Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Wedding - Van Morrison song added

I can't stand seeing my picture up there anymore so i have to change this.

I have nothing really to talk about really except to say The Family L o u v r a k wedding went off wonderfully! I didn't take photos with my camera, only with Kylee's, so i have no access to put anything up right now.

My nephew Brian and his wife made me a part of their ceremony and that was very special to me. I'm even mentioned in the program!

I danced with my nephew after she danced with her father. At the rehearsal dinner he and went through his iPod to find one that was appropriate....(equeyaya,  i thought of you, cause originally our song was going to be Chariot by Ryan Montbleau. In fact we even practiced danced to it!)

In the end he chose a Van Morrison song i didn't own (though i do now). Called These are The Days... such a pretty song. And hahaha, they got me a wrist corsage.

My brother Scott performed the ceremony which involved drama because as mentioned in the last post, he stepped up to fill in at the last minute when my nephew Brian's friend who was ordained cancelled the day before. (His baby was sick.) We found another ordained friend to make it legal , and in the end i think it was better than if it had been Brian's friend who cancelled.

And because Troy married my Brian and me 10 years ago, Troy (who is Nephew Brian's dad) introduced my brother Scott by saying "We have a tradition in our family of family members marrying family members"...and the crowd burst out laughing since it sounds like something out of Deliverance families. He hadn't realized what he said.

Scott started it the ceremony and was so at ease, then before the vows had Troy come up again and give a parable that he had said at rehearsal about family and life being a jigsaw puzzle, some pieces are missing (referring to, but not actually mentioning my sister and Nephew Brian's brother), some get lost (Nephew Brian's mom), but you keep building the puzzle and making it bigger. And then it was turned over to Scott again who said some more and got us all participating by having us repeat after him when there was a bit of a break, i.e. a train going by at one point.... Every time he said "God is Good", we responded "All the Time" and then he would say "All the Time" and we repeated "God is Good". Their vows were traditional, and because we were outside at the park, the church bells chimed at the very right moment when he started. And the crowd laughed again on cue.

In the end Scott started to say 'by the power vested in me...' and then stopped and laughed and said, "i have no power, so let's all say it together..." and the whole crowd repeated that part in unison of the power vested....' pronounce you husband and wife'...

It was perfect.

Life is good for the Family L o u v r a k right now.

I'll be back soon to change this blog. Maybe add some pictures. We do have some extremely funny video that my Brian shot of my dad, who is so cute, dancing with Kylee and Ashley, (my nieces)) and he it's the Electric Slide. My Dad NEVER dances. And we have some funny Crawfish kind of moves from my mom on video too.

What did everyone else do on Labor Day????  Welcome back EoDe! I forgot to mention that last post!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey, did any of y'all catch Michelle Obama's speech tonight at the Convention? I caught the last of it and it was amazing. I'll have to YouTube the rest of it.

Amanda said...

I just watched her speech and it was amazing. She hit so many great points. I want to give her a wrist corsage. She's earned it. This is the first time I've really been excited about the election.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Chariot would have been a good choice, but you can never go wrong with Van. Is it one of his new songs? I'm glad it was such a nice family time and that everything went smoothly for Brian and his new wife.

We camped and hiked all weekend. It was quite an adventure!

Can't wait to see your photos!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey Amanda! i love how you post about my side note but bring it back to the wrist corsage so i know you read what i wrote before.... hahahaha....

Barbara/AKA Anonymous/AKA equeyaya..... i just posted on your blog! The Van Morrison song is an old one from an album i think was called Avalon Sunset, only i had to buy it from iTunes from the Van Morrison movie cd. I could not find the original album that it came from. But Brian L. knows all the old stuff.

He was telling me last week at the rehearsal party how when he was a little boy that Troy, his Dad, always played Van Morrison over and over and he and his brother Josh got so sick of it and would complain because back then he liked stuff like Boyz 2 Men and Josh liked that Hansen group.

But now Brian owns most all of Van Morrison on vinyl even! And the song his wife danced with her dad was another classic Van Morrison: Tupelo Honey.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i still cannot find the origin of this Van Morrison song, but i did find a YouTube with the music and the lyrics.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Of course i loved the lyric: "Turned the Water Into Wine"

louielouie said...

glad to hear the wedding went well.

we had a great (but strange) weekend too

can't post much now though, getting too excited listening to Bill Clinton

louielouie said...

God IS Good.

Glad to hear God mentioned in the wedding-louvrak.

The wedding we went to on Sunday, at the zoo, made no mention of God. Not once, not Jesus, not the Dalai Lama, no higher being. It was weird. The bride and her dress were beautiful and the setting was fine but it was just wrong.

No dancing either, and you know how i love to dance. There was an open bar. . .

jojo cucina cucina said...

Not only just that God reference. I forgot to say that .Scott did this whole thing about the two names Godson and Louvrak being joined (Louvrak is pronounced Loverock for those who don't know.)

God is Love. Love is God. God Rocks. Son of God.

It's a perfect union of names.

OMG. i am missing Bill Clinton... Shit. gotta go.

jojo cucina cucina said...

OOOH Bill... I had to watch it on YouTube at lunch today. Lordy, that man talks long, but he is good. I was struck by how much older his voice is starting to sound.

Putting this down for the record. Looked at a house yesterday that i have been running by for 20 years and have admired. And today as i was going home i saw the older woman who owns it with her son in the yard (her son owns the house next door) and so i got out of my car and told her i thought she needed to take a look at our condo since she said she wanted to downsize and not have maintenance.

hahaha... she goes and grabs her purse and i take her in my car to see the place and she is really liking it.

We could do a swap! Her house is 1500 sq feet and is very similar to ours, only bigger and with a yard. And hers has air conditioning too.

We are not in the market to buy again really. But if something like a swap works out, (obviously we would have to pay her the difference for her house which is listed at $224,000) it is worth thinking about. The house is super clean (her son told me she has OCD and clean ALOT, like me!) But i wouldn't move into it without putting in all tile and hardwoods and updating some stuff.

Anyway, nothing may come of it, but sometimes i think karma is all around us. It was a fluke i ran m old route when it first went on the market. And it's a fluke that our places look so similar already. I love that she has air conditioning and she loves that we do!

jojo cucina cucina said...

wow.... after writing this i got a call from the woman (whose name is Winnie). She asked if she could bring her son over. And so they came. And he told me she loves our place and is dead serious about talking about a swap sale. He liked it too. I said i needed to be really sure about our end on the mortgage payment because of being retired and not wanting to start all over or drain our savings. But it's something to think about!

Anonymous said...

From EoDE...

Loved the wedding story--what a wonderful way for your nephew and his wife to start their new life together! Hope you can post pictures soon.

Will be eager to hear what you and B decide about the house swap. You and Winnie sound like kindred spirits!

Amanda said...

Here's my modern dilemma. I'm Facebook friends with the ex-boyfriend. We were together 3 1/2 years. I'm also Facebook friends with some of his friends, his mom (who I absolutely love, she's hilarious), and his sister. We broke up in February, but I don't think either of us have negative feelings toward each other. I always stay friends with exes. I have a new fella now and we go on adventures. I want to post pictures of the adventures, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or make things uncomfortable for myself or anyone else. Do I need to de-friend the ex and his associates? Or, do I keep them as friends and post the pics anyway? I don't know what the most considerate thing to do is. I feel fairly certain the ex has other girlfriends, but I wouldn't want to see that. So, I don't know what to do. You are an opinionated gal, Jo. What do you think?

jojo cucina cucina said...

I have been so busy at work that i haven't had time to keep up.
EoDe, LOVE seeing you back@

Re: the house. So far on hold. I'm kind of waiting for her to call me. I want the upper hand in the deal. We like her house a lot. But in the end it's going to cost us a minimum of $100,000 by the time we're done because i need it to be remodeled and i keep weighing that amount with our cute little condo, however small. Is it worth THAT much more? Plus the hassle?

Our plan i think now is to wait out her realtor contract. It's up in May. He's terrible and i would be surprised if the house sells by then. She said she thinks it will take a year and she is fine with that. I would like to have us sit down with her when that contract is up and maybe work a deal with a real estate attorney and not go through realtors and their commissions. Not get a loan and pay $8,000 in closing costs (that was what a fairly small 10 year loan's fees were...save up as much as we can between now and then, and then see if we can do a deal that would save us all some money. IN May i will be better prepared to take time to do all the work it needs as i will be retired.

AMANDA.... FAcebook. I have an answer for you but it's what i would do and i'm not sure if it would work for people not like me, who are pretty black and white about stuff. I have been divorced twice and have not always remained friends with friends. I'm a military brat and i think it makes it easier for me to walk away.

So with that disclaimer i would say: nobody should be 'friends' with their EX on Facebook. That should be a given. And it's just as much for their goodwill as your own.

As with the friends of your ex that is trickier. Which ones were his friends and you only friended them because you were together?....i would 'unfriend' those folks. Which ones did you all equally be friends with? I would only keep the ones who when you broke up were supportive of you and checked in. (This is probably easier to nail down than you think.) Anyone else, i would ask myself: if they called me up to go to lunch, would i go? And would i look forward to it? If the answer is no, then i would unfriend them.

OR you could take a hiatus like i'm doing. And come back and unfriend everyone who you really would never go to lunch with, regardless of your ex and most people won't notice.

So yeah, for me this is easy. But i get that most people are more sensitive to other's feelings than i am.

I'm surprised at how little i miss Facebook. I really thought i would want to cheat. Pretty soon i will have forgotten my password anyway and i might not make it back!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Books i read this summer, cause i like having a record: I might be leaving a couple out.

1. Oxygen
2. Gold
3. The Paris Wife
4. Secrets of Eden
5. Lifeboat
6. The Most Dangerous Thing
7. Gone
8. The Last Juror
9. Afterwards
10. One MOre Thing Before i Go
11. The Good Father
12. The Shelter
13. Wild
14. The Year We All Left Home

I think last summer i read 14 books too!

Amanda said...

I knew that's what you'd say! I just needed to hear it, I think. I am seriously one of those gorilla mothers who would carry around her rotting dead corpse of a baby, still trying to nurse it.

You read so many books! I only made it through three.
• Of Human Bondage (this one is long enough to count as two, I'm sure)
• Marching Men
• Wild

I'm reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte right now and have The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins waiting in my Kindle queue. I love my Kindle so much!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, you can adjust settings so your ex, and anyone else you choose, do not see certain things that you post. I have a whole "no" list set up in my friends, and my default settings are that they don't see anything that i post. It just looks to them like I'm not on fb much.


Anonymous said...

PS - that is very cool about Winnie, jo! I hope it works out and it's great that you and she have time on your side. i just remember your complaints about the condo association and you would probably like to get away from all that. would you miss the pool?