Friday, September 24, 2010

Open for Business

Menu of the Day:

About the photo: One of my first PhotoShop attempts that is why it's not very good. But i just don't have anything to throw up these days.

on iTunes: Friend of the Devil by Counting Crows.

Libation: (I always loved that word!) a nice cabernet i've never had before called "Monogamy".

What i'm looking forward to: watching Grey's Anatomy DVD tomorrow morning. Buying Pete Yorn's new cd on the 28th. Seeing Kylee at her parent's house party tomorrow.

What I'm procrastinating about: Writing my Aunt in Oregon. (this is my favorite part of the Menu because it always makes me do it!)

Book: Pillars of the Earth. This book is almost 1000 pages long. I am 1/3 of the way through it.

What i am proud of this week: I FINALLY completed designing our website at work. I had to do this mostly learning on my own with only 3 hours of training and a book on Joomla and lots of email questions of our techie. But it's all mine and my design and i think it's one of the nicer ones of the council union websites. You can see it at I tried to keep it feng shui and easy to read. I included photos i took of the staff and presidents. (and i came up with the name on my own too!) I like it alot. And you can click on our Facebook link too! (You probably wouldn't want to friend it though. It's union stuff and boring for most folks.) My next mission is Twitter.

Why this is good: i have made a positive turn in my job. I was ready to quit last winter. But we have some new blood and i have a new challenge. When i get bored i get pissy. This was not easy for me and i needed that.

On with the random stuff.


1. I hate crowds but if i lived in Wash. DC i would go to Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity.

2. I couldn't sleep last night. I've been dreaming about that website and Facebook stuff. And then i get ideas at 3 am. It was 3 am that i came up with "mysoundview" which is so much better than the suggested Ugh.

3. I have this Insomniac Diary that my friend Julie gave me. it works! I find that when i actually get up and write in it and go back to bed, i usually fall asleep within the half hour. I have been awake at times for 3 hours in a row.

4. it was two pager last night. Here are just a few of the actual entries i made:
How much was tequila in the margarita anyway?
I wonder if i should link my Over Easy newsletter to Facebook?
I don't like my pillow. I should have bought the down one from Costco.
I better go take an allergy pill.
I didn't even finish that 2nd margarita, so why do i have a headache?

5. I have been watching last season's Grey's Anatomy on netflix. Izzy still bugs me. Maybe even more so. Meredith not so much. I think the union of Meredith and McDreamy didn't mess up the show, it made it better because i was so tired of that drama.

6. Sandra Oh's character is still my favorite. (Why can't i think of her name?) Also Alex Kurev and McSteamy (the one who looks like Leo di caprio) . I forget his name too. all the bad asses. all my favorites.

Ok, that's all i have for now. I'll come back and edit later. it's time to cook some shrimp pasta with jojo's pesto!


jojo cucina cucina said...

hmmm. the hyperlink here seems to load more slowly on the website than normal. and the PDF which were working earlier are not for me.

equeyaya said...

love the web site, jo! i especially like how casual and friendly everyone looks in their photos.

i am exhausted and have a long day tomorrow driving out to see Mel at her college.

so for now i'll just virtually click *like* on this post and promise to come back later! ;)

louielouie said...

glad you posted the link jo,
your phone message was tooooooo long and I couldn't pay attention to the whole thing. Might have been the Margaritas.

It's a nice friendly looking web site. It all looked fine to me on my mac; all but the newsletter and the toni thing, they were too big for my screen

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, thanks for looking at it. I am not sure how it all works on pc vs. mac.

RE" tje too big for your screen: There should be a tab at the top to shrink the percentage of the PDF file to 75% or whatever your eye can read. the default i believe is 100% which i don't like so maybe i can get the techie dude to change it.

The techie dude and i have been talking alot back and forth through email. I am the design, but i am at his mercy to some extent in that he controls the template. So I am not sure if he hates me or he loves me. He might love me because i care so much or he might hate me because i care so much.

louielouie said...

Here’s what I know:

1. Margaritas are the work of the devil.

2. There is something about a state/county fair that is still compelling. I love to see the cows and pigs; this year we learned about the digestive system of a sheep from a 4-H mom. Plus there are the corndogs.

3. I am pleased that my daughter wants to be a teacher. She will be great at it. She spent the last two weeks observing/helping a high school science teacher. It’s required before she even enters the teaching-masters’ program. The whole experience gave me great hope in the future of our schools. The teacher she worked with reflected with her, called on her ability and encouraged her professional choice. We will continue to produce, talented bright teachers. A glimmer of hope in this current education mess.

4. I am blessed in many ways; my most recent revelation is how fortunate I was to grow up in a home with a Thesaurus.

5. I need to learn how not to be “fulfilled” at work; lots of folks to the same job every day for 40 years and never ask themselves if they enjoyed it, were good at it, felt as if they were “making a difference” or even respected by their colleagues. I was thinking of coal miners, not saying those things to them selves as they went underground, but now I think I’m wrong. Doesn’t everyone want to be good at his or her craft and be respected by their peers? Guess this isn’t something I know after all.

6. Even with all the rain and this year’s lack of a summer, the Pacific Northwest is the best place to live.

7. My son signed on for 3 more years with the Navy; that means 4 more years on Oahu. He is taking classes to be ready to apply to medical school. I have mixed feelings about it. I am not a big military fan, and don’t really want him to make it a career; but he thinks he has found what he wants to do. His current assignment is not in line with his talents or interests. I so want him to be “fulfilled” and happy in this work. LOL

8. Guess what, my son is an adult and will make his own choices.

9. It’s no longer gin season; time for Bushmills

10. I a taking two vacation days in October for no good reason. I will not feel guilty.

louielouie said...

I got the the "your comment is too big" message

I wanted to remove it but don't know how :(

It posted anyway

jojo cucina cucina said...

yeah. it's no longer margarita and gin season anymore. BUT it IS red wine season. And i like that more than tequila.

louie, Emma is going to be a teacher? That does indeed give me hope.

RE: work and feeling fulfilled. I had to quit looking at the big picture. I don't totally believe as i used to about what we were doing as a union. But when i think about what i am hired to do i have to say i am fulfilled. I love being able to write news, i love working with budgets, play with Excel, maintaining a database of members (i love tasks that have beginning and ends) and that i am encouraged to share ideas, and i like most of the people i work with. And that's enough for now to keep me from thinking i need to leave.

Plus now i have this challenge of a website and social networking. I started that job with a Selectric typewriter and a roneo mimeograph machine.

I agree about the Pacific Northwest. Rain goes along with my personality and things i like doing. (being inside). And while i like my tiny condo community, i do not love Lakewood.

Did you read louie where it said we had one of the worst summers in three decades? eque, you came at a good week!

Thanks y'all for looking through my website. It will be fun i think and i plan to change it up so it's not static. My first article i want to put up is an op ed response to the movie targeting teachers and public ed: "Waiting for Superman" . Maybe presenting both sides. Having a guest writer. I'm excited about the possibilities of it.

equeyaya said...

louie, i have those same thoughts about my job and whether i feel fulfilled. then i smack myself and say, yo, you have a JOB be thankful, and do your best at it even when it's a pain in the ass. and it's those little moments when you realize you are making a difference that keep you going.

i do think there will always be people who are called to teaching, or other professions that make a big impact, and that will be what keeps us going as a society. There are lots of bad people, lazy people, greedy people in the world. We should only focus on the good ones.

louielouie said...

OK Jo,

get that creepy angel baby picture off