Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's be honest....Stuff I don't like about Christmas.

1. I am not a good shopper because i don't like shopping and i worry about the gifts i buy too much. If you don't like cooking you are not likely to be a good cook. And that's what shopping is like for me. So this time of year is hard for me. I want to buy the right gift, meaning the one you really would love but don't even know you want. But I usually fail.

2. I do not like sending Christmas cards. And if i am being honest, i don't like receiving them if i feel like i have to send one back. Some people you know you can get away with not sending one because they know you well. But the obscure cousins in the family, i feel obligated. (And don't get me started on some of the manifesto Christmas letters that get sent out!)

3. Receiving a Christmas card from a long lost relative or friends who doesn't write even the briefest message feels like a hit piece. They are sending you a message and at the same time are withholding information. One of the reasons I don't do cards is because i feel compelled to write a little personalized letter with it and that takes too much time.

4. (Actually, it shouldn't since i only have about two friends in real life.)

5. Christmas parties can be difficult. Especially work ones. Brian and i do not make each other go to Christmas parties where we don't know the folks in the crowd. We go stag.

6. Taking down the tree is depressing. My tree, beautiful as it is, is already losing it's green color and i'm going to have to take it down a couple of days after Christmas. (At the same time i like that it's dying before i throw it out.)

7. I don't like the feeling i get when i miss the people who are not here. And i don't like the feeling i get when i wonder what the others are feeling who are even closer. It seems like as you get older there are more sad feelings than there are of that Christmas spirit feeling we used to get when we were little kids.The good news THIS year is that we did not have to put a loved one's photo in the tree. (Nobody in our family or of our friends died this year.)

8. I like playing Christmas music after Thanksgiving, but by about December 10th i'm sick of it. It's like playing a Greatest Hits album every day of the week after awhile.

9. I have only had one Christmas Moment all year. That's not so many for the season. Probably why i'm thinking about why i don't like instead of what i DO. I guess i better go out and make some Moments. Because that's my fault.

So i only have one more blog post to go for my annual goal!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Menu of the Day:

Stats: 22,771 Grand TOTAL to date.

Favorite song this week: Shawn Mullins "Can't Remember Summer" from Light you Up cd. Beautiful song. Beautiful lyrics.

In my glass: More Molly Dooker. If you love good reds and see this Australian blend called Two Left Feet. Buy it. It's so awesome.

Best thing: Booner called today. he's one of the brothers making my custom made computer desk that i designed for our back bedroom. And then he helped me tweak it. I went to see it before they sent it to be finished. It's so beautiful! These guys are artists. They made my built in hutch quite awhile ago. I love these brothers!

The other best thing: Brian's band played last night and i had a work buddy come out with her friends too and it was so fun. I love Brian's new band! Everyone does. I'm so happy for him to be living his dream.

What i'm procrastinating about: washing the sheets from our guest bedroom before Brian's mom gets here.

What i'm reading: Border Songs by a local writer. I'm sort of into it, but also sort of not. I hate not having a book during the holidays that i can put down.

jojo cucina cucina said...
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jojo cucina cucina said...
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amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I love Christmas.
I don't mind cards, I buy some and send them out when I get one. I always add a note.
My MIL is here too. She came via Registered mail yesterday. She's under the Christmas tree.
I just finished Massie's bio of Catherine the Great, and a wonderful novel about the intrigue behind her accession to the throne called The Winter Garden. Now I'm on to The Litigator by Grisham and then Her Fearful Symmetry.
I've been listening to a He and She Christmas. Cute and fun.
I did a great deal of shopping on Amazon. Thank God for Prime.
My daughter did most of the tree decorating and she's starting a little Christmas village of her own.
I haven't been to a Christmas party in years. Don't really miss them.
Not much else.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey A-bunny!

Has Grisham got his game back with writing? Let me know if the Litigator is good.

xxoo re: your MIL.

I haven't done much all day. Talked with my financial planner, went for a run, took a nap and watched reruns of Tabatha's Salon Takeover. Now i'm going to make some white bean soup.

I didn't know He and She had a Christmas cd! That's Zooey Dechamel and M. Ward, right?