Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am a Taurus Bitch

Lately my favorite part of the newspaper while I've been on vacation is not my normal favorite: Opinion page with Letters to the Editor or anything about politics... it's the one with Dear Abby, Sodoku (of which i have not managed to complete one) and the Word Jumble (which i am really pretty good at, but not so great at solving the corny riddles. I think the riddles are difficult cause i just don't like stuff that's corny. ) And the horoscopes. 

I've never been one to read my horoscope, and now i know why. I've been increasingly frustrated these past vacation days as I've checked out my daily horoscope. I wish I had saved some of them to prove my point about how much it is assumed that Taurus folks are always being challenged with being nice. (Also evidenced above by the online clipart i found for this blog post.)

Today's was enough to make me blog about: 

"As bad as you can be, you are also capable of being just as good. Keep reaching out for someone who might need your time. By late afternoon, others will not be able to resist you to the same level." 

What does that last sentence mean anyway? Louie, i think this is on your shoulders since you're coming to the pool! 

I'm going to change my birthday. Which one is the lamb? Aries, right? 


jojo cucina cucina said...

Today's horrorscope:
"You know when it is prime time to make your move, and that time is now. Do not hesitate to push in order to get what you feel is needed. You have your eye on the long term so do not be surprised if you some flak from others who don't see your logic."

see what i mean?.....

Amanda said...

I'm a Taurus too. We're all assholes, apparently. Five stars!

Anonymous said...

Gemini: Take care of your bookkeeping today -- if that's a need of yours, of course. If not, it may be a good time to consider more formal financial arrangements, like retirement or investments...

I do that everyday, lol.


louielouie said...

My mom and my son are both Tauruses, my son doesn’t seem very Taurus-like; my mom, for sure.

Me, I’m a Leo. I always thought Leo women were supposed to be bitches, or at least think they’re in charge all the time. I don’t think I’m in charge, I just think I should be in charge most of the time.

My horoscope today says 4 stars, but it doesn’t sound very 4-starish to me “ … A surprise from out of left field could force you to regroup. You might be sad at first and wish you could reverse this change…”

How is that 4-stars? Maybe it’s because of the last line “Tonight: Let the good times roll.” Must refer to my visit later to my mom in the nursing home.

Just talked to my son in Guam. It’s so hard to catch him because the time/day difference is so crazy. Guam is 17 hours ahead of us so when I called at 1:00 this afternoon it was 6:00 tomorrow morning. Anyway I miss him; bad enough that I’m thinking about going or looking at flights anyway. It’s a 17-hour flight (not counting the time change) plus it’s $2000. What’s with that? I would need to borrow Jo’s travel drugs I think

louielouie said...

Oh, so I just noticed this post was from Wednesday, so Jo will probably be putting up a new one.

I am so behind with everything this week. Yesterday I opened a week’s worth of mail, read 5 days worth of comics, did two jumbles and two crosswords and two Sudoku’s. They were the Monday and Tuesday ones – they’re always easy earlier in the week. Saturdays are way hard.

I usually get the corny saying in the Jumble before I can unscramble the words. Ron is great at the unscramble. Me, I think I don’t have the attention span, if I don’t get it right away I just stop. I’m rally bad with the how many words can you find in the word ”perspiration” or what ever. Probably the same reason I’m no good at Scrabble.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i need to change this. I'm so tired - busy weekend. Nephew Brian couldn't jump skydiving yesterday because of fog and clouds but we had a party where Brian's band played. It was fun, but i just can't stay out that late anymore. The kids started on to a new party while we older folks headed home at 10:30. I'll probably change this tomorrow.

I like the word scrambles because i can almost find them all. Though i never have been 100%.

Our garage sale was a bust and i will never ever do it again. On Friday we made $76. We only opened a couple of hours on Saturday and made another $47. But we spent hours boxing it all up for the Goodwill truck. It's only worth it because we made LOTS of room at our storage unit.

the best buy was my George Costanza poster. Someone actually paid me $5 after i told them i had sold it to a friend on Facebook. (I was only asking a buck for it.)

The one girl never came back for my giant Jim Morrison. (He was my advertisement so i said i would give it to her on Sunday.) I sort of hated to let him go to the Goodwill.

So yeah, it was a busy weekend.

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque, i always hate when they mention financial ones. It makes me want to get out my Smith Barney statements and see if i really am paying attention.