Thursday, December 22, 2011

Highlights of the Year 2011

Eleven for 2011:
I am not sure if i will have time to get my 52nd post in for the year 2011, so i'm going to do it today before my mother in law arrives since the computer is in the guest room. Here are highlights. 

1.  In congratulating myself on reaching my goal. Here is #1 pick for my best blog post in 2011.  I think i outdid myself on this one....Click below: 

IMO, the best jojo blog post

2. The end of the Iraq war. And why wasn't this bigger news? Even i forgot to hang out my flag. I should have been more excited since i marched against the war BEFORE it started. How did it end with a whimper? I think it's because we're still in Afghanistan. And who knows what's next? Iran? North Korea?

3. I got to retire! Officially i am done Dec. 31. Though i am working through August 2013. But i finally got to put an end date to my dissatisfaction with working for the union. It's making me do something different.

4. Brian's in a new blues band that he can be proud of and one i love to go listen to. When i first started dating Brian in 1992 he had a dumpy little bachelor house and in his living room in the corner was a set of drums he had since he was in high school. He would play them while i got ready to go out. Now he has two sets of newer drums and living the dream. 

5. I'm still running and nothing hurts. That is an accomplishment. 

6. The best book i read in 2011: Cutting for Stone

7. Best new artist: Jason Isbell

8. Favorite new show i started watching on TV: Property Brothers

9. We almost bought a house.... and then we didn't. 

10. As a direct result of not getting the house we remodeled part of our kitchen AND all of both bathrooms. And now we've also commissioned the cabinet makers to build us a custom computer work station which is ready in about two weeks.

11. Nobody i love died or got sick in 2011. (And i didn't murder anyone i hate.)

What are your highlights for the year? I know i probably have better ones than these but i'm doing these on the fly without much thought. 
I hope all of y'all have a great Christmas and new year! 


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. I was officially and permanently separated from the T S A. No tears were shed upon my leaving and I gave them all of my collected paraphernalia dating back to 2003.

2. We moved to a bigger home and it has a wonderful kitchen. And we have 2 decent parking spaces so one of us doesn't have to jockey for street spaces, and we don't have to pay the city for the privilege of parking on the street.

3. I signed a lot of petitions, I wrote my congressperson and senator and I was disgusted by the Republican Party and Tea Party in toto.

4. I wondered if Michelle Bachmann really is a dumb broad?

Can't think of much else.

Merry Christmas !!!

Amanda said...

I think 2011 was a bum year with only a few highlights. I rode a horse, had knee surgery...uhhh....I know there was more. There had to be, right? Well, I'm coming up blank. I think that means 2012 has to be better.

I heard a guy on Coast to Coast AM say that the Mayan calendar actually ended in 2004 (not Dec. 21, 2012), setting off a 7-year stretch of bad luck and general malaise. But, 2012 will begin a 7-year cycle of good stuff. The rational part of me knows it's BS, but I want to believe the kooks with good news. Do you listen to that show? It's seriously crazy, but I love it. An insomniac's best friend.

Happy New Year, Jo! What's ahead for 2012?

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey y'all. amulbunny and Amanda! I'm so over Christmas that i spent over 5 hours yesterday undecorating the house and putting it all away and Brian hauled it off to our storage for another year.

The Mayan calendar says the world ends on 12/12/12 which means maybe next year i won't have to spend 5 hours undecorating.

I got lots of stuff. A Kindle Fire and i'm finding it's a hoot to try and answer emails on. But it came in handy when i was making Beef Wellington because i had a play by play recipe with photos to follow since it was my first time. Brian also got me bowling lessons! Can't wait. And a memory foam mattress topper which gave me such backaches that we had to take it off and will be returning it. I really wanted to like that topper because it felt so different but we both got too hot during the night too. And my lower back is killing me and i usually never have back problems.

He also got me a cell phone with 1000 minutes for a year but i'm still thinking about taking that back too. Last time he gave me a cell phone with an hour of minutes and they expired in 3 months with 45 minutes left on them. That's how much i hate the phone.

Brian's mom was here a week and i'm now looking forward to laying low and just reading and taking a nap and doing what i want and not having to make idle polite chit chat. My family is hugely loud and Brian's family is hugely quiet and between the two i'm not sure where i fit in. It's exhausting sometimes.

What's ahead for 2012???

1. bowling lessons
2. i also want to take some cooking lessons
3. getting our computer workstation delivered
4. getting that will finally
5. organizing some get togethers with the condo folks here like we used to for our 99 card parties
6. a 5 day trip in Feb. to the river

God, i'm so boring.

susieatl said...

My 2011 ended with a bang. My HD cable box went out and my computer went pop and then dead. I'm on the work laptop not but it is not as easy to navigate. My mouse is ancient and won't plug in.

The Highlights for my year:

1. Going to Seattle. I'm really upset about the shooting at Ranier. We hiked there at that place and it was so pretty and peaceful. Hate that evil has reached such a serene spot.

2. Meeting JoJo in Seattle. It felt like home when I was getting a bit homesick.

3. My job went very well. We broke sales records again and my department kicked major ass even under horrible pressure. We also added a new wing and got new offices which are beautiful.

4. Amanda is grew a lot this year as her own person. Very proud of her.

5. Got the baby that was growing on my back removed. Now it is gone forever. Didn't hurt that my doc looks like the new Bachelor.

6. My trip to Florida. Lots of sun and rest just when I needed it.

What is in store for 2012?

1. Get my computer and cable fixed. Although I had BBC America on my old cable last night and watched Ab Fab for five hours. I don't get it with my HD for some reason.

2. Going to Las Vegas for work in April and possibly Canada this year. Never have been out of the country so this should be cool.

3. Redoing my kitchen. I'm removing the laminate that is nasty and going to paint the doors white. The cabinets are white but the doors turned a nasty nicotine yellow. I may replace the dishwasher as well.

3. Finally finish paying off my CCs. After the divorce, I was forced to use them for emergencies. I depleted my savings with the divorce and the custody battle three years later. So before I knew it I was 35K in cc debt. I took some drastic steps but in a month, I should finally pay off the last card. Now I plan to put every dime in savings till I have a very nice cushion.

I love my Nook..hope you love your Kindle.