Tuesday, August 23, 2011


jojo cucina cucina said...

I only put this here because i was feeling sorry for myself that nobody was reading. :( Then lo and behold folks post on "Correct me if i'm wrong" post.

equeyaya said...

hahaha! i will try to be better about posting. i just have to click 3 times to get the word code. just like dorothy!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am making good time in reaching my goal of the average of one blog post a week! I only have 18 more to go and four months left!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am reading, never forget for too long. It is one of my favorite blogs..I finally decided to see if you would friend me on FB. I am not a big fan of it, but it reminds me to keep in touch with people I want to keep in touch with and those who I miss seeing who live far away.

Do not worry I do not ever ask or do any of the games or request things. I used to mostly post quotes until my daughter starting yelling at me when she was mad for being a phony. Long story! I share articles and things I like, mostly political.

I also won't be freaked if you turn me down, but was going to send you a message on there because I go by Swiss Charrd and did not use that when you knew me I went by Charrdonnay.

I was sorry I missed Susie’s visit but saw she was on a tight schedule and I am not usually around anyway since I work odd days and hours....(mean the days I have off are not like the normal world and I work 2 to 10pm) I always have wanted to play tennis with her but I have not played for a long time...I still would even if I made a fool out of myself.

Jo Jo when I read what you did on your vacation I must say that is exactly what I like to do and I know it does not make me interesting either but very very happy!!!

Even if I can't sign on to my google account I am here and try to comment and it always hassels me about my user name or something then I get frustrated - recently I realized I can just use the annonymous poster thing. So here I am!