Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i have no idea what's on my mind...

...but it never stopped me before. 

Menu of the Day: 

Music: right now it's Springsteen's Ghost of Tom Joad. 

Best Thing that Happened this Week: i'm still thinking......i'll get back to you. 

Book: i resisted this book before and i'm not sure why because i'm reading it now and LOVING it. Y'all have probably heard of it: Cutting for Stone . It's always prominently displayed these days in bookstores. 

(I think this makes book #14 this summer for me.)

What I am procrastinating about: I need to take those classes with the Apple Store so i can do the Microsoft applications like Word and Excel, not to mention the music stuff. I miss my iTunes!!!!

What i have accomplished this week: I'm still thinking....i'll get back to you. 

On with the randomness....


1. I HATE the commercial for the Shake Weight, don't you? Have you seen this stupid commercial?  An overbuffed muscle-y dude is shown BEFORE his 6 minutes with the stupid Shake Weight and then they show him after he's worked out with the Shake Weight for awhile. It's the same guy only his body is even grossly more buff. I hate guys who love their body that much. 

2. The Shake Weight looks like a workout tool for how to give a better hand job without throwing out your wrist. Everyone says that. And nobody needs six pack abs in order to give a good hand job. I'm pretty sure. 

3. Having said all this, for something like only $26, it would make a great gag gift. 

4. I went back to work this week. What made it easier was the weather hasn't been all that great. It's been somewhat cloudy and not making me beg for margaritaville time at all. I also like having lots of stuff to do with time to do it and this time of year makes it easier. I swear i felt the touch of autumn in the air today. 

5. Did everyone see Matt Damon and his mom (who is a teacher) speak up for teachers? i YouTubed it on Facebook. But i also found out that Lawrence O'Donnell did a whole thing on his The Last Word segment. 

6. Matt Damon is my niece Kylee's new husband pick. Too bad she gave up blogging so she won't see this. 

7. I don't have that much on my mind after all so i guess i will stop. I was just getting tired of seeing Tabatha's photo at the top of the other post. I love her, but she's a little bit scary.


equeyaya said...

music: silence... i've been doing that more now. i think i'm in a better place in my head that i'm not always looking for music to calm me down anymore.

best thing that happened this week: getaway last weekend to the poconos.

book: still the hunger games... haven't had a lot of time for reading.

procrastinating: lots of work stuff. i feel like i am in a rut at work.

accomplished: got the blinds put up on the upstairs windows. the house is coming together.


1. i feel like my life is settling into a good place. there is still uncertainty and drama and anxiety and stress. but somehow i feel better equipped to deal with it. i think i finally feel like a grown up.

2. i still am so thankful for my friends and the support they have given me. but i am beginning to feel more self reliant.

3. i'm glad the temperature and humidity has dropped.

4. even as i don't know what the future will bring, i'm excited to find out.

5. i am procrastinating a lot at work and there are a lot of worries and a lot of issues. but when i focus on the day to day and talking and connecting with people, i feel like i'm in a good place.

6. i love my girls for who they are. i'm proud of them for their individuality and their perseverance. they are cool, interesting people who make the world a better place.

7. facebook has forced its "groups" that are in an old format to update. somehow this has caused the group from my hometown to become very active. it's so funny to see so many people, most of whom i have no idea who they are, posting about all of these old places i remember and things that happened. very cool.

8. things like that are why i stay on facebook.

9. umma

10. i kept going because i wanted to do a 9. umma post. it's been a while.

11. of course i can always find more things to say.

12. but for now i won't.

13. tomorrow is another day.

14. i will be on vacation tomorrow and monday, doing stuff around the house.

15. happy weekend, everyone!

jojo cucina cucina said...

equeyaya, i hear you on the silence! I have loved when i had the opportunity to read outside on my patio with no music or outside noise. I love reading in silence more than i used to. But when the screaming meemie brats are out there, the remote speakers come out. And that is the case right now - i have Patti Griffith playing while i get ready to pour a glass of chardonnay and read outside. (I get off early on Fridays and it's a beautiful day!)

You sound so great! You'll have to write me about the poconos!

I am reading a lovely book, and i don't ever use the word 'lovely', but i do in this case. I LOVE the book Cutting for Stone. Had no idea i would like it so much. I don't often go for novels that are with other cultures and countries and tend to stick to family kind of novels, the more f*cked the family, the better. But i loved The Kite Runner and House of Sand and Fog and never expected to. So i gave it a try.

There is a 17th follower to this blog and i'm trying to figure out who it is. I wish you would post, 27th follower! And the 26th follower too!

Happy vacation, Barbara!

equeyaya said...

Thanks! It's really just a long, 4-day weekend. I need to get a lot of stuff accomplished. Now that it has cooled down and we've had some rain, I think I need to cut the grass. I also want to finish hanging pictures this weekend.

Check your email!!