Saturday, October 16, 2010

Closed for Repair

1. RE: my post title: i think that would be a good name for a band. I just wanted a provocative post title today.

2. I am now on Lost Season 4. This is the season where Farady, Miles, Charlotte and Jimmy Buffet pilot were introduced.

3. i like rewatching Lost better than when i saw it the first time. I especially like Jack more and appreciate him in a way i did not in my first viewing.

4. I doorbelled for three hours for house democrat's re-election Troy K. today. He is up against a formidable opponent. He is running against an anti-gay, anti public education, anti labor lawyer who works for a right wing think tank. So my friend Irene and I made feet and knocked doors. It was a beautiful day, so that was a plus.

We had a long list of 80 addresses. I had trepidation at first because the list was long and these were 'persuasion' doorbells where you talk to people. But it was actually fun. She and i decided to split to list so we could get through them. and we did. After you do this for awhile you actually get disappointed when people aren't home.

5. Nobody was mean. A couple of people were semi-rude, but that was it. Most people were really nice.

6. Our next thing to do is easy. Sign waving. I want to make a pool of it: for every person who flips us off somebody has to pay up a quarter. For every honk, somebody has to pay a quarter. We need to divide up what we want to be paid for. I am choosing the honks or thumbs up. (I am negative enough by nature so i have to find the positive somewhere.)

7. Maybe i will wear a short skirt and a low cut blouse. LOL.

8. I will be very glad when Nov. 2 gets here. I got my absentee ballot today and I have already voted. It's a big ballot for us in our state with initiatives. I don't always know about district court judges so i go online for those. A secret is returning your ballot immediately so you won't get all those political phone calls reminding you to vote.

9. i bought the new Sister Hazel cd from iTunes today. i like this band a lot. they are under the radar and not that well known but i have quite a bit of their music. Quite often when i hear a song i like i look at my iPod and it's either a Paste cd song, an equeyaya song, or a Sister Hazel.

10. And surprisingly sometimes a Conor Oberst.

11. I keep thinking that people want to share their opinions and thoughts so i keep trying to engage that with this blog, but it doesn't seem to work. That surprises me. How can people not want to answer a question about their opinion? Especially when they know it can be anonymous? I don't believe i have ever in my life been asked for an opinion and chose not to respond. LOLOL.

12. I hope y'all saw my last post on the other blog about my favorite commercials. I think i will try and find the YouTube for the Allstate commercial and post it here since i don't have a photo to add today.


jojo cucina cucina said...


jojo cucina cucina said...

Sunday Stuff.

1. I am really loving Pillars of the Earth. I've never taken this long to read a book. Part of it is the sheer weight. Part of it is i don't want to leave the characters.

2. It's a beautiful day again here. Autumn is very pretty. I especially love the light coming in because my windows are clean!

3. louie tells me i missed FOUR episodes of Say Yes to the Dress yesterday. Damn.

4. I think working in a high end wedding dress store is a worse job than the person who has to analyze stool samples.

5. It's definitely a worse job than working in a union office.

6. Has anyone seen "Waiting for Superman"? I want to see it, but i think it's going to make me mad. so i sort of don't want to see it too.

7. I don't often go to theaters to see a movie so i want to be entertained, not pissed off, when i go.

8. Plus Johnny Depp is not in the film.

9. OK, that's all i got.

equeyaya said...

1. Did you see that Johnny Depp is in a new film coming out called "The Tourist"? I saw a preview for it and it looked good.

2. I also read in Vanity Fair that his "partner" wanted him to pull out of the movie when she found out there was a steamy sex scene with Angelina Jolie. LOL!

3. I saw two movies in the last two weeks, which is highly unusual for me.

4. Even more unusual - I loved them both! The Town and Secretariat. The Town was the better of the two, but of course Secretariat had the cowgirl appeal - and I saw it with cowgirls.

5. My friend Pat and her daughter Rachele had to put Rachele's horse down today. The horse had a foal two and a half years ago, and they took a photo of the two of them together one last time before they put her down. Pat emailed it to me and I started bawling my eyes out. She was a great horse, and she wasn't that old, but her body was full of tumors, and her quality of life was diminishing quickly. :(

6.Today was a very busy day. I walked the dog for an hour. I went slow with her and her arthritis did not act up. I've been giving her aspirin twice a day, but I think I also need to slow down the pace from my usual 3.7 mph, and save the power walking for when she's not with me.

7. Then I groomed her and vacuumed and went grocery shopping to get ready to have my in-laws over for dinner. Melanie is home from college for the weekend, and they hadn't been to our house yet, so I thought I'd invite them.

8. It was a little awkward but we had a very nice visit with them. They are in their 80s and don't eat very much any more. I got some good whole grain bread with dipping oil and made chicken caesar salad. They seemed to really enjoy it. My MIL brought a peach cheesecake for dessert that was very good.

9. What does one call one's "in laws" after the divorce is final?

10. Anyway, in the midst of the days activities, I'm leaving the grocery store and I get a call that my new bedroom furniture is being delivered more than an hour ahead of the time window they gave me. So I rushed home to meet them.

11. Then my landlady showed up. She had buyers for the trampoline that was in my yard when I moved in and was being stored in pieces in my shed. She met this family of about 5 people here and they went in the shed and took it away. So there was this cast of thousands at my house today.

12. Oh, and when I was walking the dog this morning, Grace called me. Her friend had called and woken her to remind her that Grace volunteered to shampoo hair at her mother's salon today for a breast cancer fundraiser. So she was out until almost 4.

13. She only got one tip, from a 7 year old girl who fell asleep while Grace was washing her hair. Grace has magic fingers.

14. At around 1pm, Grace texts me to tell me Hatty has decided at the last minute to accept my invitation to join us for dinner and meet her grandparents, but I have to pick him up and take him home.

15. So, yeah, it was a pretty busy day. I also had to pick up and take home my in-laws, because they don't drive after dark any more.

16. Out laws? No that wouldn't be right.

17. I love that you look at songs on your ipod that are from me. I do the same thing with the songs you send me. And the fun thing is, when I loaded most of them, I attached your dance photo (see above) to the track, so when I look at my ipod to see what the song is, I see you!

18. I love it when Mel comes home from college. It makes me realize how much I miss her. I'm so glad we got to ride together yesterday. Even though Romeo was a maniac and my heart was in my throat most of the time.

19. Speaking of Romeo, last night we watched the modern Romeo & Juliet movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Great movie.

20. I think it's great that you are campaigning, jo. You know how they say all politics is local, and that's where you make the biggest difference. I hope your candidate wins.

Amanda Haines said...

• I love your blog, Jo.

• I also love those mayhem commercials. All of them are good.

• I saw the preview for the new Johnny Depp movie Saturday (The Tourist) and he looks really puffy in the face. Not attractive. The movie seems to be a mashup of a bunch of others movies I've seen with a "beautiful" spy taking advantage of some hapless dude. Lame. Plus, Angelina Jolie absolutely looks like she's made of wax. She has done something to her face. I don't understand why everyone insists that she's so beautiful. She looks like mannequin.

• I've started flipping off all Dino Rossi signs I see. I'm hoping it will impact the outcome of the election in some cosmic way. Kudos to you, Jo, for taking a more direct approach to inspiring change :)

• I saw the Social Network over the weekend and it's definitely a rental. It's about 45 minutes too long and very, very boring. Good thing I had snacks.

• I agree that working in a bridal shop would be the worst job ever. I'd rather pump septics.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you, Amanda! Like i said even earlier that even though it's dying i'll still keep it up. I like the writing outlet and i think it's good for my soul to vent out loud sometimes.

I'm going to try and find a trailer on the new Johnny Depp cause i cannot imagine him not ever being hot. I agree about Angelina. She is actually boring looking to me. When women are too beautiful they are not interesting to me.

eque, i already posted on your blog about how exhausting your dinner sounds! Whew! I like having people over for dinner when all the stuff is done, my husband got his bathroom cleaned (it's secretly why i invite people over so i can get him to clean it!), and i can sit down and have a glass of wine with good music before everyone gets there. eque, your dinner party sounds like you were having to help people move! LOL.

Speaking of Kylee, please don't ask me to help you move! You know how much i hate helping people move. And i promise never to ask you to help me. LOLOLOL.... And where are you anyway? Just because Jonathan has been here for a month isn't a reason to quit the blogsophere. I see you all over Facebook.

Facebook to me is like that bad boyfriend you think you love but you know he's not good for you. It's a love/hate thing.