Sunday, August 19, 2012

3 a.m. thoughts about The Daily Show, Matt McConaughey, menopause, and my Kindlefire.

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I've taken to keeping my Kindlefire and a little notebook and pen on my nightstand.  (I quit keeping my glass of water nearby in case i knock it over and ruin my Kindle. But then it's only 5 steps from bed to bathroom, which is a must for me for getting my water and having to pee. When i was looking for a house awhile back it was a big deal to me how close the bathroom was to the bed area, just as important as the storage in the kitchen. But i digress... )

We DVR the Daily Show and sometimes when i'm lazy and bored i will watch four episodes in a row, as i did last night. This is a hilarious bit with Will Ferrell and Zach Garfairalaldkas.... (you know the guy, but who can spell or pronounce his name?) It's worth watching all the way through. Jon Hamm from Mad Men makes a hilarious appearance on the skit too.

Anyway, last night i jotted these things in my notebook and I'll start with The Daily Show:

1. Have you ever seen Brian Williams as a guest on The Daily Show? He is one of the funniest guests. (In fact he was far funnier than Chris Rock was on the same week, though I do think Chris Rock may have been a bit inebriated. ) I love when Brian Williams is on because his comedic timing is almost just as good as Jon Stewart's. It also occurs to me that these two are maybe the most trusted men in the new reporting on politics these days. I can't remember the last time I've watched CNN or MSNBC and this is an election year.) For example, everything i know about Paul Ryan i learned from Jon. (Who is one f*cking scary dude, by the way.) Isn't it rather sad when you think of all the channels we have now to get our news that it's difficult to find honest news?

2. Jon Stewart just keeps getting better and better. Brian Williams should run for president with Jon as his vice-president.

3. Matt McC.... (I cheated and went back to look up how to spell it since it is in the subject line), but you know the one, he likes to take his shirt off at every chance. (I used to date a guy like that and he appears in one of the most viewed blog posts here, according to the stats -  the one about Bad Boyfriends.) Anyway i don't like him very much, he always seems to be full of it in his interviews. And it occurred to me that we don't really need Matt. If you think about every movie he has ever been in (even Dazed and Confused) you can substitute Woody Harrelson and you have a much better picture. Some actors are interchangeable and should be eliminated. (We don't need that pouty Scarlett Johannsen when we have a much better pouter actress in Natalie Portman. And don't even get me started about that little tramp, Kristin Stewart. I'll think of some more later.)

4. Menopause. OK, i'll try to make this the last time i bring this up. I am still not sleeping but i'm starting to believe maybe it's not affecting me all that much in the end. It could be that i don't need as much sleep as i used to. I took far more naps last year on weekends and during vacation than i do now. Now i try to look at it as having more  unencumbered time to read, which is so much easier with the Kindle.

My doctor wants me to tough it out. I bought that Estroven that Amanda said worked for her mom. It did the opposite for me. I was up more that night than the one before. My doctor told me not to use it even before he knew it didn't work. I already forget why (but if i didn't have menopause i'm sure i would know.) Benadryl did the same thing, which is what my doctor did recommend. (By the way I am old enough to be his mom.) At this point, i think I probably should have someone just punch me hard in the face and knock me out. I'm sure there are many people willing to line up. Here's why:

I told him that the risks of breast cancer from hormone replacement therapy might be less risk for me than someone murdering me because i think I am i'm starting to be more critical of stuff, which i know is hard to believe that i can get worse. Most of it has to do with work. Maybe it's just cause i know i'm almost done. And when you are so close to something you want, it's almost more agonizing getting through a short time than if i had two or three more years. Sort of like how a kid feels like Christmas is never going to arrive fast enough as it gets closer. I'm also feeling like i doubt myself more than i used to. That pisses me off more than being critical of others.

OK, i'm going to try and leave this subject alone. I promise!

5. Facebook. I don't miss it. I thought i might, but i don't. I'm sure my defection is the reason their stock is doing so poorly. It's going on three weeks and i've not had the desire to even cheat and get on, which would be easy to do in the middle of the night on my Kindle when i think no one will ever know i was on.

6. My Kindlefire. So many times i resist what is new. I never wanted to get a blog, and yet here i am going on my fourth year. I never wanted to get on Facebook and then i got addicted to checking it incessantly. I told everyone i only wanted to read a real physical book and i love my Kindlefire. The only thing i don't believe i would change my mind on is a cell phone, especially a Smartphone.

What are your 3 a.m. thoughts? And if you are asleep, what is your secret?And what actors do you think should be eliminated because they are too similar to another? I just thought of Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford. I pick Tommy Lee to stay.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Speaking of actresses. I'm watching The Truth About Cats and Dogs on the indie channel. I remember this movie from 1996. Janene Garafalo and Uma Thurman. I never bought it that Uma was supposed to be this hot chick, especially because she had that thin icky hair that many anorexics get and her clothes were so dumb. I thought Janene (sp?) was much more attractive, plus of course, so much more intelligent than Uma's vapid and insecure personality.

The other thing that struck me in re-watching this movie is that Uma Thurman could be the mom of one of my least favorite child actresses: Dakota Fanning. Seriously, i need to go find a photo of the two of them. Dakota was only a baby back then, so i am only just observing this.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I changed my blog template today. Sometimes you just need to re-arrange the furniture, ya know? I am not done with it. I need a new photo but i only had access to my own camera's photos so i'm limited on what i have to use when putting up my photo. I'm going to change the photo later after looking at Brian's stuff. I like using photos that are half face or blurry.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I think Joe Magingiella or however you spell his name from True Blood is much hunkier than Matt Mc could ever be. Almost swoonworthy, though I have to say Chris Hemsworth from the Avengers is hot hot hot....ayiiiiii caliente!

I take Trazadone and Doxepin at night. Knocks me right out unless I've been drinking wine. then I get the mother of all hot flashes. And since it's been warm and muggy here at night, I am a right awful bitch in the morning.

I'll move up to a Kindle Fire when things are better around here. Husband got laid off because Stanley Fucking Tools closed the lockshop they bought 4 years ago and ran into the ground. He's got a specialized skill set (like the Black Widow in the Avengers movies) and he's applied at an aerospace firm here in the South Bay and another lock company in Las Vegas. I hate heat. I don't think I'd look good in an orange jumpsuit so Vegas may be out for me.

But I love my Kindle. The kids' got a fire. She loves it. Right now I need a TV. Mine has bit the dust. I had to watch True Blood on my computer because Betsy doesn't have any sound at all.

There are 6 steps to my bathroom from my bed. There are 6 steps from the kitchen to the kids bathroom. If I get ice or run water I need to know that.

Enjoy the dog days of August.

Anonymous said...

I check facebook on my smartphone at 3am and fall back to sleep, lol!

I would pick Tommy Lee, too, although I think only Harrison could do Han Solo.

I stay on facebook to see what people are up to, but the ads are becoming so pervasive I really can't stand it. I also think it's the easiest way to share pictures. But I don't blame you for ditching it. It's such a time waster.

I rarely have time to read at all anymore, so I'm sticking with traditional books when I do, although I don't have an aversion to kindles and the like. It would be a lot lighter for traveling, I imagine.

I haven't had any menopause issues so far, which is a blessing considering everything else I have to deal with in life right now.

I also never have time to look at television, so I enjoyed that post with Jon Hamm - love him. I have one more episode of Mad Men Season 4 to watch on DVD if I ever get a chance.


jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny, when i first read your comment, i thought you meant Joe Mantegna (joking with the spelling like i did with Zach Garafainakaus), but then i thought that couldn't be right so i googled your guy and right away you put in 'Joe Mant' and both names have drop downs...hahaha, no comparison!

I posted on your blog about your husband's job. Sorry to hear this. Vegas? So this is what you meant by long distance marriage.

Nobody looks good in orange.

P.S. You call your TV Betsy? hahaha. It must have been really old!

Hey Eque! Without Facebook i have been reading more. I finished a book from the library called Secrets of Eden by Chris Bolojihan (i know that's spelled wrong). And i'm back to Chris Cleaves Gold. I really liked the Eden book. Sort of figured it out though. It was about an abusive marriage and a murder/suicide. A minister is involved and a famous author who specializes in angels.

What i haven't been doing is paying attention to the political news so i heard only because in a rare turn, i was listening to the radio on my 5 minute drive to work and heard about the asscrack Akiin's comment about 'legitimate rape' and you just know every politician is going to come out of the woodwork to right this wrong for their own political gain, and not because of a women's issue. So i can't watch. I'm too fragile with my lack of sleep and i might go postal on someone for no reason at all.

What do y'all of my new blog look? Does this wallpaper make my blog butt look big?

Watched a cute movie last night based on a young adult novel. It was called 'Flipped' and it starred Aiden Quinn, Rebecca DeMornay and this amazing young actress who played the part so well. I have seen her before so IMD'd her and already i have forgotten the movie i had seen her in before. It was directed by Rob Reiner. What's cool is it takes place in the 1960's-1970's. Oh yeah and it also starred Anthony Edwards playing a mean role, which is cool to see cause he was alway the principled and nice doctor on E.R.

I've been doing some online shopping. I bought a 10 inch All Clad stainless tri-ply fry pan on Amazon. It was less money than Bed Bath and Beyond, even with the 20% coupon. I bought a couple of books: Richard Russo and Jonathan Tropper and i bought some of those Clic readers with the magnet so they hook around your neck. Now why i think these readers with the magnet at the bridge is more cool than the granny chains is beyond me, but i think it has to do with the novelty and that not many people have them. I just know that i am tired of misplacing them and hunting around, especially at work. Maybe when they come in i'll take a photo of myself wearing them so you can see for yourself if they are goofy.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh yeah, the young actress, i just remembered without googling.. She played the wise daughter to Kevin Costner's slovenly father character in the movie Swing Vote.

Amanda said...

I'm so in love with Jon Hamm. I think everything he does is brilliant.

Matthew McC, however, can take his tyrannosaurus arms and the hair plugs no one talks about and swim off into the ocean. I have a list of actors whose movies I will no longer watch. He's on it. I just don't want to see him anymore. Same with Natalie Portman. Black Swan did me in.

As far as duplicates, there's Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega. I can't tell the difference between them. Also, Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are probably the same guy.

When I'm up at 3 a.m., I listen to Coast to Coast AM on KIRO. Best radio show ever. Aliens and conspiracies and bigfoot sighting…I can't get enough.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OMg, of COURSE - Javier and Jeffrey. the thing about Paz Vega (loved her in "10 Items or Less") is that i don't want to punch her little face in like i do with Penelope Cruz.

I never watched Black Swan. I had it at home on DVD and returned it to Netflix. She was so great as a little 11 year old in the movie "Beautiful Girls".

I think Al Pacino and Robert Deniro are now interchangeable, though i loved Pacino in Serpico and could never imagine Deniro in that role. But now they seem the same to me. I am not interested in their movies any longer.

Jack Nicholson, however, still stands alone.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, i just got the first DVD of the first season of Mad Men today in the mail! I'll let you know how it goes. Did you do the Mad Men parties with other people during the finale?

I went to the STeilacoom Farmers' Market today and it's actually pretty good. I am making some healthy dish i never made before and i bought the rainbow chard at the market along with some good asiago AND i don't know if i'm gonna like it but i am bought some gluten free pasta at the market and it's going in the dish too. All this healthiness made me go pour a glass of of a great white blend of roussanne/marsanne/viognier while i'm cooking.

Sarah/louie, if you are reading i called you about a girl night at your mom's house. Let me know. We could watch Mad Men and make popcorn. Play Scrabble. Do each other's hair...that sort of thing. I'm home Saturday.

louielouie said...

1. Loved the Jon Steward link (and Jon Stewart) I don’t see the Daily Show much anymore. It used to show at 8:00 on our cable but doesn’t any more and we don’t DVR. Our On Demand versions are a week old.

2. Sleep remains elusive for me too, but at least it’s cooler lately so it is better.

Had a really bizarre dream last night (early this morning actually) about being at some big Navy reception-thing with my family when some 4-star General (well a guy with lots of brass and ribbon anyway) was going on and on about gays in the military and right wing conservative religion stuff. I couldn’t take it any more and made some announcement about how he was wrong, God didn’t care if you were gay and that we were all saved by grace. Then I felt I had to leave or ruin my son’s career or something. I did have to make a rather daring get-away over a river and up a ravine. The dream got weirder from there. In any case I woke up with my fists clenched and shoulders and arms all tensed.

3. Not sure what I think about the blog-background or what ever it’s called; do like the photo of you in the kitchen though.

4. Going to my mom’s Monday mid day, will be there nights, and most of each day. Will try to do some work from her house but I have a few meetings I can’t miss. Will be cooking dinner each night I suppose Monday through Wednesday. Fun times.

5. Think Emma is going to fix me up with Facebook next weekend.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Louie, my cousin Todd comes in on Thursday for the Family Louvrak Wedding. I can have a girl night with you on Tuesday if you want. Let's talk.

Weird about the dream. I've had vivid mini dreams too. I was telling Brian i know that i am getting some sleep because i wake up thinking about these weird dreams i just had but they are like watching sit-coms for a short time and then i wake up from them. I remember them right away but have since forgotten them. I just remember them being rather weird and alarming. LIke yours.

Brian took that photo of me, actually i remember it was from the last time my cousin Todd came to visit around New Years i think the year before last. I had 10 people in my house and that's hard to do. I had made brunch and bloody marys (remember your breakfast braid? i made that recipe).

hahaha, you're getting Facebook! I'll friend you in November if i get back on. Word of advice, don't friend everyone who wants you to if they are not people you would actually want to have lunch with. If you make that a parameter you might stay happy with it.