Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh For God's Sakes!

I'm changing this blog but want to say that The Family Louvrak wedding photos are on the previous post, if you are so interested.  (Thank you louie for posting on them.)

Oh For God's Sake refers of course to Romney's secretly video-taped $50,000 a plate dinner fundraiser last May where he did what i think is far far far far far worse than the "Dean Scream" from 2004. (For those who don't know, I was a Howard Dean state delegate for our state. i loved him!)

If you haven't seen it, let me know and i will link it. Oh, hell with it, i will link it anyway.( I like having it for historical purposes, because i think it's a doozy.)

By the way, did y'all know it was $50,000 a plate for that fundraiser when you first saw that video? I did not. I got this news first online from my boss at work where the article linked said that it was from May 2012 and MotherJones put it out.  But it was from Jon Stewart who filled in some of the good stuff.

I love presidential politics normally. But this year i did not have the stomach for the pundit crap even MSNBC and CNN... and all the polarizing and defensive back and forth hypocrisy on the other side so i have purposely not been watching anything but The Daily Show. And Jon Stewart makes it fun. I don't have the energy anymore to debate or defend my liberal Democrat side, because i feel like it is a big waste of time. We are all trapped and wrapped in our ideologies.

That said, I am still working on the election, only it's our local Washington State elections. I won't bore you with the details because you don't all live and work here. But for the next three weeks this political work cuts into many of my evenings.

And if i find when talking to any minorities, gay people, women who don't want to get pregnant every time they have sex, young people, (especially if they are under the age of 26), ANYONE who might be deemed 'entitled to health care or food' and they tell me that they didn't vote, well, i don't know...I guess i better get a lawyer on retainer right now....

(By the way did y'all see Romney try and fix this? I think that is just as bad as this little speech. )

I feel better every day that Obama is going to be just fine. I hope it's not just because i live in Washington State and get a different bent on the political climate. I don't believe it will even be close.


jojo cucina cucina said... can i forget?... anyone on social security!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

and don't forget those of us on disability.
Romney is an elitist ass. No question about that. Ryan, well he's the frosting on the stupidity cake. We know they are beholden to the "secret" cabal. Only thing I don't get is what would happen to the Constitution, 1st Amendment if they tried to turn this country into a theocracy? Which is what a percentage of the population (male) wants?

Recovering from a trip, otherwise doing ok.

Amanda said...

My dad is one of those people who would get totally rammed up the ass if Romney were elected, but he's just bending over and grabbing his ankles anyway. It makes me so mad! He's on disability and Medicaid, but still thinks the Ryan plan is brilliant. I just don't get it. There are so many like him, too. It's frustrating. He votes specifically against my interests as well as his.

$50,000 a plate! That's disgusting. I know both sides do those dinners, but I think how many dogs in shelters could get homes with that kind of money. It makes me sick to my stomach. It's just so much money. I really want there to be election reform in this country. No more Citizens United and a change to public funding for candidates. Everyone should get the same wad of public money. It would change everything and we wouldn't end up with a rich, old, lying blowhard with plastic hair.

I'm trying not to watch too much news or listen to too much political radio. It's not good for my rage levels. But, I really hope this election isn't even close. It's those clingers to guns and religious we have to worry about!

jojo cucina cucina said...

"frosting on the stupidity cake" amulbunny, hahahaha.

Amanda, i just read that Romney finally released his taxes and he paid less than 15%. Obama on the other hand paid over 20%. for the life of me, i don't get anyone making less than $100,000 a year voting Republican. But then i know it's not just about taxes either. Religion, abortion, guns, same-sex marriage all factor in and there are plenty of poor folks who vote on those issues. I just hope they pay attention to the statement that he doesn't care about them because it's not his job.

I was thinking how the Republicans kept trying to label Obama as an elitist in 2008. The hypocrisy is what makes my blood pressure rise and turning off the TV does help.

JJ said...

I will say after hearing it on the radio this week - I can't figure out how Romney is going to get elected. But after reading Amanda's post I think it just doesn't matter for some folks and I have relatives who just hate Obama. It's really weird and scary. I agree Amanda - the whole campaign money thing on both sides is just ridiculous considering all the things that need funding in our country.