Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to work.

Menu of the Day:

In my glass: I don't like drinking chardonnay in the summer, so i look for viogniers, and roussannes and white blends. This one is an Albarino wine (never heard of that kind before) by Perajas Cellars. From Yakima. It tastes like summer. Light, fun, slightly citrus, sunny, and laid back.

Latest iTunes purchase: Brandi Carlile's new one. I'm listening to it now.  So far, so good. But i need to listen to music at least 5 times before i get the real feel for it.

On my Kindlefire:  The Paris Wife. I am really liking this book! It's about Ernest Hemingway's first wife. It makes me want to know more about him and maybe even read one of his books. I never have.

The best thing that happened this week: FRIDAY. This was my first week back to work after 5 weeks off. Fridays go unnoticed on vacations. But not anymore! At least for another year.

Weird thing that happened: it was a very hot last weekend. Record temperatures. And someone went into our patio and stole our fan. They didn't steal my bike. They weren't interested in my brand new leaf blower. They didn't care about my beautiful patio flowers (seen above) or our nice patio chairs from The Summer House...  they only stole our fan.   It was hot and i think someone by the pool or walking by heard that i had it running over the weekend and when they couldn't sleep that night they just decided to take it in the middle of the night.  In the 20 years i've lived here no one has ever stolen anything from our patio. We got lucky! But we still put a lock on the patio door now, which i don't like having to do.

How I spent my vacation: I didn't read as many books as last year. But i read a lot. (Paris Wife might end up being the favorite of the season.) I didn't hang out at the pool as much, but i still managed to visit a few times with folks.  I didn't hang on my patio as much either. I watched the 7th season of Grey's Anatomy. I didn't watch as much regular TV though, including the HG channel. On our flyfishing trip on the Yakima I caught some fish, though they were as small as my hand. (and i was dismayed to find that i did forgot how to tie my swirl knot after all these years. Damn menopause!) I enjoyed the most memorable meal ever on my trip with louielouie and jj to Cannon Beach with our cooking class that was all about farmer's market fare. I lost many games of Scrabble and gin rummy to my husband and friends from the condo. I ran a lot. Drank some very nice new wines, like this new Albarino one. And slept in too late.

How's your summer been going? 


jojo cucina cucina said...

I forgot to post about my Mom's story and her Coach purse.

My mom LOVES to shop. She used to go mall walking for exercise but in truth it was really an excuse to shop. The woman has more clothes than i do!

Anyway on her birthday she went to the military post exchange. On base you don't have to pay tax and you get name brands for much cheaper.

At the PX, or BX (as it is sometimes referred) she bought some odd "As Seen on TV" tupperware for $30. It promises to keep produce fresh for 3 weeks. Or maybe it's even 6 weeks. Anyway, she had to have it, though i know for certain she has tons of tupperware already and no space to store it all.

In addition she saw this purse that she loved. Even though i know for certain show owns about 5 purses already.

She brings both items up to the register. The cashier rings her up and the bill comes to nearly $300! I can just hear my mom yell out (she can very loud when suprised) "WHAAAAAAT?! How can it be $300?"

The woman pointed out that she was purchasing a Coach purse. The Coach purse cost $246. (Which i is a steal for a Coach.) My mom thought the price was $24.60. As if! As if you could buy a Coach bag for $24.00!

She had them void the receipt, but she kept the "As Seen on TV" tupperware.

susieatl said...

LOL! I love that story.

And I'm thrilled you liked the Paris Wife. I'm always nervous when I recommend a book. But I really liked that one.

jojo cucina cucina said...

susieatl, i finished The Paris Wife today. It's my favorite book this season. Thank you for the recommendation. Did it make you want to read The Sun Also Rises? I tried to read it in high school but i don't think anyone in high school would be able to really get Hemingway. And i'm not sure i still can today, but i'm pretty sure it would be different for me if i tried. The Paris Wife had be wikipediaing lots of stuff about Hemingway and his wives. I loved Hadley and if i were a 20-something mother to be i would be wanting to name my kid Hadley.

I posted a response to you on my previous post about your Seattle trip. You are coming at a very good time weather-wise! By the time you are done you will have seen more of Seattle than i have! lol..... You'll have to let me know what Bainbridge Island is like and if you see Rebecca Wells anywhere!

louielouie said...

Glad to see your plants are alive and thriving – I had heard a rumor. . .

I read exactly ONE book this summer.

Have been back to work for a week and-a-half, but at trainings and that sort of thing. They left me with a bad attitude so now I am grouchy. I can’t even remember being on vacation.

Tomorrow is my first real day in the office so I think it will be better. I have a new job and need to get down to figuring it out.

Went to my 40th reunion last night. It was a little strange to see who showed up and who didn’t– not that many folks were there. Hardly anyone brought their spouse, unless they married their high school sweetheart. I did get to see a few folks and do a little catching up so I’m glad I went. I’ll go again in 10 years to the 50th LOL.

However, I missed out on the conversation about what to wear and the picnic on Sunday because I Am Not On Facebook. It also creeps me out a little that folks there were taking photos that I know they will post that I will not see because I Am Not On Facebook. Plus my ex-husband has seen photos of my son’s trip to his girl friend’s family reunion that I haven’t because I Am Not On Facebook. I do not know what to do.

We have a long weekend planned for Labor Day – I hope it will stay nice for that. I'm counting on it to help with my attitude.

It’s the same weekend my mom gets released from the “Transitional Care and Rehabilitation Center”, my sister is coming over to settle her in at home; I feel a little bad not being around for the transition but I’m sure I’ll be able to make up for missed care-time when I’m back in town and my sister goes back home. That reminds me, I need to finish up my mom's laundry before bed, so I'm signing off now.

Amanda said...

I'm commenting on your comments on my blog in your blog. That sentence is a mess.

Javier Bardem has the kavorka (that's from a Seinfeld and means "the lure of the animal"). He's very handsome in a strange, strange way. He has a big head, which I'm partial to. Explains my huge crush on Roger Clemens. I don't know what it is about that guy and his enormous noggin. So embarrassing.

Back to Javier, I recently saw that Barcelona movie with the bad title. I didn't like the movie or Scarlet Johanssen, but I did like his character. Definitely kavorka.

I agree with you about Robert Redford aging very well. I'll also toss in Bruce Springsteen. Have you seen him lately? He still looks fantastic. Liberals age better, I think.

It sounds like you've had a good summer. It's a shame the warm weather is only just now arriving. It hasn't really felt like summer, I guess. I didn't go to Montana this year, so that's probably why. I miss that trip. I never wanted to come back.

Thanks for reading my blog, Jo!

jojo cucina cucina said...

OMG, Brian has a guy crush on how Springsteen has gotten so fit and has aged well. hahaha, about liberals aging better!

Oh Javier. there is something about that guy. I will have to go back and notice his big head. I cannot imagine though that anyone has a bigger head than my husband's. Every time Brian puts on a hat it reminds me of when Steve Martin is wearing that little boy's cowboy hat when he tries to save the day for his son's birthday party in the movie Parenthood.

I do not like Scarlet Johannssen and feel like if she were my sister in law i would hate her even more. I didn't mind her so much in We Bought a Zoo, but i am so tired of her pouty little face. I just want to punch it. Penelope Cruz brings that out in me too for some weird reason.

For anyone wondering, Amanda's blog is called Pine Needles in My Underpants and can be found

louie, i already told you this today, but i'll add it for anyone else. See that fuschia plant, so gorgeous, on the left? That's one of the two fuschias that did not make it with my plant babysitter when i was on my flyfishing trip. I came home and it looked all wilted but it was totally wet. I think my babysitter remembered on the very last day but it was too late. Two died. I'm trying to save the one pictured on the left. I'll put up the sad photo of it when i get a chance. It's on life support right now. I'm going to try to get it back so that it might look better by October.

jojo cucina cucina said...

By the way louie....hahaha re: NOT ON FACEBOOK... I'm thinking you should maybe do it, just cause your son is on. In face he even jumped on my goodbye post to tell me i should stay and just try not to check in so much. But then he doesn't know about my compulsive behavior issues either. You could probably handle it better than I if you don't 'friend' people who aren't really people you want to know.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I finished a good summer page turner called Afterward by Rosamund something something. I have figured out how to download books for free from the public library! It's pretty cool to do that. And i love the browsing part, just like i do on Amazon. Not all titles are available just like in a real library. But you can still find good stuff.

Now i'm starting the book by the author of Little Bee called Gold. It's timely in that it's a novel about the 2012 Olympics and two friends. I like it already.

It was very hot today. My thermometer on the patio read 97 degrees (but that's cause the sun was over the skylight on the patio roof) though i'm sure it did indeed get over 90 degrees. I had to bring in the one fuschia of the three i had that survived my vacation because i was afraid it too would die.

Tomorrow is pool time with louie and jj if we can stand being out there with the screaming meemies who are sure to come to cool down. It's supposed to be in the 90s tomorrow too.