Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I need....

1. Sleep. I know i sound like a broken record, but i need sleep! I do not exaggerate when i say i have not slept more than 2 hours in a row without interruption since June 4th. Ever since my doctor talked me into to going off hormones cold turkey. My night sweats are terrible. I think i was up 10 times last night. I bought some of that NyquilZZZ the sleep aid without the cold medicine, but it didn't work. And now i am catching myself myself getting ready to do stupid stuff like throwing my good mail in the recycle and bringing my junk mail inside. Not only that, i find myself forgetting to turn off the burner after making my coffee. I don't do stuff like this normally.

I yelled at a lady a couple of weeks ago for having her large dog in her car with the windows all rolled up for over an hour while she was in the doctor's office. (The reason i know it was over an hour is because i went to lunch and then came back to see if the car was gone. I was shocked to see it still there since i had told the doctor's office to try and find her before i left for lunch. I even told the lady to take off her Obama bumper sticker because she was a disgrace to Democrats.) Two other people were there concerned and one lady had called 911 about the dog and a man was considering breaking the window. When she walked out of the doctor's office i just went off. Funny thing is, i am not even a dog person.

It's a good thing i'm not President. 

2. In fact, i know this will sound sexist, but maybe we should not be electing any menopausal women to the Presidency for this very reason. (Sorry HIllary!)

3. Actually, it might be okay because she would probably forget the codes to launching the nuclear weapons anyway.

4. What else i need: I need a sunscreen that won't break out my face. It doesn't exist. I've spent more money on moisterizers and sunscreen than i have books. Well, ok, maybe not, but i've spent a lot. I break out like a 14 year old when i use them. Ironically, the only thing that clears up my skin IS the sun.

5. I need to be able to set my Kindlefire so that it stays vertical when i am reading in bed. I am constantly having to tap it back from horizontal mode because i read on my side.

6. Which by the way, i finally figured out how to download and borrow books from the library. Just yesterday i downloaded 6 books. Pretty cool. I have 21 days to read them. It took over an hour and a half and half the battery life, but i did it!

7. I need my mom to quit calling me every day just because she knows i'm on vacation. Just now as i was writing this blog she called me again. She has called me every day this week and it makes me crazy. She knows i hate going shopping, especially at the mall, yet it doesn't stop her from asking me over and over. I do not like being the only daughter. She never calls my brothers like she calls me. And she likes THEM better.

8. I need to catch a fish on this flyfishing trip. I've missed a year of doing this. It's sort of like riding a bike in terms of casting, etc. For example right now i couldn't tell you how to tie a swirl knot, but once i get on the river, my hands remember. (Sort of like how your hands remember a password better than your mind.) But i have forgotten that thrill of having a fish online. I've been flyfishing for 15 years but i'm still not that great at it. I just have a really nice cast. In spite of the years and coaching, I still don't feel like a real flyfisher.  I'm looking forward to this trip. I just hope the bed has nice linens!

9. I need to go for a long run today.  Unlike flyfishing, after 32 years of running i finally feel like a real runner since that race. For some reason i don't hate it as much as i used to. I've upped my mileage, keeping with 5 days a week, even when it's hot outside, and my knees feel pretty good. And i like my weight right now even though i have not been real good about eating this summer.

10. I need to be more social. I was thinking about this the other day. I used to organize things more, 99 card parties, wine get togethers, pool gatherings and i don't do that anymore. I am not even sure why. I used to never worry about hosting anything and now i seem to have some anxiety about it. I like my own company too much. Or rather i don't and feel like others wouldn't either... not sure what it means. I want to blame that on menopause too.

What do y'all need?


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Get some Estroven, it's OTC and it will help. I had a decent transition period after my periods stopped, but I still get hot flashes (especially on some meds).
Try white noise. There are some good ones at the App store and can play them through your computer.
When you stand in the river and fish tell the damn fish to get itself on the hook and make you happy. 8-) When I was a kid, someone else would bait my hook with a worm and I'd sit at our dock and hope a panfish or a perch would bite. I'd be the happiest girl alive.

We're dealing with the aftermath of a 2nd main line clog in our sewer in less than 6 months. We don't use our garbage disposal, don't put cat litter in the toilet. Kids toilet wasn't installed properly. Leaked from the bottom. As I type this my husband is using the wet vac to soak up crap that came up from the padding. I sincerely doubt the landlord will replace this though it is a health hazard. He had to buy a new toilet yesterday and he has to replace the cartridge on the hot/cold water choser in their tub.
We watched all 4 parts of Lonesome Dove yesterday as we cleaned the hall and living room carpets.
I am praying a Kindle Fire comes as a late birthday present but I doubt it. In the meantime my Kindle is just fine. I read it on landscape (it's in a nice case I found at Office Depot) and I have a little light attached so I can read and not interrupt the husband's snoring.
Having the family over for dinner tonight. Brats, potato salad, baked beans and beer.

susieatl said...

Listen to Amulbunny and also get a fan. I have two on me. I'm on the downside of menopause (I started early) and now I find I can sleep most nights without turning one on. But it saved my life.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OOH, susieatl, i sleep with a fan ALL YEAR LONG and even when it's snowing outside we also have the window open. In fact like you, we have two fans going. (Neither one of can sleep without the white noise besides needing the air.) We always travel with our fans! And not only that, i travel with my own sheets whenever we stay longer than two days. I can't stand terrible sheets.

I bought some benadryl today. I think i will check out the Estroven too.
But I wish i had read your email before grocery shopping for our flyfishing trip, amulbunny. In addition to the Estroven i would have bought bratwursts to go for our trip. I love brats and beer!

Amanda said...

My stepmom swears by Estroven. The running joke in the house is asking if she took her Estroven today. It's kind of mean, but she went a bit mad for a few years. She's much better now. I hope she's not reading this!

Tips for Insomniacs:
• Listen to Coast to Coast AM. It's broadcast on KIRO radio after 10 p.m. It's usually about aliens, wackadoo conspiracies, mythical creatures, etc., which are awesome enough. But, they also do open lines when all the nutcases from across the country call in to talk about all kinds of crazy shit. It's the best. Totally makes not sleeping a positive thing. I love it.

• Watch classic baseball. If you have ESPN classic, they sometimes run old games. They're so relaxing, you'll be asleep in an hour or so. Always works. There's just enough activity to settle the brain down without being distracting.

• Go for the couch. Sometimes a change of scenery makes all the difference.

I finished the book, Jo. I put it on Brian's desk. I forgot you guys were on vacation this week. I liked the book a lot, though I wish she'd talked about being on the trail more. A lot of her adventures were off the trail (in towns, camps, etc.) I wonder if she realizes how easily she could have died. She's so blase about some of the really dangerous things that happened. Did you get that the whole lesson she learned was to relax and let shit go? Did you get more than that? I dunno if I'm pulling enough meaning out of it. Maybe I need to go on that trip. Right now.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey Amanda, i got back last night from Cannon Beach with girlfriends.

I'm glad you liked the book. I hear you on her blase. In the beginning i started to highlight parts of it i hated, for example, her abortion was a footnote which i thought was very weird and i wasn't quite buying it.... but as i kept reading i started liking her better so i didn't look for stuff like that anymore.

I didn't get much about lessons she was supposed to learn really to tell you the truth. What i got was that she had a calling to take on a challenge bigger than she thought because of how fragile she felt and she succeeded in that. The physical part help her emotional part. But i miss messages a lot in books like this because i don't do well with stuff that isn't black or white.

I liked her relationships along the way. And i liked the people she met. The whole comradeship thing was cool. Like you belong to people other than just your family. That's a cool feeling. I think that's what she got.

Do you keep a journal of your hikes?

I will likely be changing this blog tomorrow. I'm going to write about quitting Facebook, or at least taking a temporary hiatus.