Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday louie/louie and other summer stuff.

1. Today is the birthday of my longest best friend in the world. We have been friends since 1979 when we both were working at Mann Junior High. (Back then she was a Home Ec teacher and i was a Student Accounts Secretary.) 

We used to run together in the park after work every day for years. We left our first husbands who(m?) we had both married at very early ages during the same year. (I think her ex blamed ME for the divorce and my ex blamed HER!) I've known her kids  since before they were born - (I even ran with Nick before he was born!). I would have dated either one of her brothers back in the day had the timing been right. (Not sure they would have dated me though.) I was her Maid of Honor (but not a very good one because i was poor and distracted by dating back in 1987) when she married again (Emma's dad). She brought me Guiness Stout and Vanity Fair when i had pneumonia and Brian was out of the state. And she made me pajama pants during another time i was sick after my nephew died. She sent me a card in the mail every day during that time. 

My husband says of her, "Your friend Sarah is such a good friend to you, she's a good egg." So Happy Birthday, louie/Sarah!  

You are indeed a 'good egg', but not one that cracks,  because you know that eggs do not dance with stones and we're both stones. (Neither of us do needy high maintenance friends well. )

2. I just got in from running in 80+ degrees in the hot sun. I am not complaining because i already complained way too much that it was cold and cloudy. But i'm mentioning it now to say i weighed myself before and after. And i lost nearly a full pound of water weight from that run! (short 1/10ths)

3. I have been watching Shark Week on Discovery. I love shark stuff, ever since i read the book Jaws and saw the movie. But then, I have nothing to worry about, i don't even swim in our pool, much less the ocean. I'm thinking it's kind of mean for Discovery to have Shark Week during the summer when people want to play in the ocean the most.  

4. I went to work for four hours today cause it's money time of the month. It wasn't so bad because i knew it was only a half day and i got a lot done. But i still am not ready to go back. Normally i am by now, but not this year. 

5. I hope my union goes on strike. Then i'm done. If that happens i think i will take 6 months off and then look for a job. But i doubt my union is dumb enough to go on strike right now. We can't be THAT greedy. 

6. So the Debt Debate is in tentative agreement. I haven't watched TV yet today to see when the Senate vote is happening, but i expect it might be today? or is it over already? I doubt it, because the Breaking News on Comcast as i logged in was about a near death experience that Lou Diamond Phillips had years ago on the set of Young Guns.....

Anyway,  I have no idea what to think about this outcome, but i loved the article by conservative columnist Kathleen Parker. She started it out: 

"Take names. Remember them. The behavior of certain Republicans who call themselves tea party conservatives are the most destructive posse of midguided "patriots" we've seen in recent memory."

The names she lists (and i am sure that there will be more to come): Michele Bachman (of course), co-founders Jenny Beth Martin, Mark Meckler, and Judson Phillips; Rep Jim Jordan (Ohio); and South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. 

7. I imagine nobody in Congress wants any polls taken about their popularity these days, which must hover around Gaddafi's or Casey Anthony's, take your pick. 

8. louie, i bought a chardonnay today called "Emma Pearl" because of the name. I'll let you know how it is. Ask Emma if she has heard of it. I hope it's good cause it was almost $18. 

9. OK, that's all i got for now. How is everybody's summer going? I'm glad for these last few days of sun before going back to work next Monday!


jojo cucina cucina said...

The Emma Pearl chardonnay is indeed a really good one, a nice big buttery one. I will buy it again.

louielouie said...

Thank you jo!!

And happy birthday to me!!

Ron and I are at Cannon Beach. The Oregon coast is gorgeous and the weather is fantastic. We sat out on the beach yesterday and read for hours. I finally read "The Help"; great book. I’ve had it for so long but just haven’t been reading lately. Have a couple more novels with me, a hard back one of Jo's I'm thinking of taking to the hot tub.

I have a farmers’-tan type sunburn. You can see exactly where my sunscreen from my shoulders stopped. Never put any on my forearms I guess. My legs, of course, are as pale as ever.

We took nice long walks yesterday morning and evening at low tide. It is beautiful – I tried to take a picture on my phone (of course I did not bring my camera) but don't know how to save. I could just use pictures from the last few times we were here but it hasn’t been this sunny in quite a while.

Had to get a small bottle of Tangueray, not in a beer mood, but screwed up and bought diet tonic – not the same at all. Steamed clams and fresh bread for dinner last night. Hit the pool and hot tub after our walk. Life is good.

Today we are going to Tillamook via a scenic route so we can take some walks at other beaches. Tomorrow I think it’s back to sittin’ and readin’. Thursday night Emma and her friend Kiersten will join us for two nights then it’s back home for a Saturday wedding.

louielouie said...

Speaking of our love for Michele Bachmann, "conversion therapy — a controversial psychotherapy that tries to help gay men and women become straight — is in the news again. Marcus Bachmann, the husband of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, runs a counseling clinic that reportedly provides the therapy." A story worth listening to.

jojo cucina cucina said...

YOur trip sounds great, louie. I wasn't sure you would be checking in. I think the movie for The Help comes out on August 19.

Are you sewing?

bawahahaha on my book in the hot tub! I think you are talking about Faithless? I liked that book and so did Marie. It was on the list of best summer reads. I just finished a really good book called "Prayers for Sale". It's not in paperback though - it was loaned to me. I would rather read from paperbacks than hardbacks. It might be time for a Kindle!

I hope your farmer's tan doesn't interfere with your wedding guest attire. I know how you LOVE to show LOTS of skin at those kinds of affairs.

I read about why Adam Smith voted no on the Debt Ceiling agreement and agreed with him. He did say had it looked like it was not going to pass he would have re-thunk it.

STeamed clams and bread sound great! What did you get for your birthday?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Today is my mom's birthday and my brother Troy and i are taking her to lunch at his girlfriend's Pam's new hamburger joint and then out to Chambers Golf Course to sit outside and have drinks. (louie, i'll let you know how she likes her apron. )

I better get going!

jojo cucina cucina said...

louie, Elodie loved her apron. At first she thought i made it . She especially liked that it was reversable and had good coverage (because she is a messy cook).