Sunday, September 12, 2010

I 'm no longer in a bad mood. But i still don't have anything to say. (edited to add: i lied ... i actually DO have stuff to say. Add YOUR stuff!

So let me just add this photo. (I forgot where i found this but i knew i wanted it for my blog for days like this when i have nothing else.)

I did not make this pizza, nor did i take the photo.
I just want to eat it.

It's a pizza in a pizza. Isn't it cool? Doesn't it look great?


jojo cucina cucina said...

Because i hate to see "0 Comments" on my blog i always have to come up with something eventually.

Here are my things so say, which are really boring. so don't feel like you have to read them.

1. I put away my summer clothes today and took out all my sweaters and winter things. Oddly enough, i didn't really mind.

2. I am loving playing Jackson Browne all day. equeyaya got to see him in concert last night and it just reminded me of how much i like him. So i've my iPod tuned in to only him.

3. I am going to make a Giada pasta recipe today that i've not made before. It's got peppers and proscuitto and chicken.

4. I went to a church community cafe on Friday and it was pretty cool meeting these people who are trying to come up with ways to connect with their community. I went because one of my best friends Julie is a part of their council and mission.

5. It got me thinking about how if churches could be more free thinking, liberal, inclusive, open minded, open armed, that maybe we would have less gangs and more young people joining church.

6. When you think about it, church is sort of a gang too.

7. I have start started reading "Pillars of the Earth" after hearing all this hype and i have to say i think i am going to like this book already. Even though i am not one who is attracted to period pieces.

8. I did finish a VERY GOOD book about marriage and infidelity. It's called "The Stuff that Never Happened". Really good writing. I really liked the wife, who is the main character. And you could totally get caught up in the man she was attracted to. Even as you wanted to stop her.

9. I didn't watch any Sept. 11 memorial stuff on tv because not once have i turned the tv on this weekend, which is weird for me because i do love my HG channel home shows.

10. I am flying the flag though. But then i always do until the weather gets really horrible.

11. Brian came running with me today because i am not sure if they picked up bicycle boy (and Marie was not in town). We now run the same pace which is rather depressing to me because i always used to be quite a bit faster than him. (When you're built like a prizefighter like Brian is, you're not exactly built for running.)

OH, it seems like i had something to say after all. LOL... what a surprise.

equeyaya said...

love your pizza pic!

1. The Jackson Browne concert was great! I want to go see more live music, but am having a hard time finding anything I want to see playing at the venues I like around here. I really really want to see Jackie Greene.

2. I have the day off and it's a nice day. I got the last things I wanted from the old house and said goodbye to it this morning. I think the new owners will be very happy raising their family there.

3. So I got a rug to cover the big stain in the carpet at my front door at homegoods. I also got a new tablecloth and dishtowels. When I was at the house yesterday, I cut some of my lavender which I'll dry and keep. But while they're fresh, I've got them in a vase on my table. And I hung my big signed George Weymouth print in the dining room, and the rest of the things I brought back. And it feels like my new home is really starting to shape up.

4. Yesterday I cleaned the hardwood floors and tried to vacuum, but the vacuum cleaner isn't sucking so well since the girls got it clogged with the rabbit stuff. So I called Dyson's support line and the woman spent half an hour with me on the phone taking the whole thing apart and realigning everything, and it works great now. So the house really does look nice and clean.

5. I just need to get my landlords to get rid of the junk boat and motorcycle they're "storing" here. They are promising by the end of the first week in October. If those things are still here, I'm unleashing my wrath on them.

6. Grace brought home her school schedule. She is attending the costmetology program at the tech school all day this year. Her base school schedule shows homeroom and study halls all day. She said people keep coming up to her and saying, hey, you're in my study hall!

7. I think it's time for my walk now!

Amanda Haines said...

"We'll fill in the missing colors in each other's paint by number dreams..." That's my favorite Jackson Browne line. I love its sappiness.

Of course, now that I'm old and jaded, I realize anyone who went into a relationship with that attitude would probably be divorced by now.

Jo, do you watch Mad Men? Does anyone on here? I need someone to talk Mad Men with! I'm dying of frustration here!

equeyaya said...

Oh, I love that line, too, Amanda!

But it was almost ruined for me in a college poetry class. We were asked to bring in song lyrics to analyze and I said how much I liked that line, and the professor interpreted differently. She said it was too prescribed, "I need this here, you fill it in with that," was how she described it. Which also kind of fit the "pretender" theme, especially when you add to it "and we'll put our dark glasses on, and make love until our strength is gone."

(oh, and I did go into a relationship with that attitude, and am ALMOST divorced now, haha!)

I have not seen mad men but it's on my list to catch up on when I get netflix.

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque, i never would have called a helpline for a vacuum. You can do that? And fix it?!

I have to laugh about it being the bunny's fault. You haven't even had the bunny that long!

Yay, Amanda is here! i think the lyrics to Jackson Browne's Pretender are some of his best because they are so real and so true to so many.

Amanda, i have not yet seen one episode of Mad Men but i have it on my netflix queue because like The West Wing and Lost (which i balked at watching because of the hype) hooked me in on one episode and i watched West Wing all the way through for the second time last year. And i'm now watching Lost all the way through this year. So i think Mad Men will make me happy!

louielouie? Why do i have to keep calling you out?

louielouie said...


Was scheduled for a college-entrance workshop in Seattle this morning; did not go

Did not go to work either

I have two goals for this unplanned-unscheduled day at home - type up minutes of a meeting from yesterday and exercise.

It’s now 1:00, I have done neither

I did do the “jumble”, 3 crosswords, made and ate both breakfast and lunch, so it’s not like I haven’t been busy. Still thinking about the minutes and the exercise, and maybe sewing. I’ll consider those actions more seriously after I finish my Cheeze-Its

louielouie said...

oh yeah, I forgot about a grant I was going to finish up during the down time at the conference (that I didn't go to) today.

I suppose that means I'm supposed to do it during my "down time" at home. I'll have to ponder that possibility; I've run out of Cheez-Its.

Besides I'm having trouble distinguishing between the up times and the down times.

equeyaya said...
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equeyaya said...

^'cause I can't edit...

hahaha, louie! you're my kind of woman!

it's not really the BUNNY'S fault, per se. It's the lazy girls who think they can vacuum things that really should be picked up manually.

the dyson customer service lady was great. i was fully prepared to find a repair place and pay someone to do it, but it was really hard to find any places like that. i was even prepared to go buy a new vacuum cleaner. so i was absolutely thrilled to have it fixed up like new, and i did it ALL BY MYSELF. :)

Tonight, I went to aerobics class, made baba ganouj, and am copying jackson browne cd's for barb and tom. i guess i should call it a night and go to bed!

louielouie said...

ooo equeyaya

I'm impressed that you can remove a post; I have no idea how to do that.

I am disappointed that it wasn't removed for inappropriateness

For those who are following along -

I did do my minutes, handled some work emails and exercised, whew

then went out for sushi with ron, em and a friend

I'm exhausted

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow

jojo cucina cucina said...

i was feeling sorry for my blog because very time i checked it had only 4 comments and tonight when i almost logged off without even looking at it i did at the last moment and it had 10!

I don't have anything to add except that when i quickly scanned and scrolled, I did get a little bit excited when i saw equeyaya deleted a post and that maybe it had something to do with inappropriate comments. Shoot. I want us to be bad sometimes and delete because we said something nasty and mean!

jojo cucina cucina said...

NOBODY here should teach louielouie, OK??? to delete a post. I don't want her deleting anything. If anyone is gonna say something inappropriate it would be her and i for one, (and so do y'all) want to read it. LOL.