean it this time.

15. Oh yeah, back to my day today for a second: besides my iTunes gift card and Windex that i purchased at Safeway today i bought grape tomatoes, center cut bacon, avocado and multi grain bread. The checkstand lady said to me "Are you having BLTs with avocado for dinner?"I know some people don't like it when the cashier comments on your purchases but i always do. i also love it that they call me by name when i am leaving, i know they are told to do that, but i still love it anyway.

16. Which is reminding me about Amanda's Safeway Man and did louie ever get to see him?

Ok, that's all i got for now. What are allofyall doing this summertime?


jojo cucina cucina said...

Also, going off of the book i am currently reading... what might be fun for us to share here is : What would You Put on Your Mix Tape?

Could be a theme. Doesn't have to be. I'll have to think about mine and come back to it.

Modern Hippie said...

this is why i stopped blogging!! i just spent however many minutes responding a lengthy million paragraphs and it doesnt post.

i'm forever boycotting. urgh.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Julie gave me a Insomniac's journal with quotes by brilliant celebrities. (I think all insomniacs must be brilliant.) It's called "I can't sleep".

I made my first journal entry last night at 3:28 am. Here is what i wrote to the question: "Why I can't sleep tonight." I tried to get it all down in the order i was thinking it.

1. worried about not backing up my iTunes.

2. Hope Brian's southern Baptist preacher uncle (who was recently hear for the big 80th bday party) does not have hurt feelings because i am not confirming him as a Facebook friend.

3. What should i have for breakfast?

4. i need to let Julie know i think the Saucony shoes in my trunk are hers.

5. Worried about my 401K.

6. Should i dump some Facebook friends i really don't know?

7. What should i name my new blog that i'm thinking about starting for insomniacs?

8. Maybe countingsheep.com? ( i have since found out it is already taken.so maybe something with zzzzzzzzzz)

9. I should cook that crab linguini for dinner tonight.

10. No, i think it's crab angel hair pasta. I like angel hair pasta better. (actually i AM making it.)

11. I should check out the Steilacoom farmers market today. Maybe they have fresh crab.

12. Do they still have a Steilacoom market on Wednesdays?

13. Is there an apostrophe with 'farmers'. Is it farmer's or is it farmers' or no apostrophe at all?

Then i quit writing. And dreamed about feral cats which was a nightmare for me.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok, ideas for blog names since countingsheep.com is already taken:

sheeprhymeswithsleep.com (is that why they chose sheep in the first place to count?)

jojo cucina cucina said...

if you have ideas. let me know. I'm thinking about making up some rules to:

you can only post on the blog if it's past 2 am YOUR time.

You can post about dreams that kept you awake but they have to be succinct.

Anything goes if it truly is what is keeping you awake.

I'm thinking people might go back to sleep after they write it all out. (I'm hoping this sleep journal does that for me. I'll let y'all know if it does. So far i've only had it two days)

louielouie said...

Oh No – too many topics

Summer Vacation – an Oregon Coast trip with my brothers and sister and their families. It was overcast so i did not get an awesome tan, but we all had a fine time. Got to cook with my brother and prepare adult beverages with the other brother and my daughter.

I tried to replace my Italy-martini picture with one of my daughter and me on a small monolith but don’t think I did it right.

I took more time than usual this summer (8 days) but want more. I’m thinking two weeks in a row would maybe do it for me. Think I’ll give that a try next summer.

Ron just harvested two cucumbers from his garden!! He's so proud, he posed with the larger of the two - once a 12 year old boy, always a 12 year old boy. . .

Framers’ market: plural possessive the market belongs to more than one farmer.


I get up and add to my to-do list

I worry about my job, how it has morphed into something I cannot manage

I don’t usually remember my dreams but I had a great one a couple of weeks ago about a trip I was taking with Julie (no E.R. involved) but forgot to tell it when we were out to lunch. Maybe I’ll remember the next time I have too many martinis

I don’t come downstairs so can’t post on your blog StayinAwake.com, there is no internet in my bedroom.

Got to go watch my Mariners now, they're making a game out of it

equeyaya said...

i vote for zerozees but I will probably never post on it. When I wake up in the middle of the night I usually play bubble shooter on my iphone until either the battery dies or I fall back to sleep.

It's our last night in Niagara Falls. Two and a half days were really enough. The Falls are gorgeous, but what a tacky tourist trap this town is. And the "Canadian side" is supposed to be the better side. The Falls really are gorgeous though. We're going to go look at them one more time tonight after dinner. They light the up with changing colors and they are all misty and amazing.

Today we went to Niagara on the Lake, which is just as touristy but not in a cheesy way. It has cool artsy shops and restaurants and beautiful flower baskets lining the streets. We had lunch at an Italian place, then got ice cream and fudge at a decadent chocolate store. Then we drove to the end of town where you can see Lake Ontario and took a few photos.

Tonight we are going to a fancy restaurant where Melanie will have her favorite rack of lamb. I really could not afford to spend more than a couple of days here. Can't even really afford that, really, but I think I needed to do this with my girls. Grace's best friend is with us and it's her first time in Canada and it's really exciting for her.

Tomorrow we drive home 6+ hours and are back to reality. I'll be glad to see my dog again!

Will post more when I get back. Have to finish my glass of wine and head over to the restaurant!

Modern Hippie said...

i remember writing a really long post response so when i just emailed you i was like "oh maybe you responded to me on your blog" then i remember it got deleted and i didnt spend another hour retyping it because i was so mad. haha.

~grits~ said...

I had to go look up the word 'succinct' lol.
I could never post my dreams to anybody - they are too far-out and nutty and never make a lick of sense. Things I think only taking psychadelic drugs would cause. But I dont take any drugs! They are rarely fun or even funny and I'm glad I hardly ever remember them. I think that's why I get up and dont go right back to sleep - I dont want to keep dreaming the same damn dream!

That celebrity quote book sounds good, Jo.