Sunday, August 21, 2011

Correct me if i am wrong.....

1. But it seems like the country is starting to view Barack Obama in the same way that they did Jimmy Carter back the end of his first term.

2. That Rick Perry is the incarnate of George W. Bush, only in a way that pisses me off, more appealing. And i do believe Rick Perry will be the Republican nominee.

3. That many/some Americans seem to like stupid people more than smart people, especially when electing a president.

4. That it makes no sense to buy some things organic...say like.... avocados, bananas, melons.

5. That we look better than our mothers did when they were the age that we are now, mostly because of the styles, especially hair!

6. it used to be more fun going out to the movie theater. I think that's because i don't get to wear my pajamas and lay down on a pillow.

7. It's harder to find music i like on iTunes. I think i might not be their demographic.

8. The more strident and obnoxious a person is on TV the more famous they get.

9. We actually have to be reminded sometimes that there are wars going on because it seems easy to forget unless you have a family member fighting in it.

10. Reading anything in our local news is likely to give one hypertension or agoraphobia or enough to make even a bleeding heart liberal to want to go out and buy a gun.

11. Enunciating your words perfectly is irritating to anyone who has to hear it.

12. Chewing gum is low rent.

13. Obnoxious and immoral people never really change.

14. Passive aggressive people are some of the most obnoxious people on the planet. Because you can never win with them. You just have to kick their ass and make it hurt.

15. Women have it worse than men because menopause sucks and lasts far far too long which is not fair, considering women already have to go through childbirth and getting old looks worse on us than on them. i think this needs to be renegotiated with God or whoever is in charge of this.

So what would YOU add?


Amanda said...

I can't tell the difference between Rick Perry and George Bush audio clips. I want them both to go away. I want Obama to come back from vacation refreshed and ready to kick some ass.

This morning, I found a Stridex pad on the sidewalk and immediately flashed back to being a zitty 14-year-old. I didn't even know Stridex pads still existed. Did you ever use those? They had to be the worst things for acne. They just made your whole face look like a zit. I'm glad teenagers today are suffering like I did. Good looking teenagers always become asshole adults. An ugly phase builds character.

I don't know what my mom looked like at my age. I do know I'm taller ;)

That's about all I have today. I want to eat junk food and watch People's Court.

louielouie said...

1. I am a lousy blog-poster.

2. Rick Perry is scary-crazy.

3. It’s not even September yet and I am tired of working.

4. I think Im supposed to believe the leadership team one day team-building inservice we had earlier in the month will make everyone get along, do their jobs, behave like adults and treat me decently this year.

5. I am making a new nightgown using my old (best ever) nightgown as a pattern. I am not doing a good job but will wear it anyway.

6. I bought a great black dress and am having it altered so you can’t see inside the armholes. I hate that. Lots of times the armholes are too big for me. Really it’s that my chest (above the bust, not sure what you call it) is smaller than the rest of me so I get a weird gap. Good thing I have nice bras ‘cause you can look in and see them. Maybe I’m too old for sleeveless anyway. Too bad if I am; the dress is being altered as we speak.

7. I don’t like movie theaters because the sound is too loud and the lights too bright. Oo, maybe I’m tool old for movies. I can watch movies at home because I can iron or do a crossword at the same time. And go to the bathroom as many times as I want.

8. Why do men look better fat than women do?

9. Got to get back in my exercise routine, but it is soooo hot after work.

jojo cucina cucina said...
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jojo cucina cucina said...

i did NOT mean to write anti-biotics. I know it's not really hyphenated! LOL

jojo cucina cucina said...

Damn i wish i had an edit button. Seems like the blog boss should at least have one!

I meant to say that three other jurors felt like i did (that the defendant was innocent), not four other people since there are only 6 jurors.

The Kennedy book i just read is called "The Last Campaign". Now i am reading Louise Erdich's book "Shadow Tag". It's going to be a good one, i can tell.

jojo cucina cucina said...

This is copied and pasted from above the post correcting my use of the word 'antibiotic'. I had something in there that was could have been too much identification for the internet, so i took it out.

Amanda. I totally remember Stridex and all that acne stuff that never worked. I had terrible acne since the time i was about 12 or 13. And nothing worked, not the anti-biotics from the dermatologist, not Clearsil, nothing. The only thing that cleared up my skin was the sun. And that's why i've loved it ever since.

louie, i might be retired on Aug. 31. Our union is getting hotter on the bargain and i cannot believe it. A few other things factor into my decision than the fear of strike. One of them of course, is the karma that we just paid off our house last week, earlier than i expected. The other is that i rather relish the idea of leaving quickly and abruptly not because i want to leave my office in the lurch, because i do like some of the people , but because i hate the fanfare and drama of a retirement. I could come back on a contract to train the new person so they aren't left hanging.

I think i would join the YMCA again and buy a sewing machine. Take a couple of classes. Then start looking again for a job after the holidays. Let me know of anything.

I'll know more after they finish bargaining this weekend.

Re: movies. Going to the bathroom as many times as i want is a HUGE deal for me, besides wanting to wear my pajamas.

I had jury duty for that last two days. I am going to blog about it separately because it was quite the experience. I was afraid i might hang the jury because i felt so strongly about my position. I was so happy to find out that four people felt the same. Two people went the other way. I told them i was not changing my mind and would keep us all there until midnight the next day if i had to so i had nothing more to say. The other kid who felt strongly (I say kid cause he was about 24 years old) said he was not budging at all, even though we through our best arguments to him. So we hung the jury. But it was cool how we got to talk to the judge and be polled afterwards.

It was a long day. But i felt good afterwards. Then we went with my brother Scott and Marie and walked Chambers Golf course and then had some appetizers and a drink. It was HOT. Then it got cold on the deck. You gotta our summers.

I love that What Not to Wear turned me on to altering clothes. I even have my jeans altered in the waist now, so i totally get the arm holes thing.

I read today somewhere that in Perry's own words in that Fed Up book that he calls Social Security a Ponzi scheme. OMG. is he so stupid that he doesn't remember that old people VOTE!!!!!

I'm scared that we might find ourselves living in a country where American people vote for George W. AND Rick Perry.

I just finished reading a book about Bobby Kennedy's campaign of 82 days. It was an awesome and sad kind of read. Sad to know that this man was truly probably too great a man to actually be president. I might blog about some of this book at a later date because he had some great responses to his audiences while campaigning that are brilliant. I wish more politicians were like him, including Obama. That dude could kick some ass.

equeyaya said...

I don't know if I can do a correct me if i'm wrong post. so I'll just do random thoughts.

1. taking mel back to school tomorrow. it's been an interesting summer with lots of changes. it will be interesting to see what the fall has to bring.

2. i thought i was in great shape with all of the walking that i do. then i started hiking. omg. all of those hills and climbing over rocks is kicking my ass. it should get me in even better shape, i hope.

3. i'm starting to get excited about my riding trip to spain in october. i haven't been on a riding trip for two years, and i've really missed it. it will be great to vacation with the cowgirls again.

4. next year we are planning to go back to italy to celebrate barb and tom's 5th anniversary. hard to believe it's been that long since we were there for their wedding.

5. there is a hurricane coming this weekend, saturday night into sunday. i hope my house is okay.

6. i am watching jimmy fallon on dvr. it's an episode from last month with justin timberlake. i love justin timberlake.

7. i told grace's friend charley that i always wanted a son, and he volunteered for the position. he's listed as my son on facebook now, which means it must be true. he's a great kid, my son.

8. grace and her boyfriend just came home so we are going to order pizza and stuff for mel's last night here. then we are going to pack up the cars so we can just roll out first thing in the morning. hope i get back home before the storm hits....

9. i got a new phone on monday and i really love it. but today it crashed and wouldn't turn back on and i was kind of freaking out. i took it back to the store and they took the battery out and put it back in and it was fine. then they showed me some stuff to do to prevent it from crashing again. i hate feeling so dependent on technology, but i feel like i need to be accessible for my kids and we don't have a landline here.

10. as far as politics... i'm kind of checked out, disillusioned, sick of the drama. nothing ever seems to change. so i just try not to think about it. and i rarely watch television anymore.

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque, i SO love your #7! I am going to look for your son on your page!

I love Justin Timberlake too, but i never did until I saw him on SNL.

Today i talked with an actuary about my retirement. If i am retired next week it's better than i thought it was going to be. HOWEVER, had i not wasted my time taking a vacation at home i would be be able to add all of that time on to my retirement calculation and that amounts to $400 MORE on my gross retirement monthly salary. THAT is a lot of money and now i almost wish i didn't know that before having to decide this. I just never thought we would get down to the wire at all so i didn't think about saving it. This is dumb of me and it may make me take a risk.

So i'm thinking i'll wait and see what happens this weekend while they bargain. My new plan would be to set a retirement date of 3 years from now - 2014 and fully retire without having to get a job. In the meantime, now that i know what i need to live on, i'm going to try and bank the difference until then.

If it looks like we might lose the COLA on our retirement, then i definitely know what to do... the problem is i doubt we will know that for sure by next week... But even the actuary agreed with me that i would be totally stupid not to get out now in order to keep it.

I don't like when things are not black and white. I do not like risks. I do not like doing things on the fly. I do not like surprises. I think i need to take a Xanax every day until this is over. But i only have two left over from my last travels.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Ok, now i'm going to go take my blood pressure.

jojo cucina cucina said...

woowoo.... it's 108/76. !!!! I guess i don't need that Xanax after all. I'm coping just fine. I think i'll go pour a glass of wine.

jojo cucina cucina said...

LOL, eque. Charley looks nothing like you! Maybe a little around the eyes.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I have nothing else to do but add to my blog in an attempt to make myself look more popular. (and i'm still working towards that goal of one blog post a week for the year!) So i will add that i think i am going to get a copy of Rick Perry's book "Fed Up" which he so proudly pimped on Jon Stewart's show last winter (where my jaw dropped watching him look and sound so much like Bush it scared me right out of the Christmas spirit) that his campaign is now sort of wanting to pretend didn't exist. I want to be have ammunition. I love presidential politics. I have since Jimmy Carter's campaign the first time i could vote.

It would be more fun if Michele was the candidate, but i think we're up against Perry.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Let me add this. I am not going to BUY his freaking book. I am going to go to the library and check it out. And i'm going to check it out under an assumed name with a new library card. What should my fake library card name be?

I'm thinking :

Ethel Blankenship

equeyaya said...

Laura Bush, bwahahahaha!!!! You are so funny.

Isn't Charley cute? Definitely adopted though. He just started a poetry page on facebook. So proud.

equeyaya said...

oh, ps, (once i post here once, i can post again without the multiple clicks), since I am homebound with this hurricane, i plan to spend the evening drinking wine and painting my toenails. Mel is safely off to school. Grace is at her boyfriend's and will be home by 11pm before it gets too bad. I just hope the power holds! I am ready with candles and I got all of the stuff off the floor in the basement. We'll see what tonight brings.... other than pink toenails.

jojo cucina cucina said...

LOL with the painting of toenails. I wasn't even thinking you are so close to Hurricane Irene where you might even have an outage, eque! I hope your basement doesn't flood! I actually think power outages are adventures! Except not that year it was out for days in February and the house was only 41 degrees inside!

equeyaya said...

Where Jeff is is pretty close to the eye. I don't want a power outage until my handyman gets back from vacation and installs my battery backup sump pump. The sump pump is working overtime tonight.