Saturday, October 2, 2010

Circling the Drain

I don't know why i even came up with that subject line. Except that when i watch the media pundits i worry about the Democrats. And when i read everything that surrounds the new Waiting for Superman documentary by Guggenheim (who did Inconvenient Truth) i worry about the future of unions. And i worry about Obama and i still support him.

You know who should be circling the drain? Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich. Christine O'Donnell. the list goes one and on.

I don't really have much on my mind, so i'll just do a menu and appease louielouie with getting the scary angel photo off.


iPodding to: "Red Umbrella" by Forest Sun

The Best thing that Happened this week: hmmm. i have been sitting here trying to think of something. It's been a crazy week. I'll come back to this.

What i keep procrastinating about: I need to send a sympathy card to the wife of our former condo president. The one president i actually really liked alot.

My favorite commercial this week:It's the Subura commercial with the married couple who go camping on their honeymoon. and a storm comes in and pulls down their white tent. I think the couple is adorable. (And i just now went and found it on YouTube and put it up here since i still don't have a photo. )

Stupid commercial i hate right now: Those bear commercials with the Charmin toilet paper. I guess you remember it's Charmin because of the whole 'bear shit in the woods' saying, but those ads drive me crazy.

In my glass: i know summer is over but i am drinking a glass of South Austrailian viognier. It's very nice because it's not too sweet. It's a 2009 Yalumba.

About that wine: i was at Tacoma Boys and they had two different Yalumba viogniers. One had a price on it of $18 and the other was advertised at $10. But then i noticed that the $10 one was a 2009. the $18 was a 2008. However, this is a pet peeve of mine: the 2009 $10 bottle had a card on it that boasted 92 points on Wine Spectator. Only the vintage was the 2008 (which is the $18 bottle). So i told the girl they needed to put the card on the other vintage instead. And she did.

But secretly i was hoping she would sell me the 92 point $18 viognier for $10 but she didn't offer that. LOL.

so i bought the $10 one instead. And it's actually so good that i'm not sure i would have noticed the difference. I am a sucker for those little cards that talk about the wine. And i wish i had that job.

Book: it's still Pillars of the Earth. Did i mention this book was nearly 1000 pages long? So i've been reading it in between finishing Grey's Anatomy's last season on netflix. Today was my last DVD. That show is still really good. I think i have mentioned before that Christine, Sandra Oh's character is one of my favorites. I also love Alex Kurev, and Torres. But if i had to pick a #1 favorite, i might choose Bailey. I liked this season more because Katherine Heigel/Izzy is barely in it. Anyway, within 3 weeks i finished all of the season on DVD and will tear through Pillars in between working on Lost.

Where is everyone? I am not naming names because i always leave some off. But where are y'all? I wish i could check and see how many people look and don't post. It's that damn Facebook, isn't it?

OK, that's all i got. I'm outta here.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Do who do YOU think should be circling the drain?

and who is YOUR favorite Grey's Anatomy character?

And what commercial do you love/hate?

And what is your best thing that happened this week?

Mine was that i got to see a friend play music at the Mandolin Cafe.

louielouie said...


I can’t stand the Charmin one either. Who wants to think of used toilet paper stuck to s bear’s butt? No one that’s who.

Can't think of my favorite right now, but it is not a lite beer one, any of them, but especially not the one where people have those half-glass things. I do like the most interesting man in the world Does Equis one, but it's not my favorite.

I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy so I got no opinion

Circling the Drain? Dino Rossi

My week
Best thing? I had a tough presentation to give regarding Washington State’s new graduation requirements. The secondary principals are always a tough crowd, and the grad requirements are brutal. It went well, but the best thing was Em texting me that morning wishing me luck.

The worst thing? The new graduation requirements. The only silver lining is the extra science requirement kicks in just when Em will be done with her science teaching cert

Another best thing is we finally met with our financial advisor dude. We do need to change our evil ways, but it does look as if we will be able to retire in 4 years.

Oh no, the real best thing was I finally got Ron’s Netflix log-in. He’s had an account since Christmas, but ever since he finished watching all the Battle Star Galactica episodes, we have had no movies but still pay $19 a month. But now, I can (and am) order movies like crazy. Just watched Good Luck and Goodnight, The Blind Side and a Jennifer Lopez one. Please recommend movies I should be sure and watch

I sooooo want to go to Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity. If I were rich AND retired I would go.

I also want to have Jon Stewart’s baby, but that’s even less likely to happen. . .

jojo cucina cucina said...

i read out loud louie, your comment about Battlestar Galactica and we laughed. It reminds me of Brian and his hogging the DVRing of all his Modern Marvels from the History channel so much that i have no room for the new season's Grey's Anatomy.

BTW. HOW did i forget Dino Rossi! i even sent Patty money. It's scary to think he might have a chance.

I love that Emma texted you.

equeyaya said...

I got nothing. We had settlement on our house this week, so that was probably the best thing. That and seeing my parents today.

We are upgrading our cable this week, so I'll start watching more TV and may be able to have an opinion about commercials, although I tend to tune them out. I hate when I put the news on in the morning just to catch the weather, and then my mind wanders through the boring stuff I can't believe anyone thinks is actually news, and I miss the whole weather report.

The Internet has really killed my attention span. It's why I don't watch much TV and have problems reading a book anymore. It's a sad state of affairs.

Amanda Haines said...

My most hated commercials right now are the ones for KitKat in which the music is people crunching KitBat bars. Yuck!

I hate any commercial in which you can hear people eating or drinking. I see the person is drinking a soda; do I need to hear them glugging it and then making an exaggerated "ahhh" and smacking their lips afterwards? It's nauseating.

I'm also getting really tired of the constant ads for Geico insurance and Proactiv. Enough already.

My favorite commercials right now are...hmm, let me get back to you! I can't think of any now that I'm all fired up about the food sounds. Hehe!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda! OMG, i cannot believe i forgot to mention how much i hate those kitkat commercials. I truly cannot stand them. I'm sick of that snooty gecko too.

jojo cucina cucina said...

circling the drain: this blog!


KatKit13 said...

Do who do YOU think should be circling the drain? Have you not seen Illinois politics? My favorite drain circler at the moment is Mark Kirk... the man should be ashamed.

and who is YOUR favorite Grey's Anatomy character? Always loved Bailey... but I so lost interest in Grey's a couple of years ago. Along with control of the remote! (ha ha)

And what commercial do you love/hate?
LOVE: the Geico piggy screaming WEEEE WEEEE on the way home. Makes me giggle. LOVE the one you posted - it's so sweet. The E-Trade babies make me smile too.
Hate? Political ads - see comments about Illinois politics. It's one slam ad after another.

And what is your best thing that happened this week? last week - hm. I think it's just the weather... it's beautiful. :-)

(and your blog is not circling the drain - seriously! LOL


Erin said...

i'm just busy! im a bad blogger! with jonathan being in town and the new quarter of school -- ill get back into it though! : )

and hey everyone! i graduate college with my bachelors of fine arts in 11 weeks! yippe.

Erin said...

uhh this is weird? i signed into my google account and it said erin...

OH! I know! when my friend erin was over a couple days ago she signed into her gmail, it must have saved her password! haha!


louielouie said...

Way to go Erin!!! We are so proud of you!!!

Kylee, I hope you're not responding inappropriately on a bunch of other blogs pretending to be Erin. do you have the password for Erin's bank account too?

louielouie said...

TV ads:

I have to admit I do like the Keystone -Keith Stone ads too. I'm kind of embarrassed.

I also sort of like the beef jerky ones with the fake sasquatch.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i think i might know the Keystone ads, but i am not sure, so they didn't resonate with me but that surprises me because if you are embarrassed to admit that you liked them, then they should! Which, if you think about it...makes it a good commercial.

Kylee, i am almost sorry that Erin is not a new addition REALLY to my blog. Because if it is indeed circling the drain, (and it is) having new people post is a plus.

We watched a pretty good netflix DVD a few nights ago called The Perfect Getaway. It is a great ominous thriller. Steve Zahn is so cool and that dude who was the good/bad guy in Catch and Release is also a very good actor in this. Plus that chick that was in Lost that all the Lostie bloggers HATED. She and her boyfriend (they both died) were in the show for about one or two episodes and i can't remember her name but the wrath of introducing those two was funny to me. And it's her.

I got a Facebook message from a friend who saw me in the TV commercial. I am one of a crowd in our House Democrat Troy K.'s ad. I have not seen it myself and can't believe someone would be able to pick me out of the crowd unless he knew ahead of time, which he didn't.

all i worry about is if my hair looked good, which i know it didn't. Because it was very damp feeling outside. LOL. Actually i do worry if he loses too. He's running against a right wing think tank attorney.

I bought Pete Yorn's cd on Amazon because it was only $7.99 and he was Facebook pimping it out so much, i thought why not? I also bought a book cause it seems wrong to buy just one thing from Amazon.

I love getting packages on my doorstep. it's like Santa Claus still exists for we adults.

jojo cucina cucina said...

P.S. it will probably be too late for y'all to see this by the time you read it, but did you see Google today? it would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday. It was very cool what Google did.

I wish i had the talent to be that person who does the Google stuff.

equeyaya said...

oh, shucks. i just bought some stuff on amazon and didn't think to check out pete yorn. i think that's even cheaper than itunes, and i like having the actual cd.

i saw The Town last night with Vera. it was really good. i just love ben affleck. it also had the Man In Black from LOST and the guy from Mad Men in it.

kylee, you are such a hoot!

jokerswildagain said...

Yop !!!