Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm in a bad mood and i've got nothing to say.

So come here and tell me about your bad mood.

(Disclaimer: the photo is not flipping off any of y'all.)


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

My arm hurts.It has hurt continuously for the last 18 months.

I feel horrible for the people in San Bruno and the devastation they are facing from the gas explosion.

I think we've given way too much press to the idiot preacher in FL. Fred Phelps did it first and he didn't get any press.

My Ipod is on it's last legs. But I had to get new glasses so that screws that.

My husband has an emergency safe job in La Jolla and had to get a hotel to stay in since he has already been on the job 12 hours. And he hasn't even got to the safe yet.

I am tired of fighting with my kids.

I am mad that my nephew is going to Afghanistan on Thursday.

That's it. I'm sure there is more, but I can't think of it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

oh...amulbunny. those are good! And I totally agree about the wacko preacher. He did scare me. I think i need to stop getting the paper and watching the news before i become an agoraphobic. I am practically one of those already, even without the fear.

i thought i didn't have anything to say...UNTIL i had some wine today which is my first wine of the week, so it's potent!

here are mine:

1. The holidays are coming up. I think i don't hate summer leaving us so much as i hate thinking about the holidays descending upon us.

2. The holidays that make your families obligated to get together should happen in the summer instead and then it wouldn't be so bad. Or maybe it would. Maybe it would spoil a perfectly good season....

3. And in the Pacific Northwest we have only about 5 weeks of summer before we go back to the semen colored skies and temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s.

4. Which are not good quite hot enough to wear bare toes but also not quite cool enought to wear boots either.

5. BTW.... amulbunny.... how old is your nephew ... and how long has he been in the service? and what service is it? (Please don't say Marines.)

6. Today i got a police warning about danger in the very area that i have been running alone in since the 1980's. Seems there is a crazy dude on a bicycle who is assaulting women by throwing stuff on them from his water bottle (police report didn't divulge what that was) and also assaulting them. So i ran around my stupid condo circle tonight. So boring. Circling that condo for 10 or 11 times. One time around is not quite 1/3 of a mile. I used to run it in less than 3 minutes easily when i first moved here.

Today i couldn't run it faster than 4 minutes and i was trying. That pisses me off.

I think i'll take my chances with bicycle boy. I'm always on alert for anything coming around me and I'll be ready to pepper spray the shit at him and throw one of my strong arm punches with my bony elbows at him in the nuts.

I am going to miss summer. But i still like autumn season. I just wish the holidays belonged in a season that wasn't already depressing.

equeyaya said...

I think i'll take my chances with bicycle boy. I'm always on alert for anything coming around me and I'll be ready to pepper spray the shit at him and throw one of my strong arm punches with my bony elbows at him in the nuts.

love that

I'm not really in a bad mood. But I'm restless. I'm ready to move on with my life. And it won't be much longer, so I won't complain.

And I love that you said "semen colored skies." It really must be fall!

susieatl said...

I'm in a bad mood and have been for weeks. I'm on the track to fire someone and it pisses me off because I have bent over backwards and this person makes a half assed attempt to do better but once she thinks I'm not look she slugs off her work. To fire someone in this economy seems criminal but she is leaving me no choice.

I need to lose weight, I need to take better care of myself. But I have neither the time nor the energy.

I'm tired of being alone but at the same time I'm not really a fan of people once I get home. I love being alone at the same time. Arrggg

susieatl said...

Oh..and I typed really fast and found errors but I'm in such a bad mood..I don't care.

louielouie said...

Work is making me crazy and it’s only the first week of school.

Everybody is already pissy.

I started off my day doing bus duty at one of our middle schools. It’s under construction and a huge mess. I’ve been there morning and afternoon all week.

After I left, I bought myself a latte and one for the registrar at the high school I was visiting; those registrars work so hard. She appreciated it.

But at the second school I found out they didn’t have their minutes for each class into the computer system right. It’s count day and that means we wouldn’t get the right funding for our kids. When I got to the office I found out none of the schools did (we changed schedules this year) and they are all doing something different! So I spent my day working on that. It’s not my job but no one knows whose job it is.

No one knows what they’re supposed to do around here; me included.

I screwed up a course code/name decision last spring and no one figured it out until now.

I have to make all new codes for all our online courses; by Monday.

I told Ron I would go to the Rainer’s game tonight but changed my mind so disappointed

Em’s home from Hawaii though, so that’s good and we had sushi for dinner.

Guess I’m not really in a bad mood any more, my complaints up above seem lame. Good thing I didn’t see this post at 5:00

At least the bicycle boy isn’t looking for his lost dog

jojo cucina cucina said...

OH Sarah/louie. you mentioned the lost dog! I TOTALLY thought of that guy when i heard about this. Remember that guy? He lived right off Angle Lane. I was thinking that i could remember what he looked like. Sort of like Soren Anderson who used to do the movie reviews for the Tribune.

This bicycle boy is probably a student and that's why they are keeping it on the down low. they must be close to getting him. He's described as being 17-20 years old.

but that's funny you mentioned the Lost Dog Man from our running days together!

susieatl, you're cracking me up today too! 'not a fan of people' and 'you don't care' about your typos.

And back to you louie for a moment. Let me remind you how much you love working on schedules because you're good at it. So don't make it sound like a bad thing. You're in your glory when you get to fix that kind of shit. Few people have a good knack for that. And you're one of them.

I am really starting to think i am way too anal and organized to be a Democrat.

I have been TRYING to help them and they keep forgetting to be there.

#1. I volunteered to sign wave for our house dem, Tami, on the primary day. Offered to pick the signs up myself. But no, they'll bring them out. She showed up 45 minutes late to get them to us. Thank goodness for Troy K. (The other house dem) campaign being there so i had something to do.

#2. I volunteered to doorbell. I hate doorbelling, but i volunteered. We called the day before and said we would be there. I get there with two colleagues and the campaign office is locked. We wait 20 minutes with one other guy who was there. We left. (I saw that other guy tonight, he told us she never showed.)

#3. I got an email from Tami's campaign about needing data entry people. I am an Excel Whore and so i said, i'll do it. This is what i'm good at and i've done it for the Dems before and i can probably set it all up.

I never heard a response until TEN days later from the daughter (who is her campaign manager and a really really bad one) They still need the help and would i call her the next day. I do. I get her Dad. I say let me help. And it sounds like they really need it and it's something i can do. I offer to go to THEIR office, he says no. He'll come to my office cause he lives near it.

I email his daughter and let her know i called and have it all set up. She writes back that she'll be with her dad too at my office.

They never show up.

That was supposed to be Tuesday. I give them a break telling myself maybe they thought Tuesday was Monday because of the holiday. But no, they still have called or emailed me.

and #4 was today.

We got an email from Troy's campaign. They need people for TV campaign ad. I go because the union president asked me to. We are asked to get there at 4:00 pm. I arrive at 3:55. I'm the only car in the lot. for about 10 minutes. Then they slowly trickle in. No campaign people or camera people at all. About 20 minutes late the young twenty-something campaign dudes show up. They are so cute that i forgive them.

But Troy doesn't show up for nearly an hour. It's very cold outside for summertime and not dressing for the outdoors. (But it seemed rude to sit in the car).

Anyway because Troy is a good man but a very UNDYNAMIC personality it takes about 20 takes to get the advertisement down. (The only reason i didn't get too upset was the camera guys were very young cute dudes too, and they knew their shit too because Troy was really even worse than Al Gore.

Is that even possible?

Anyway, Sarah/louie, if you see Troy K ads on TV, look for me, i'm in the front row wearing a green shirt and black sweater. and my hair is sticking out curly huge because of the weather and since i didn't straighten like i usually do.

sam said...

I'm not in a bad mood, really, but I will say this: Some people need to die. The ones who speed up to keep me from merging left. Speed up THREE WHOLE CAR LENGTHS because I might get my big ol' suv in front of them.

I yelled something totally ugly and inappropriate at her (not that it helped). I had to apologize to my kids afterwards and then tell them that most people had five fingers on each hand but some of them seemed to think one of them was enough to wave at us.

I hope she crashed her car into the gguardrail before she got home....

KatKit13 said...

I had a whole big assed list of what irritates me and HEY, it disappeared.

So I'm majorly pissed off about THAT.

I'll repost tomorrow if I get around to it. ARG.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

JoJo, my nephew is 21 (he's exactly 2 months younger than Rachel) and he's a Marine. He enlisted when he flunked out of college. His folks got a divorce this year and I think it's been hard on him.

Since all this crap went on, and his grandpa (my stepdad) died, he's actually taken calling my mom grandma. His parents always went to her family in TX for everything and now he's finding out what an awesome grandma he has here.

We just pray for his safety.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh, amulbunny. your nephew does need prayers. He must not be in the best space having flunked out and worrying about the stuff back home.

But maybe there is a good side to leaving a chaotic situation and going into another one. Maybe it makes one more prepared than say...had he come from Leave it Beaverland.

Are you close with him?