Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm just going to say this just once. Because i don't even know what i'm going to say.

Menu of the Day:

In my glass: Now it's Sierra Mist. But earlier it was a very fab chardonnay Ferrari Carano.

Music: "Pistol" by Dustin Kensrue, with more Kensrue to follow.

Photo: I took this tonight. I did not PhotoShop out my wrinkles as you can see. But i did bump up the contrast. (It doesn't really help.)

Book: I loved the book "The Corrections". Now i am reading Jonathan Franzen's new one called "Freedom". I love his style.

Product Pimp: I cannot rave enough about these sheets i bought at Costco. Spalena sheets. They are microfiber and boast of comparing to 600 thread count. I was skeptical when i spoke with the rep at Costco. But they aren't lying. Being the sheet snob that i am (and a weirdo who actually travels with her own sheets if i go on a week long fishing trip), I have those very expensive Hotel Collection ones from Macy's and trust me, these are better. Plus, the Spalena sheets are half the price at $99 ! I bought two more sets online today. The best thing is if you are menopausal and have night sweats as i do, these are the best because they don't soak it all up. They are amazing.

What i keep procrastinating about:
Going to the mall and buying some new foundation now that my tan is fading. (A fading tan is not a pretty thing when you're over 50, but i really really hate going to the mall.)


1. Gawddamn passwords. how many passwords are we expected to remember? i have one for the work database (that i have to change every 6 weeks because of security reasons); my Facebook password, my work email password, my Sony Vaio laptop, my netbook laptop, my garage door opener password, my Outlook work email login password, My work computer log in, my blog password, my Sonitrol at work password, my online banking password. And i think i have more i am forgetting. It's making me crazy. ESPECIALLY the ones that make me change it up every few weeks.

2. Oh that Arizona Governer. Have you seen the latest on her?

I am sure that Fox News will give her a pass just like they do with Palin. Good God.

3. Seriously, someone has got to get Katy Perry and Lady Gaga off the Internet. I mean it.

4. I think i need to feng shui my Facebook. I have been hiding people more and more because i friended anyone who asked me and that includes lots of people from work i don't really know and some family members too who i have since found out are uber-religious. Not to mention a few Drama Queens who inappropriately post personal shit. (ESPECIALLY those in my family.)

5. i think that means i will be left without about 8 friends. LOL.

6. Cause i really don't have that many real friends in real life when you get down to it.

7. There is all this freaking media talk about how everyone is going to vote out the Democrats and i think it was Eugene Robinson who wrote the column about Americans being brats. What is our problem that we are so freaking impatient that we want results overnight when actually we Americans (well not ME, specifically, but you know who you are , only it is no one who is reading here...) are partially responsible for the fuckup in the first place.

8. I like how i start out being polite with writing 'freaking' and then just come out with fuckup.

9. the F-word being one of my favorites in the language. That one...and the word "home".

10. My brother Troy just called me this second to tell me it's been three days since he has smoked. That is cool. HE has quit for years before. He'll do it. (He has a woman he loves who wants him to be healthy. )

11. Pete Yorn keeps Facebooking me to get his free downloads. I think i have done this three times but i have yet to find out where they are.

12. Speaking of Facebook. If you see my profile photo which i recently changed and you see me with TWO glasses of wine in the photo, they are not both mine. One of them is equeyaya's wineglass. If you look closely you will see her right shoulder in the photo.

13. I accidentally used my husband's bathroom just now. (I rarely go into his bathroom) and i counted 7 towels. Three on the floor. This is the same man whose socks will appear on the floor, inches from his clothes hamper. (I am going to take a photo one day and prove it.)

14. His band is playing a casino in Auburn tonight about 45 min. from here. I am not going because he didn't want to ask anyone to come out and see them and i didn't want to hang out in a casino all alone watching them. Casinos are totally NOT my thing. But they do The Hunger Walk next week and i can catch them there.

I may come back here and think of more random shit to say. But in the meantime....add your own.


~grits~ said...

my random shit in no particular order:

1. your close-up pic is great! You always say you have big pores but all I see is a few cute freckles!

2. oh how I envy someone who has their own bathroom!! I dont dare list my grievances on that subject - it would get wayyyyy too bitchy! But I do dream of one day having my very own bathroom with a big tub to soak in.

3. yay Troy!!! I used chantix to quit smoking the last time and have had pretty good results. Hate to admit, but still have one every now & then. The time before chantix, I quit when pregnant w/Taylor. Ted still smokes and he isnt supposed to in the house, but sometimes I can tell he did. Hate the stink!!!!!

4. never re-opened my FB account...still think I may someday but dont miss it all that much now. I do miss the quick pic posting I could do there.

5. oh speaking of socks just inches from the hamper....Ted is the very same way w/beer cans inches from the trash can - it makes me craaazeee!

6. I really want to try those Spalena sheets. I have the same hotel sheets you have (from Bed, Bath & Beyond) and I like them but now I want to try your new ones after you described

7. Reading '3 Weeks with my Brother' by Nicholas Sparks. I keep wishing Richard Russo would write a book like this.

8. Wait till you see my new toy - I forgot to take a pic of it but will soon. It's a purple adult TRIKE!! It looks funny as can be but I really like it. Last time I tried to ride a bike, I kept falling over. So, that old saying 'it's just like riding a bike' is a bunch of hooey for me. I really have no place to ride it out here in the boonies and it's too big to haul around so I'm leaving it at my folk's who live in town and will ride w/Taylor when we go there. I keep hoping my mom will get on it. She is 78 and gets no exercise at all and she is getting really slow with her bad knees.

9. I could totally hang out in a casino while listening to B's band play!!!!!

10. Taylor is in 4th grade this year and actually liking it so far, even though there is lots more homework. She rides the bus home now in the afternoon. I'd been scared to let her do that before now. The morning bus comes by here about 6:45am so I still take her myself. She is 10 tomorrow...*sigh*

~grits~ said...

oh I forgot the most recent weird random shit thing...

11. Taylor spent the night w/a friend last night, so just me and Ted here. When I woke up this morning, my underwear drawer was open and all my big-mommas were jostled up in a big pile. Very odd thing to see before having coffee. Ted said nooo he didnt get in my drawers last night in any way (lol!). So I guess it had to been Sassy, the crazy cat, even thought I don't know how she did it.

So I'm pulling all my big-mommas out to make sure no potty was in there and there wasnt thankfully or else I think I would have shot her! And I realize I have alot of underwear... so being the weirdo that I am, I counted them. I have 60 pair!!! And that's not counting the ones in the hamper - lmao. Recently, I acquired a bunch from my mom who bought the wrong size and they are perfect for me. Now, none of these are cute or sexy undies - just my comfy cotton big mommas. The ones I have told Ted to throw out if I croak because I dont want anyone to see what big unders I wear.

Now I'm wondering which is weirder - the open jostled up underwear drawer or that I counted and have that many!!!!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

TxGrits...LOL, those aren't freckles. those are AGE SPOTS!

Don't envy my bathroom too much. I has a tub but it's super small. Like the smallest bathroom you could have. But at least we have two of them.

Oh re: 60 pairs of underwear. I swear i probably have about that many. You can't donate underwear but it just feels wrong to throw out seemingly good underwear that you don't want to wear because you're always pulling out your butt or the elastic feels alittle tight. So i just keep them in the drawer.

My new product pimp could be those slinky Jockey underpants without seams. Since i discovered them i don't wear any of the other 40 pair in the drawer.

Do you have a photo of your trike on your blog?

Taylor is in 4th grade! Does she love riding the bus? I thought riding the bus was so cool when we moved in Virginia and i finally go ride it.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

JoJo..... it's from

Check it out!

~grits~ said...

lol - I put a stock pic from of the trike but mine is purple.

louielouie said...

Lazy Saturday here, since coming back from the bank, cleaners and grocery, I’ve been just sitting here leafing through Consumer Reports (Mustang vs. Camero) and the Wisconsin Cheeseman catalog - I may be selecting some Christmas gifts.

We are going early to a Mariner’s game this afternoon, so I don't think i have time to exercise. We're going early because I want to watch batting practice, plus the first 15,000 fans get a Mariner’s fleece. (hmm maybe another Christmas gift. . .)

I’m so excited I finally got my checkbook to balance and paid my bills (due last Tuesday) that I figured I deserved a break today. I had to go back two months and redo everything. In addition to all the debit card stuff not entered, I had POS purchases down, some more than once, which were actually on the VISA card. Plus an automatic withdrawal had changed amounts. Would like to blame it all on Ron, but at least 1/2 the mess was mine.

Having yesterday off was great, I got my oil changed, most of my weekend chores and laundry done plus we picked out handles for my kitchen cupboard doors. We had a terrible time deciding and after Ron put one on last night, we took it off. Today we returned them all and started over. I'm happy with the new choice, they look great now; I did the crossword and read aloud from Consumer Reports while he worked.

Grilled some Sockeye salmon last night when my mom and cousin (from Wisconsin via San Diego) were here for dinner. It was perfect and we actually ate on the deck; not so many opportunities this summer.

I do have to say, I checked out jo’s sheets and I think they are too soft. I like a little crispness in my sheets, and especially my pillowcases. Keeps things feeling cooler. Some of my Hotel Brand sets are too soft too. There may be such a thing as too high a thread count. My current favorites are some Calvin Klein’s.

This is all so random. I was going to go back and put numbers on my thoughts so it would look like a list of some sort, but figured you all were too smart for that. Besides, that would take too much effort.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Grits, Troy is using Chantix too.

amulbunny, thanks for the link on the signature! i'm going to try it out when i'm not typing on my netbook.

louie your non-numbered list is a hoot. Did you serve margaritas to your mom too?

I am SO anal about my checkbook that i never forget to immediately enter in my debit charges. I actually love balancing my checkbook.

I NEED soft sheets. i am like the Princess and the Pea with my delicate skin. My Hotel Collection fabric now feels too thick for me. Mostly what i love about the sheets is how they don't get soaked through with my night sweats.

I have to get ready now to go to Ms. Hippie's mom's bday celebration. I swear my family has way too many celebrations.But i can't miss my almost most favorite relative's birthday party.

equeyaya said...

In my glass: residue from my dirty martini

Music: Paolo Nutini - New Shoes

Book: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I am as frustrated as you are with out of control password requirements. I have to change my work password every 2 months. Then there are web sites I use for work to get reports for things and they make me change them, too. And as often as I need to go in there, I can never remember what the last one was, so I have to reset them everytime. It's so unproductive. HIPAA has made the world too paranoid, IMO.

Good for Troy! Hope he sticks with it.

I am taking the fifth on whether that is my wing glass in jo's profile pic. ;)

Grits, your big momma story is too funny, between that and the purple tricycle, OMG. bwahahahaha! You have to post pix of BOTH on your blog.

I've been thinking about getting a queen sized bed soon (jo, I think you suggested it). And I want decadent sheets and a fluffy white duvet for it.

I don't really need to balance my checkbook anymore. I just check my accounts online, and compare the balance with my checkbook, subtract the outstanding checks, and I've been keeping it balanced to the penny.

I'm paying as many bills as possible on my credit card to boost my cashback rewards, and save on writing checks. And I pay the credit card bill with electronic funds transfer, so I hardly have to write any checks anymore.

I hope y'all have a fun holiday weekend!

Modern Hippie said...

you should start wearing bare minerals, thats what I use, its amazing makeup and its soo good for your skin, anddd you can just get it online and they ship it to you, you can even get it set up where it automatically comes to you when they know you're gonna run out (but i dont do that) they have stores for it if you wanna go in your first time to see what colors you should be using but I didnt, and mine matches great.

you know what I hate about passwords? I hate when a website or whatever makes me change my password every so many months, especially when its a retarded website, like who cares if someone breaks into this account (like my account) shouldnt that be my own choice and my own risk? I dont like having to change my passwords for the same website because I use the same passwords over and over (I have different ones whether or not I need numbers or letters or a certain length) so eventually I run out of options and I never remember the password

oh I know how you feel about those family members we barely know that are super religous, its really scary to me, not to mention those same people play a MILLION games, I always hide the games but this one person in particular plays like every game out there so I still saw game post after game posts and eventually just had to hide her.

you always say you dont have alot of friends in real life, but you know, you kinda do.

yano, I hate republicans so much because they are SO anti-democratic that they arent even trying to help the situation, its like when Hilary didnt win she took up and started getting everyone to then vote Obama to still do the right thing. when the republicans loose they need to just suck it up and still do work and get the right thing done, not try to make our president look like a totally asshole and get him kicked out of office. grow a pair! i completely blame glenn beck. I loathe that man. I would spit on him if I saw him in real life, I sure hope he has body guards.

"home" is one of your favorite words? thats weird.

go Troy!

haha that cracks me up about Brians bathroom, its such a tiny bathroom too! how did he fit 7 towels in there? haha

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ms. Hippie. I am going to report you to Sarah Palin for saying 'retarded'.

in re: to that word, i just thought of this earlier this week when i saw that ARC was on my caller ID. Because i would never entertain garage sales i donate most every time they call. ARC stands for Association of Retarded Citizens.

Also ms. hippie. how many times do i have to remind you that your father, my brother, is a Republican. You have to get over this discrimination. It makes you somewhat like a Glen Beck in reverse! LOL. Don't say you hate republicans. Say you can't stand the ones like Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, but don't lump them all in one group.

"Home" has always been my favorite world. It encompasses everything. Love, safety, comfort, security, warmth. You already know what a homebody i am. It probably comes from moving around so much as a military brat and living in a chaotic super messy and cluttered home. Now i get to make my own little place just as i like it, feng shued (as much as i can for such a small place) and comfortable.

jojo cucina cucina said...

More random shit i have to say:

1. If i were not taking so many naps on my days off i think i might have more things to rant about. I have not even had the energy to turn on CNN or Meet the Press.

2. Tomorrow though i start work on our house democrat's campaign. Her campaign manager is coming over to talk to to me tomorrow because i said i would help set up a database and spreadsheet. (I LOVE spreadsheets!). So maybe that will jazz me up.

3. Today was rainy and cool and very autumn like. Brian is making chili for dinner. Seems perfect. That is another thing i like about the autum, soups and chili and those kinds of meals.

4. For two weeks, I have added 3 MILES to my Sunday and Monday run with Mrs. Hippie, (Kylee's mom). And i have added 3 minutes to my normal run workout (38 minutes instead of 35) and i cut out the wine during the weekdays as i had been bad during my vacation ...and yet my blood pressure and weigh stay doggedly in that same place that is not terrible, but hovering on not being great if i don't do something about it.

I think i need new meds.

5. Lately i've been visioning building a house. An environmental house kits. On this cool little piece of property that i keep running by. Not sure if that property is even affordable. But i think i'm going to check it out. I love research anyway.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Jo Jo it's not a yaya. I don't think she could even envision the yaya mentality. She's a reformed crack head who's bipolar and now after moving her kids from Jackson MI to Troy NY to Columbus OH to Lexington KY and back to Troy NY---all since March has now settled on Erie PA and signed a 2 year lease. I have no idea what is going to happen to her, but damn, it's something else to watch.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny, you crack me up. you post your responses from your blog to me on my blog! Folks probably go, what they HEY-ALL are they talking about.

Poor kids. Why do the so many wackos have kids? Oh, don't even answer that one, it's rhetorical.

But truth be told, it could have been a yaya.

sam said...

I HATE moving. Across town is probably worse than across country but I hated having to pack all that stuff up 4 years ago. This current move is the second in one year. If the hero's job moves to TX he better plan on doing ALL the packing or else plan on buying ALL new stuff.

That's it. I'll try to not mention it again.