Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some Wedding Photos

Menu of the Day:
Book: State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. I am really liking this book. Thank you, Julie/jj... Has anyone here read her other one, Bel Canto?
The Best Thing That Happened this Week: The sun. So many days in a row of sun, sun, sun. I love late summer weather. It's been so nice that they extended our pool closure for the second time.
What I'm looking Forward to: The election being over. Also our flyfishing trip in mid-October.

  • 'Father' Scott (my brother) married our nephew Brian and his wife Adrienne.
  • My brother Troy and his son, the groom.
  • Brian shaking his dad's hand after the ceremony.
  • Me dancing with my niece Ashley (Kylee/Modern Hippie in the foreground.)
  • My Dad with Ashley and Kylee.
  • The Wedding Men. (To the left is my sister's son, Christopher, who was the Best Man.)
  • The Bride.
I have been neglecting this blog but i hope to do better. I might add to this later or not. I might just add a new topic (if i can come up with one!) ....but for now, i knew i had to change it.

P.S. I did not take these photos.

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louielouie said...

Thanks for the update and the photos. It looks like it was a great day all around. Your family all looks so good; and happy.

Glad to hear the Chicago teachers are going back. This presidential election did not need this distraction. Hope the contract is good and they ratify.

Love the weather, beautiful days and cool nights. It's eerie though how we can see the smoke from the eastern Washington fires.

Just came home from my second afternoon of drinks with a friend. Actually, only one drink each time. I'm trying to maintain a friendship with a former colleague and have more than one friend at a time.

Good news about my mom, she is out of her cast/boot and is going back to physical therapy starting tomorrow.

It was my parent's wedding anniversary today, but I talked to my brother and he and his wife went over to visit my mom so I could keep my drink-date.

Ron is doing some computer work so I'll head on up and do my work out with Jillian. That's one good thing about only having one drink - I didn't even drink the whole thing, it didn't taste that good, I think I've become a gin-snob - I can still work out.