Friday, December 2, 2011

Rest in Peace

Menu of the Day: 

Blog hits: as of today 22,715. Only 2 views today. :(

Wine: my first glass all week. Kind of rare for me cause i usually start the weekend on Thursday. It's Waterbrook Reserve Chardonnay. Pretty good, but not as good as the index card said.

iTunes: Dustin Kensrue's Christmas album. It's called "The Good Night is Still Everywhere". This is my favorite Christmas album of all that i own, i think cause it's so different from other traditional songs.

Least Favorite Christmas album: James Taylor's Christmas album. I know this will upset some people. But i think his voice is too whiney.

The Best Thing That Happened: Brian went out to to the Christmas Tree farm. I was at work. So using his iPhone he emailed me photos of trees he thought were potential Benedetti trees. It took about 14 emails, but in the end he found THE PERFECT tree. It's more petite and that's what i wanted. A tree that looks different from our past four years.

The Other Best Thing: I got my parents all done and a few things for Brian too. I'll be nearly done very sooon. My Dad  always wants a pair of 501 jeans, button fly. It's all he ever wears (except when he has to go to a funeral). His size is 33 waist, 30 length. He's so little! He gets smaller every year.

OK on with the blog post:



1. Herman Cain's campaign. I watched the Lawrence O'D's interview last night with the mistress. Why, i don't know.... Anyway i think she is credible and i believe HER and not Cain. However, what the hell was she doing? IMO, she's really pretty much prostituted herself  in the whole matter because she didn't even love the guy but accepted the money. And in 13 years you would think she might have been able to find a nice guy to really love. Anyway, i expect that Cain will announce he is out and will make it seem like he is protecting his wife in doing so.

2. Blogging...Rest in Peace. (And Fuck you Facebook for killing it.)  I'll probably keep this up because i like looking back at my own stuff when i'm bored to see what i was doing the year before and so on. It's a nice history and easier to track than if i wrote it out in journals like i used to do....

3. Rescue Me... Last night I finally finished all 7 seasons of this show that was about New York firefighters starring Denis Leary. It was one of the most misogynistic and homophobic and sexist shows on TV. IIn spite of that I loved this show. I think because it shined a light on how absurd it was to be that way, sort of like Archie Bunker in All in the Family. I love Denis Leary. But it was kind of funny to think that he was supposed to be such a magnet for hot chicks. He's not THAT good looking.

4. ....though in Season 5 he seemed to have buffed up quite a bit! In the first few seasons i think i could have beat him arm wresting. Then all of a sudden his arms were great and FX had him showing them off, in various stages of undress,  so much it was like he was Matt McConaughy..... but i digress from the topic...

5. Rest in Peace: My flat abs. I've been doing those stupid workouts on the On Demand. I hate doing them more than i hate running. I'm not sure how long i can keep this up.

6. Rest in Peace: my ability to get a good night's sleep. I haven't had much sleep all week because i've been coughing all night long. (But you didn't see me post about my cold on Facebook now did you?...No i didn't, because i hate when people do that. but  i don't mind posting it on my own blog because it's not exactly public and i am not looking for sympathy.)  However I have caught up on Morning Joe on MSNBC before going to work and i love that show. (Mika is so cool!) And if i get a chance i'll post the really cool commercial they have for their show.

(edited to add, i tried to get it up here, but it's not linked to YouTube so i can't.) I can from Googling that The Huffington Post has it on their website  right now. But i can't get bloggerspot to make it happen if it's not YouTube.

Huffington Post - and the jojo blog have a lot in common. Only they have about 9 million hits a day and i have 2.

7.  Also edited to add: How could i forget? .....My libido. Rest in peace.

8.  and my tolerance level for assholes and passive aggressive people especially. )

9. And my memory for names. I used to be so good at that! Last night when i was semi awake i was trying to think of the good looking congressman who left the U.S. House to run for the Senate and lost. He was on MSNBC.... I knew his first name was Harold. I had to Google his last name. It's Ford.


jojo cucina cucina said...

I only need four most posts to reach my goal of one blog post a week.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. Herman Cain is a lying SOB whose wife and kids were embarrassed by him. He was always out and about and she and the kids did their own thing. He should have never run for the nomination. Asshat.

2. Christmas Trees fall under the purview of my daughter as does most of the decorating. I bow to her greatness.

3. No booze for me for a while. I'm taking an immunosuppresant to see if that takes the hives away. I also had a blood test for some kind of bacterial infection in my gut, if that comes back positive we'll dx the heavy duty drug and go with antibiotics.

4. I am so damn mad at our Fox station. I wanted to see the Anderson Cooper talk show today, he had the man who wrote the book To Train Up A Child, which the parents of the adopted Ethiopian girl who died in Sedro-Wooley used as a Bible for discipline. I saw some clips and Anderson went after him like a pit bull. They also played the 911 tape where the mother said I think my daughter's dead, she's so rebellious. What the hell kind of mother would say those things? Make a kid sleep in a closet, use a porta potty that hadn't been cleaned in a year, take cold showers outside because she was positive for Hep B and they were afraid she'd give it to them by shaking hands or touching the same doorknob?
/rant over. It just makes me so mad.

5. I still can't believe my mother in law is gone. I'd write her a letter every 2 weeks to catch her up on the latest news from our family. She told me I was the best letter writer she had ever known. My husband is having a rough time now but I think he'll be ok.

6. I blogged 29 out of 30 days in November. It's going to be down to 2 or 3 days a week now maybe.

7. I'd like to throttle the wrong number that rang at 616AM today. Woke me out of a sound sleep. I should call them about 4AM. Ha.

8. I have 1 gift bought. Hopefully next week I can carve some money out of the paycheck to get some stuff done.

9. We had a dry hurricane blow through Wednesday night. Gusts over 50mph, airport had to shut down 2 runways due to flying debris, power failure at all the terminals so TSA couldn't run their machines. The San Gabriel Valley (about 30 miles from us) had over 400 trees down, houses destroyed by falling trees and debris, power is still out in some areas. I couldn't believe what we were hearing. It was so scary. Still have a wind warning through tomorrow.

10. My daughter's capricious lifestyle finally caught up with her. She's been on the go since she got back from Chicago. She got bronchitis and it took her throwing up blood to go to the doctor. Now she is taking better care of herself.

Peace and out.
The Bunny.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

The reason Fox didn't have the show on today was that damn PAC-12 championship game which just showed that UCLA was right to fire their coach.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny. Is there any way your mother in law may have kept the letters that you sent her? The reason i ask is that when my yaya grandmother in Louisiana Bop died, my yaya aunt Connie mailed me the letters with a big ribbon tied around them. The went back for years. And it was really cool to read back on them and it just gave me a nice connection after she died. (I still have the letters.) If her house hadn't burned down back in the 1970;s I would have been able to read letters from when i was 10 years old, which would have been really fun.

Anyway you might want to ask.

I missed that Anderson Cooper episode darn it.

susieatl said...

Herman only ran to make money on his books. I think he was a surprised as any that he pulled ahead. Do you still Margaret and Helen's blog? It's hard because they post rarely but they posted Thanksgiving and said it best, " Like it or not honey, Romney is taking you to the Prom".

I have to go into work tonight. They are painting the building and we are taking turns and somehow I got the short end of the straw and got Saturday night. I'll get tons done but I'm tired of it.

Right now I'm making my spicy chicken tortilla soup. I breathed in jalapeno steam and now my nose is on fire.

As for your cough..can you take Mucinex? It helps me when I get chest stuff.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I wonder, susieatl, what happens to Herman's leftover money?

I got my Christmas tree up with my niece's Kylee's help last night and then we all went out to see my husband's blues band play. They are SO good! My brother and nephew came too and they brought people. I'm so happy he's in a band he can be proud of.

My brother Scott is so funny. Brian records the bands music and that little device is pretty awesome for capturing the sounds. Anyway my brother picked it up and went all around the bar getting people's opinions of the music and they are pretty funny comments. he didn't even know the people he was talking to, though i imagine many of them were family/friends of the band. The place was packed.

I like my tree this year. It's tall but not quite as wide. and i like that. It only needed 5 strings of my LED lights. It's a very healthy tree and damn we have watered it 4-5 times a day! I'm going to have to come home and lunch again and take care of it.

louie, where are you? Amanda? EoDe..eque?

susie, spicy chicken tortilla soup sounds great! where did you get the recipe? I started buying those whole roasted chickens when i have to make something anymore that calls for cooked chicken so i don't mind making those kinds of dishes since i discovered that little shortcut. (I HATE skinning and boning raw chicken breasts!)

louielouie said...

So I am only posting because I have some student files I HAVE to go through tonight and don’t want to, so will put it off a little longer.

Our fake tree is up, not ornaments, but up. It actually looks pretty good.

I’m on day three of my Prednisone regime and my eyes are less red, puffy and itchy. I need to make an appointment with an allergist, not sure if I believe anything will help. I am so tired of this whole thing.

I made a delicious dinner tonight; a pepper encrusted pork loin with soy caramel sauce, baked yams and also slow roasted onions with melted cheese. The best thing is I will have good leftovers this week.

My brother and I need to figure out Christmas Eve dinner. We have got to simplify. We say that every year but always seemed to end up out of control.

Did my Jillian Michael’s workout at 7 F’n 45 this morning. Got to say not my usual amount of energy. Last week I tried level 2, OMG. I know I will never have flat abs even though I am faithful; I don’t think I have the gusto.

Too much work for much posting, I was absent from this blog all last week. Will try to do better. . .

Gmail wants me to add my cell phone to my account for security reasons, not sure if I should.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I wouldn't add your cell phone, louie. I don't trust anyone with my phone anymore and i need to take it off my checks. And when i donate to anything i'm going to make a fake phone number. I am sick of the solicitation for charities and Democrats. I used to LOVE taking surveys, but no longer.

Your pork loin sounds heavenly.

OK, gotta get to work.

Amanda said...

Sorry I haven't been posting. I have been reading, however.

I'm a little sad Herman Cain is out. He was such a nut, but he was humorous. When I think of it being Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, I feel queasy. Can I just go into a coma through next November? I don't want to hear either of those two assbags talk.

As far as shows, I'm obsessed with The Walking Dead right now. I love that show so much, even though if there were ever a zombie apocalypse, I'd totally be eating a rifle. I know it's a horrible thing to say, but there's no way I'd be clinging to life while armies of flesh-eating monsters chased me. I get depressed now and I face no threat of zombie attack. Life is already hard enough.

I also like taking surveys. I like thinking someone cares about my opinion.

Are you going to post a pic of your tree? I remember the pic from last year. It was so beautiful. Christmas lights and the candy cane Hershey's Kisses are the best things.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda! i've missed you! I'll have to get a photo of my tree up. I love Christmas trees! And i just love to sit in the front room and play music and stare at it, like looking into a campfire. I usually always find myself getting up though and switching an ornament around when i see something out of balance. HAHA!

I've seen the previews for Walking Dead but haven't watched. I was watching the American Horror Story or whatever it's called with Jessica Lange and Dylan McDermont (who's pretty hot annd buff in this for a 50 year old dude). It's pretty weird, in a similar way that Twin Peaks was.

susieatl said...

That's the link to the recipe I use. I just use if as a general guideline..I never make it exactly the same way twice. I love it cause I can freeze half of it and have soup whenever I want it.

And above is an article on how Herman is going to spend the 9 million he has raised. I do think paying his staff through the holidays is a good thing.

I just suddenly got that Britney Spears Womanizer song in my head..I wonder why???? Hmmmm.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey susieatl! Thanks for the link. I'm glad he doesn't get to spend it on himself. What i can't believe is that he even had folks donate 9 million in the first place!

jojo cucina cucina said...

OMGoodness. I think i just got done with my Christmas shopping! I had one more thing to get for my niece's boyfriend (A Lil Wayne t-shirt - the one where Lil Wayne is a baby) and that was it. I got the rest of it done at lunchtime today. YAYAYAY for me! Now it's time for the wrapping come Friday with an awesome bottle of Molly Dooker Two Left Feet.

I'm off after Dec. 16th and go back on Jan. 3rd. My mother in law is coming to stay with us for a good part of the week, for 5 nights but i have some time before then to get ready and just hang out staring at my Christmas tree. And i would rather have my MIL over than my own mom. So i'm feeling pretty good!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Why do i have 15 oage views today and not one comment????

I have to correct my earlier hits. Right now i have 22,371. i think i transposed numbers earlier when i wrote 22,715. I must have meant 22,175.

Tonight is wrap presents night and maybe change this blog.

I have a few decisions to make. Should i paint my guest bedroom (before the new custom built desk comes? And should i go really dark with my hair when i have my next appointment? I'm considering going auburn and darker brown which is more my true color.

susieatl said...

I went darker in tons of compliments..but my grey hairs really stood out. I go back in to get my hair done and I'm going to see what my hairdresser recommends. I can't afford getting my hair done every month!

I'm not sure which way you should go. I like your blonde hair but dark could be very pretty.

jojo cucina cucina said...

susie, i was JUST thinking about how the gray is going to stand out so i am reconsidering. My yaya Aunt Connie always had great auburn hair and when she got older she started going more blonde. It was an adjustment getting used to her being lighter but she told me it was because of the gray. I'm thinking the gray roots show up more when you're dark than light. I'll ask my hairdresser. I'm just tired of trying to be a semi blonde. (I haven't been a natural blonde since i was about 4 years old.... but i don't want MORE maintenance either.

I got all of my shopping done listening to Christmas music. My husband is one his way home with takeout from the best Italian restaurant in the whole area and we're going to watch The Help. I've not seen it yet.

It's actually a present for my niece Kory on Brian's side of the family. I drew her name and we are only supposed to spend $30. She ALWAYS wants DVDs so i bought her more than the alloted $30, but I'm going to watch one of them before wrapping it up anyway since i went over. She won't care.

P.S. Susie, do you have a photo on your Facebook of your darker hair? I'm going looking.