Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's time for me to quit Facebook

Example of one of the things i don't like on Facebook, these constant e-cards....especially with messages like this:

Some folks reading here may remember that i resisted joining Facebook for quite a while. But then my workplace was asking everyone to join, so i did - that was two years ago.

Since then, i have had an ongoing love/hate relationship with it and have said many times, as others have said,  that they too want to quit. I've finally decided to actually do it.  (One of my few redeeming qualities is i don't just talk about stuff, i actually do it.) So when I go back to work this Monday I will be deactivating it. I plan to stay away for it for a few months, at least until after the presidential election.

My reasons for doing so are varied. A big one is that my job right now is all about the election and I am being inundated with politics on my work email, home email, our union Facebook account, my personal Facebook account, all union communications, and my phone. I am finally sick of talking about or hearing about politics.

The other thing is my Facebook account is not all that interesting anyway. My news feed is pretty banal most of the time, with the redundant cutesy daily affirmations, people letting me know constantly that they are out at cool places, doing cool things, (which makes me feel a wee bit guilty and boring for liking staying at home). I have 'friends' i don't even know, nor have i ever met (because of work). I find myself wishing happy birthday to people i would never go to lunch with.

It's not all bad.  I did like some stuff about Facebook: i liked the YouTube music links, the photos, (especially some of the unposed cute baby pictures), connecting with my second ex-husband's family, and how it helped me stick to my goal of running a half-marathon. I love the Jimmy Fallon music videos. I found vacation cabins because of Facebook. I like the News Tribune's hilarious police blotter posts. I like the reminders about local wine bar tastings.

What i don't like is how i used it: I didn't always post that much, but i was checking it 20 times a day, even as i was fairly bored and irritated with my news feed. I also believe that Facebook has made me less sociable. Sometimes i forget that it's been about 3 months since i've seen someone because i connected with them, however briefly, online. It gave me a false sense of connection. I used to plan dinners with people at my house and card parties, but i haven't done that in a while now. And as I said earlier, it's also given me political fatigue and has made me not enjoy the elections as much as i used to, (though i also have work to partly blame for that). I feel like i've lost my mojo.

I'm probably not being totally fair to Facebook and more likely it's just my own failure to take initiative to turn it off and get out and about. When i was flyfishing that week we had no wireless and i found that i didn't miss checking in at all. But the moment i had wireless again, i was back on it.

I have heard from people who use it much better than i do and so they defend it and they should. Maybe if i were a more family oriented person I would enjoy it more too. I'm sure I will be back and when i do i will come back with half the 'friends' which will help make me like it more.

I just hope i don't replace it with Angry Birds!!!!


jojo cucina cucina said...

In my next post (i won't leave this up too long) remind me to tell you a funny story about my mom buying a Coach purse.

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!! I saw you posted that story on..... FACEBOOK!

I totally get what you are saying, and I wish I could let it go. I do check it too frequently, mostly to check up on my kids, though. I find the newsfeeds, and the stupid links, quotes, mass-sharing of generic photos, and political pontificating extremely banal. I have hidden a lot of this stuff, but I still find what's left to be completely unsatisfying, and I ask myself why I check it so often when there is nothing worth looking at.

Who was it who compared it to repeatedly going to the refrigerator, opening the door, and staring into it, hoping to see something that isn't there? LOL!

So I don't blame you, but I hope we can still keep in touch. Jeff says that he wants us to climb Mt. Rainier someday, so maybe we can visit you in person before we try to kill ourselves, haha!



jojo cucina cucina said...

I will totally keep in touch with you, Barbara.

Your description of the frig is perfect and i can't remember who said it either but i seem to remember discussing it before.

It would be great if you and Jeff climb Rainier, though i hope whatever your plan is is the easiest. It's not easy.... Maybe you could just go to Paradise. I never took you there! lol....

The Coach purse post was my last Facebook post. So far i am not missing it at all!

louielouie said...

Just when I was about to get a Facebook account myself. . .

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you're back, Jo!

I use facebook exclusively for stalking purposes, though I think it's bad for my self-esteem.

I'm excited to hear the story about your mom.

I don't have much to say today.

susieatl said...

Jo - I will be in Seattle again next week. Unfortunately, not as long and I'm going to pack in all the stuff I didn't do like go to Bainbridge and the art museum, etc. Then we are taking Amtrak to Portland.

So I'll be thinking about you when I'm there!!

jojo cucina cucina said...

You are coming into some nice weather!!!! I've been on the Amtrak to Portland. It's a great ride. You will have to let me know how Bainbridge Island is. I have never been there, but Rebecca Wells lives there. Maybe you will run into her!