Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why would anyone choose George Costanza over Brad Pitt?

Menu of the Day:

What's in my glass: it was going to be Fresca, but then i was cooking and thought what the hell and poured a glass of Bonterra chardonnay.

Music: Tom Petty mix. I love Tom Petty so much! I watched his DVD "Running Down the Dream" twice now, read a biography on him. He is one of the most likable and funniest guys in rock and roll and he truly knows how to tell a story. I wish he were in my family.

What I'm procrastinating about: I need to go buy more of that wonderful Clinique Even Better foundation. (I think i gave a product endorsement on how much i love this foundation before.) I just detest going to the mall. Seriously, i would rather go to the dentist and truthfully, i do visit the dentist more in a year than i do the mall. (I am thankful for online shopping!)

Latest Netflix: I'm been watching Grey's Anatomy Season 7. I'm on disk 3 now. I love this show, even as i hate some of the characters (Meredith for one and Sandra Oh now that she's lost her mojo...THAT is getting old already for me.) After this i plan to hook up to Mad Men.

Latest book: I am reading a book i like called The Good Father. I finished one i liked called The Most Dangerous Thing by Laura Lippman. I think I already posted about The Shelter. I've liked all of these books i bought for summer so far. (By the way Amanda, how are you liking Wild?)

The Stupidest Thing We Did This Week: We had a garage sale. We have always given our stuff away to Caring for Kids, family members, or to the ARC (Associated Retarded Citizens.... BTW....shouldn't the ARC AND the NAACP change their names?) We made $147 i think. We took a whole day to organize ahead of time and nearly a whole day after to pack it up.  Brian took a vacation day on Friday. But we tried to make it as vacation-y as we could: We hung around playing gin rummy and drinking gin & tonics to pass the time. It was a 32 condo unit sale and i thought it would be super busy. It wasn't. The most exciting sale was my George Costanza poster. (Seen at left on the photo above.) A girl gave me $5 when i only wanted a dollar. But i told her it was promised to a friend on Facebook, because it was, so she made me a better offer. Besides it would have cost more than a dollar to mail it to my FB friend.

Anyway, we will never do THAT again. It was nice to clear out boxes from our storage but it was not worth the effort to hang around trying to sell our stuff.

What i'm struggling with: SLEEP.... I have never been a good sleeper, but now it's worse.... ever since June 4th when my doctor took me off the birth control pills and left me with no hormones i cannot sleep because of night sweats. I haven't slept more than two hours at a time without waking up since June 4th. I have very little energy though i still make myself go out for my runs, thinking it will help with that, only it doesn't. I go for an appointment in August and i'm going to beg them for hormones. I can't do sleeping pills, i just want my estrogen back!

My original post subject was called "Raging Against Aging" but i think raging might be too strong a word... Even for me. Plus aside from what feels like a little arthritis in my middle finger... haha, go figure.... i'm not exactly what you call aging in a huge way. But i do need to get some sleep.

What I'm looking forward to: We are going flyfishing and staying in a cabin on the Yakima River. And then I come back and go to Cannon Beach with galpals Sarah and Julie (louielouie and jj here) where we will be taking a cooking class between beach walks.

What's up with y'all?

P.S. Can you believe NOBODY offered me anything for Brad Pitt and Kevin Costner?


Amanda said...

I love the George Costanza! Had I been in town, I would have perpetuated a bidding war for that one. It's a classic. Plus, my office could use some high art.

I'm really loving the book, Jo. I'm sorry I'm a bit slow, but I'm hoping to make big progress in the next couple days. I will be out for some sick leave and will need the distraction. I really like how she's laid out the story. It's very well done and the writing is good. So often I get sidetracked by bad writing, but this is very interesting and good, even if I think she's stupid some of the time.

I actually talked to my stepmom about maybe hiking the Oregon leg next summer. (According to the website, the Oregon leg is the easiest.) She was not very enthused, but maybe that's a good thing. I love the idea of backpacking, but I don't want to poop in a hole. I like bathrooms. Still, I'm a little inspired. She is very persistent. I think I give up too easily. I need to work on that.

Have fun on your trip, Jo. I'm so jealous!

jojo cucina cucina said...

you don't have to hurry through that book. Take your time. I thought you would like it. The people she meets are so cool too! Hikers must be very nice people! I think you could have written that book.

louielouie said...

Too bad I don’t still have my nude Burt Reynolds centerfold from a 1972 Cosmo.

I totally don’t get garage sales. Way, way too much work for stuff you should be just giving away anyway. I might be worth it though if it results in a clean-out-frenzy.

By the way, Emma was thrilled to get the mortal and pestle; Ron not all that excited about the Rachel Ray cookbook though.

I’m procrastinating about: Everything. Not procrastinating actually, just not getting anything done.

Latest Netflix: Based on rave reviews from a principal colleague, we watched Bad Teacher. Not a movie I would recommend.

Latest Book: Just finished Richard Russo’s Mohawk, love his books. This one was from the 80s but I hadn’t read it. Liked it and passed it on to my mom.

Stupidest Thing I did: Thought you meant that the NAACP and ARC should change names with each other. I had to read your comment 4 times to figure it out. And yes, yes, they should change. Even FHA, Future Homemakers of America changed names.

What I’m struggling with: Work, I so need a vacation, I have this overwhelming desire to yell and swear at people.

Am Not looking forward to: The King Tut exhibit, although we’re going Saturday.
Am looking forward to: No work and no real plans for the first of next week; and then of course the Oregon coast with Jo.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Make sure your mom adheres to the inscription inside Mohawk. (I'm sure there must be one!) I like to keep my Richard Russo books, even as i did give away boxes of them after they didn't sell at the garage sale! He's the best!

I can't believe you're going to see King Tut! I think you would have to pay me and not the other way around.

Yes, definitely FHA. What else are we missing?