Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who i would choose to put on Mt Rushmore....

Menu of the Day: 

on iTunes: Jason Isbell

In my glass: a really great Old Vine zinfandel by Dry Creek. I got it from Costco and it cost about $20 and is so worth it. On my first glass. 

Book: I just finished a really good book The Descendants, which is a movie starring George Clooney. I totally see Clooney in this role. I loved the character of Sid. I just started Diane Keaton's autobiography. (I used to have a girl crush on her back from the Annie Hall Days. ...much like by girl crush on Ali McGraw during the Love Story years. )

Ways I've been a bad girl: I missed my 10 minutes workout. I'm having more trouble sticking to my No Miss More than Two Day rule with this workout. It's easy with running, but not so much with the On Demand. (Also i'm having murderous thoughts about a co-worker.) 

Ways I've been a Good Girl: It's Saturday but i  worked today for a pre-retirement workshop today and late last night. The women who put this on  just love me because i'm so organized and do a lot of the work to make it easy for them. I also bought a couple of Christmas presents! Yay for me!

Ok, on with it: 


1. I saw this post on Facebook today from a work colleague and loved the question: If you had to choose what authors should be on Mt Rushmore, who would you pick? My answer is: Richard Russo (TxGrits are you still reading? i always think of you cause i know you love him too); John Irving; John Steinbeck; and  Barbara Kingsolver, (or Louise Erdrich, it's a toss-up). 

2. Who would NOT be on Mt. Rushmore: The author of The Shack; The Twilight author; Jodi Picoult (because i think she sold out) and John Grisham (same reason). 

3. My music Mt. Rushmore would be: Van Morrison, Ryan Adams, Joni Mitchell, and Springsteen. 

4. This has nothing to do with Rushmore, but it just now reminded me that for three nights in a row i've had weird dreams and i'm in danger in each one, but luckily wake up before i think i'm going to die. And for some reason, Neil Young was in last night's dream. Weird. 

5. Maybe Neil's mad because i didn't put him on Mt. Rushmore!

6. The people in my family i would put on Rushmore: My grandmother Bop (who was the first person i remember ever being in my corner and who took care of me when i was very little); my husband (who is always in my corner now); my brother Troy (who has lived through more shit than any person should but is still standing strong in a way that i don't think i would be, even though i think i'm a tough cookie); and Kylee (for obvious reasons to anyone who knows me or have been following this blog). 

7. Movie stars on Rushmore:  At one time i would choose Jack Nicholson. And maybe he should be on there, so i'll go with him, Cuckoo's Nest alone is deserving by itself). Meryl Streep (I know, i know....almost cliche); Johnny Depp (because i think he's underrated) and Brad Pitt (for the same reason). 

8. News folks on Rushmore: Jon Stewart (he counts as news folks!); Anderson Cooper; Rachel Maddow; and Brian Williams. 

9. Movie stars who should NOT be on Rushmore: That Jacob dude from the Twilight movies. He's cute, but a terrible actor; Nicholas Cage; Meg Ryan (she's just annoying to me and i believe i would not like her in real life at all because she seems too high-maintenance); I'll come back and add the fourth one cause i just drew a blank and i know there is some actor out there i really hate but who is really popular. 

I might come back with a #10, i drew a blank just now. 


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I've been to Mt Rushmore but I don't have any ideas.....but I will tell you that on a sunny winter day after a big snow fall, with white covering everything, you understand why Gustav Borglum chose that piece of mountain.

1. David Mc Cullough, his books are amazing
2. J. K. Rowling, her books lead a whole generation of new readers to read
3. Edith Wharton, not afraid to challenge the status quo
4. John Steinbeck, wrote colorful books in black and white.

Authors No:
1. Harold Robbins
2. Nora Roberts

1. The Beatles
2.Frank Sinatra
3. Duke Ellington
4. Woody Guthrie

No Music
1. Most male groups post 1985
2. Most if not all female singers post 1995

I don't think any movie stars are worthy
I agree with your news people, though Walter Cronkite could be added

Sounds good to me.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i lovethat you're almost ALWAYS first, amulbunny! It's why i check back here after posting. Actually i thought of Walter Cronkite! but decided to go with more current folks.

I used to love reading Harold Robbins when i was about 14 or 15 years old. that's where i learned about blow jobs! ha! THAT;s something your parents don't teach about when they give you the sex talk.... And actually i never got the sex talk from the parents anyway. It's amazing i wasn't a slut in high school since what i learned about sex came from Harold Robbins and Grace Metalious (I think that's the name of the writer of Peyton Place).

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh yeah, and Jacqueline Suzann.... Valley of the Dolls.

louielouie said...

So am I building my own Mount Rushmore from scratch or do I just add someone? If what I do is add heads, I would choose Cary Grant from North By Northwest because he is so divine in the movie and it just fits. Maybe I would add Alfred Hitchcock too. Both their faces would look fantastic huge and in stone. Maybe also my dad. He had a serious nose and would look awesome in granite next to Roosevelt, or Hitchcock. I would not add Drew Barrymore even though I like her a lot because her chin is too big and it would mess up the proportions. I also would not add Owen Wilson for the same petty reason; I just don’t think his 60-foot head would be a good thing. I am thinking of them because we saw Drew and Luke Wilson in Best Men last night a “dark romantic comedy” or something.

I am so shallow; my choices are all about how the mountain would look. I suppose I should have said Mother Teresa and 3 other do-gooders whose names I don’t know.

I would like to go see Mt Rushmore again. I think I must have been 12 or so when I was here before. I have a Mt Rushmore charm from the gift shop to prove it. It was on the way, naturally, to Wisconsin on our bi-yearly August car trip. I would like to do a road trip and see some places again like Glacier National Park (I have a bear charm from there) and Yellowstone and places I never got to see. We never went very far south (haven’t been to the Grand Canyon) or east of Wisconsin. We went even fewer places with our own kids, never had enough days off in a row but did have some great adventures on Vancouver Island.
So now I want to drive and pull my new Eddie Bauer Airstream trailer. They are sweet!! I’m pretty sure that if I had $78,000 and Toyota Tundra I would get one.

Jo I want to read the Descendants. Do you own it? Do I have time before I see the movie?

Been Bad:
My exercise routine has gone to the dogs. I followed my 4 day in a row of working out with 4 days in a row of not. Served grocery store take-out Chinese for dinner. Want to put on my pj pants and watch TV for the rest of the evening (it’s 7:45) and see if Ron will go it gas for my car and a new filter for the fridge. I love the water dispenser in my fridge door. Because the freezer is on the bottom there is not ice in the door, which /I didn’t want any way. I didn’t want the water either, but now that I have it I like it. It is the only good thing about my fridge. I have some schoolwork I have to get done this weekend but think I will wait until Sunday night. Also will not take time to read any of this over to see if it makes sense. I did spell check, but that doesn’t fix the skipped words. Was thinking of going back and editing or putting numbers in – but won’t.

Been Good:
Doing my exercises this morning of course. Got all my laundry done, sheets changed and so on. Also finished making a tote bag I have had cut out forever. Now that it’s done I can work on my nephew’s quilt.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oops,, again that f-ing mouse lost my post. louie, your dad did indeed have the kind of face that would look great Mt. Rushmore.

By the way i almost called you cause on MTV they were playing one of our favorite movies from our galpal trips: Hustle and Flow. Remember the song "It's hard out here for a pimp" won Best Song in the Academy Awards the next day after our trip? The only problem was every other word in the movie was bleeped out and every 5 minutes there was a commercial (see my previous blog post rant about watching movies on cable tv).

I think you should read the book before watching the movie The Descendants. I'll get it to you - so let's make a date i do own it. The reason i say this is because i don't often want to see movies at the theatre, but i was so interested in how the father (Clooney) and the kid Sid would be in a movie. I have a feeling it's one of those kinds of books that while the book is good, the movie is even better.

Disclaimer: i've never seen Mt. Rushmore. I'm the kind of person who if i traveled to South Dakota...(or shit, is it in North Dakoka? I really don't remember) would probably never even go there to see it unless it was near a beach or a bar.
How much sewing are you doing anyway?

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

My brother used to live in South Dakota (Rapid City) so it was expected to out there every trip. When I saw it in the winter, it was extraordinary.

Louie Louie, where in Wisconsin did you go? I grew up in central Wisconsin and miss it in the spring and fall.

We're sitting here in front of a fire while the rain pours outside.

JoJo, I used to sneak the Harold Robbins books into the bedroom to read. And later on as I got older Jackie Collins. She must be ancient now but she spins a good tale. Sex and violence always sells.

louielouie said...

We drove in August, all 6 of us in the Studebaker sedan, no station wagon for my dad. He had 4 weeks off but had no money so we needed to leave town. We went to southeast Wisconsin, straight up from Dubuque very other year and the off years we camped around Washington. It was always hot hot hot on the drive to the midwest and once we got there. It still fascinates me that kids can (could) come into the bars

Both my parents were from small farming towns so we did the entire grandparents cousin thing on both sides. My mom grew up in the larger of the two towns (Fennimore) and used to lord it over my dad that they had their own high school. He had to live in a boardinghouse to go to school in a neighboring town. We camped on the way to Wisconsin too, eventually moving from a tent to a travel trailer. Maybe that’s why I want the Airstream.

I wonder if the bad economy makes it even harder out there for a pimp?

I can go with sex in a movie, and I can go with violence in a movie but can’t do violent sex. Also any stolen, tortured, murdered children either. That kind if stuff give me nightmares. Same goes for books. Also, no Nazi books/movies. I’m probably the only one in the free world who has not seen Sophie’s Choice.

The only sewing I have left is a rag quilt for my nephew. Should be able to get it done. I'll get started today and figure out what kind of pies I'm making for Thursday. Oh yeah and my exercises too. Decided against the school work for now.