Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stuff That is Befuddling

Menu of the Day:

Music playing: i just bought a cd off iTunes by The Everybodyfields. It was one of those Recs for You. It's blue grassy and i actually like it.

The best thing that happened this week: I designed and drew out plans for our custom computer work station for our back bedroom on Thursday, met with the cabinet maker on Friday  nd went to my nephew's post-wedding reception on Saturday. Very productive week!

Ways i am being bad: I did run today and actually added an extra 10 minutes. So i'm not feeling totally guilty missing my 10 minute core workout and it's the third day. (I'll do it tomorrow).

Book: I finished What is the What by Dave Eggers (about the Lost Boys of Sudan). And also the new book by the Still Alice author. The new book is called Left Neglected and was so good i read it within 24 hours. Now i'm reading the book The Descendants, which is a new movie out starring George Clooney.

Product endorsement!  I think i've mentioned my obsession with finding the perfect foundation for my terrible skin. I have older skin but it was so acne prone until my 40's and has been so sensitive that nearly all moisturizers create havoc with it.  But i think i may have found the perfect foundation for my older skin. It's Clinique called Even Better. It really does feel great and it's oil free and goes on nicely and covers well. AND it was difficult to choose between not one but two colors that seemed to work perfectly for me. That hardly ever happens. Plus my Lancome was $45 an ounce and this is less than $25.

OK. on with the Bedfuddlements....


1. What is up with those Mormon commercials? Seriously? Is Mitt Romney's campaign funding these? Where will it stop? We probably need We are Muslim commercials more than this actually when i think about it. But what about We are Jewish. We are Catholic. Does the Mormon church really have that much money? Because these are very well done and must cost a bundle.

2. I am befuddled by Rick Perry and how he can possibly still be considered a valid candidate, but you watch, he will be. His "Oops" is exactly like Howard Dean's scream.  It's interesting to me that while the Dean Scream was ad nauseam played over and over, the Oops isn't as much, though it's getting a lot of attention.

3. Skinny jeans. Nobody, i mean nobody, looks good in these things. You have to be about 6 and half feet tall to pull these off, most of that legs,  and wear a size 1. I think only Giselle can rock the skinny jeans.

4. Those longs blanks on cds where you get a surprise song at the end. What is up with the dead air and why does anyone think this is a good idea? I have made playlists for folks from iTunes and forget that mofro's song Brighter Days has a long blank space before they do some improvisation. It's just stupid.

5. If Kim Kardashian doesn't make a case for gay marriage. I don't know what does. (I include myself and J-Lo in this too.)  I bet the divorce rate among gay couples would be far far less, per capita.

6. iMac Excel befuddles me. I LOVE Excel on a PC . But i can't figure out this 'Office' version for the Mac.

7. What the hell is going on in Greece anyway? Do i have to care about all of this?

8. In our state we voted in an initiative that got the state out of the liquor business, put people out of work, made it alittle bit scary for rural area convenient stores and was a record breaking money spender. Costco spent more than 22 and half million dollars to buy this vote. This pisses me off royally.

And honest to god, do we really need Kirkland Vodka? And is adding all the hard stuff going to cut down on the variety of wines to make room?

9. Blogger befuddles me. But i guess since it's free, i can't complain too much.

That's all i got for now, but i'll be back.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Only 7 more to go to reach my goal!

louielouie said...

Kirkland Vodka

Gallons by the case

equeyaya said...

#4 is my favorite. you sent me the brighter days song. those "hidden tracks" drive me bonkers. and i'm totally with you on the mormon PR campaign. i haven't seen it. do they talk about what they actually believe in? because they're nuts if you ask me. and i would totally base not voting for romney on that.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I should put up a YouTube of the commercials, but i almost don't want them to have any hits. They are actually good commercials.

I've been in a bad mood all day and i'm a bit befuddled about it. I think it's cause i know i will never need my sunglasses for the next 5 months while driving to and from work among other shitty work things.

I've had to organize stupid t-shirts and buttons about the legislative cuts AND keep track of this weekend's retirement RSVPs, stuff that really belongs to the parrtimer receptionist's job and i have an audit tomorrow all day.

Now that i know my retirement date i really am ready to go. sort of like how you have to pee really bad and you hold it for a long time, but as you get physically closer to getting to a toilet you almost can't wait that extra 5 seconds it takes to pull your pants down. Know what i mean?

Also i am already pissy about the holidays now that Thanksgiving is coming. I feel behind already because i have NO ideas. And the two moms keep asking me what i want for Christmas and the truth is i wish i could just say to everyone let's not do presents at all! I have no idea what i want for Christmas, but i have learned to be specific with the moms or i will get something odd that might hurt their feelings because i don't display them. (Like the cute cartoony mother/daughter plaques that my mom is so fond of buying me.)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Really? nobody has anything to add? Damn.

jojo cucina cucina said...

You know what else is befuddling? i was thinking about this after trying to watch a movie on cable tv. Why would anyone ever watch a movie on cable tv again? This is not an exaggeration that once you are into a movie after about 45 minutes (once they hook you) you get maybe 8 minutes of the movie and then 8 minutes of commercials and so on and so on. I watched 'In the Line of Fire' the other day and finally turned it off because by the last 20 minutes the commercials were longer than the movie.

TV better figure this shit out and quit being so greedy about the commercial time they need because i don't see us watching anything on TV when we can DVR it or whatever.

Another befuddlement is anyone trying to defend the whole Penn State fiasco. Really, you stupid ass college kids rioting because Paterno was fired? How would you feel if those kids were your little brother? I saw the Costas interview with Sandusky. That interview alone is enough to convict him. He's a classic pedophile. And Paterno should have done something so in my mind, the mom who should protect her children from the abusive father/husband....he is even MORE guilty because he is more normal.

And while we are on the subject. I will forever and always be befuddled why any athlete should make millions of dollars for a God given talent while a teacher makes shit for money.

OK, now i think i'm getting on a roll. ...let's see what else do i think about?...

I am befuddled by:

* anyone who doesn't read books
*anyone who doesn't drink wine
*anyone who doesn't vote
*anyone who is vegan but still wears leather shoes
*anyone who votes Republican right now
*Croc shoes.
*i am befuddled by how quickly we move from pop culture stuff and technology.
*I am befuddled by people who entertain but never have music playing while doing so

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

We need Kirkland Vodka just like we need Kirkland bourbon. Soon Kirkland will take over the world...bwahahahahaa...

Look at my post from today. You can see the real thing re hives. Since July 6th this is what I've dealt with. With no answers. I'm a tired girl.

Advent starts the 27th so if I was in a church with a real choir, we'd be practicing Christmas music already. I feel like that's ok. I haven't got my decorations down yet. It's all fall and Turkey Day in my house now.

I love my crocs. They saved my life when I broke my foot. The shoe was high enough to balance out the other one with the walking boot.

My favorite Vouvray is on sale at Total Wine. I'm going to get 2 bottles tomorrow.