Saturday, February 16, 2013

A meteor in my wine glass. Is God sending us passive aggressive messages? and other musings.

This photo from our favorite Vashon beach place looks like a meteor is in my glass. How about that meteor in Russia anyway? Sometimes when i read news like this i fear the End of the World coming. Is God trying to f*ck with us? Cause if He is (do we capitalize the H when talking about God or is that only Jesus? louie, i'm sure you can weigh in on this.)  anyway, cause if H(h)e is, then i want to go out and spend all my savings on....what... i don't know really. But i would hate to die before i got to use it.       
1. Let's dish on the Academy Awards first. I might be live blogging that day. Anyone want to join me? When's the date again?

Anyway, i have seen hardly any of the movies, but of course that doesn't stop me from having opinions. I rarely agree with the artsy fartsy picks of these awards for Best Picture. (Movies like Chariots of Fire and The English Patient and Shakespeare in Love bore the shit out of me.)

I did see Lincoln. AND i fell asleep through part of it. Someone said, i think it was Joan Rivers, that everything about Lincoln was done well, but you were bored anyway. (It is, after, all a Steven Spielberg movie.) That's how i felt. Which means Lincoln will win. But i wish Argo would. (Even though i haven't seen it. I love rooting for Ben Affleck ever since he ditched J-Lo.)

And i wish that 9 year old girl with the name that starts with a Q wins. I DID see Beasts of the Southern Wild, at the recommendation of my nephew Brian, and really thought she was the whole movie. It was like she wasn't even acting.

I didn't much care for Sally Field who seemed to be playing a version of Sybil in her Mrs. Lincoln role, so i don't want her to win. And i think Silver Linings Playbook is a movie i really want to see, but i read the book and it was good, but i can't imagine this as an Oscar winning movie.

And I'm over Helen Hunt in the same way i got over Meg Ryan. Use to love them. Not anymore. Helen has gotten too skinny and fragile looking in her aging years. And damn, i thought i had a high forehead (which i hate) but you could show movies on hers ....if she was just a little paler.

2. Two girls (who aren't family) who I would be proud to have as daughters:
I am running with an 18 year old girl. We are training for this half marathon together. I don't hate running when i am running with her! Her name is Katie and she is the niece of my sister- in- law Marie, (who is modern hippie/Kylee's mom.) We are running over an hour now and we talk the whole time and when we're done running we're  surprised, not only by how fast we are running, but that the time went by so fast. I'm hoping with Katie i can run this thing in 2 hours flat, taking two minutes off my time from last year. She might pull ahead of me as she keeps training. She's a good runner and.... of course, young!

The other young woman is Sarah/louie's daughter Emma (who i think 24 years old). Actually with Emma, i also want her, not only as a daughter, but as a very good friend. Emma is so smart, insightful and kind and tolerant AND a great conversationalist, like my niece Kylee and nephew Brian. (Emma gives me hope for the teaching profession.) And i would actually seek her out for personal advice if i needed it, (more so than with some folks  my own age).

What they have in common is i have known them since they were babies, and I got to watch them grow up. Katie and Emma feel old souls. These two are more mature at their age and more grounded than many people much older, (and I include myself, even as I often describe myself as a baby who changed her own diapers.)  I love their strong opinions and critical thinking about life and the world. I feel like they are moving in a direction that tells me they know who they are and what they want. It's rare to find these qualities in young women today and I am awed by them. It doesn't happen very often that people awe me.

3. Product endorsement. I found these sheets at Costco and they are amazing and i am not talking about the Spalena sheets i posted about years ago. These are 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets by Charisma. They cost only $50 for a king set. I went and bought a set for our queen and a second set for our king. I love these sheets!

So who's with me blogging on Oscar night?  And who do YOU want to win?

Notes to Self:                                                                                      

Sunset: 5:37 pm ( we're getting there!) Today's high temperature was 50 degrees and it was sunny part of the day!

Total page views: 39,989 i am almost at 40,000. Didn't i start this four years ago? Maybe i should post a link to Facebook and see if i get more followers. The only problem i see with that is family members checking in and me censoring myself. I don't want to worry about what i post here.

Another weird thing about the stats: The Big Bird blog during the Obama debates was the high page view this week with 30 views. Why would someone be reading that this week? It was posted back in October and is very old news.  (But it was pretty funny in parts.)

Longest run this week: 60 minutes

Shout Out: Jennifer, Jaxie, EoDe....


jojo cucina cucina said...

Feb 24 is Oscar night. Get your fanciest pjs ready to wear!

Jaxie Fantastic said...

I'm still here. I just don't blog anymore cuz I found I didn't have much to say that I felt should be put online. I still read though and have to get better about commenting.


louielouie said...

Academy Awards- I have sort of lost my interest. I'll check my social calendar to see if I'm available. I did like Lincoln, even Sally Field, but favorite was probably Argo. I am secretly madly in love with Ben Affleck. Saw Life of Pi it was Ok but it was 3-d. I do not like 3-d, it bugs my eyes. I am very sensitive.

Don’t wish anyone were my daughter. Got the best daughter ever.

Am at Seabrook this weekend, a planned community thing near Moclips. It’s sort of weird- super White Bread. Good location though- may work for a girls’ trip. Only real thing missing is a view. I’m a sucker for a view.
It is a two story so I had to tell the Falling-down-the stairs- in-the-middle-of-the-night-Shitty-Misty story.

There is no cell service here- so no phone. Do have wi fi though so I can finally post on Jo's blog..

Have had a couple of great walks on the beach. Played some solitaire, did few crosswords, watched a couple of movies (Skyfall is on right now) and am reading Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants. Cooked a few meals too but am mostly doing plenty of nothing. My goal for the weekend is to drink every day I’m here and finish the book. Think I’ll make it.

My other idea is to take my phone to the beach to take a photo for my Facebook page. Not so sure about making that. . .

jojo cucina cucina said...

Yay Louie's back!

Pacific Beach is a nice beach, but i don't love the Seabrook place for us, though i would love it for a work retreat which we are going to in May. The place feels like Stepford. But with a group i won't mind it. It does seem weird to drive to the coast and stay at a place without a view.

Nothing is worse than the Shitty Mysty though. When you told the story did you tell how i bolted out of my bedroom ready to save the day because i thought you falling down the stairs was someone breaking in?? Don't leave out my almost-heroism! I was fearless! hahahaha..... That place was spooky. Remember how there were lots of torn pages out of the guest journal? No doubt the owner had to remove the unflattering pages.

JAXIE !!!!!!!!!!!!! I never expect to actually see someone i've shouted out when i do this after they have been gone awhile. It's good to see you. I had checked in on your lonely blog from time to time and noticed you were absent. Thanks for being here.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I have to update my blog to include my longest run this week. I is one hour and 35 minutes.

There is a reason for that. I took a wrong turn in Oakbrook and got lost! I went down a new street i knew but went straight instead of going right and that road twisted and turned and i ended on streets i've never been on even though i've lived here for over 20 years. Oakbrook is notorious for getting lost. I've been gone for over two hours because besides that Marie and i went for a nice walk at the park before the run.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I may drop in and visit during the Oscars. Depends on who's here and what's going on.

I'm sitting here with my glass of Coke Zero and thinking I've got a book that needs to be read. Just finished Maeve Binchy's last book, A Week in Winter, and enjoyed it. Now I'm reading one called Island Passage by Sherry Hartzler. Marriage gone bad, old boyfriends, old girlfriends. Stevie Nicks is blaring out of the other room. Guess we're in for a 70's music day.

Last night 8 young adults were gathered around the poker table in the living room playing games. There was booze involved and they got loud. Laughter and more laughter. Someone brought s'more brownies so there was chocolate as well. Glad they had a good time. My son had to pick up all the mess. LOL.

I'm not worried about the world coming to an end, I hope if it does it's fast and you won't have time to think. That had to be pretty damn scary in Russia though. And it was an air burst not like the land burst that hit Siberia in 1909.


louielouie said...

I am waaaaay ahead with my goals for this trip:

Finished Bossy Pants

Took a SECOND walk on the beach today - both walks involved a lot of stairs

Am having a Bushmills on the rocks

You're right Jo, this place is a little (OK a lot) Stepfordish. You definitely have to bring your own fun; no night life at all and you know how I love the night life

May start another book, but don't want to over do

louielouie said...


It is a upper case He for God, in all His triune forms.

And I am positive He is not passive aggressive. Passive aggressiveness is for cowardly bullies.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I think God has a right to be pissed at us so if He wants to throw a meteor to Earth to freak us out we probably deserve that. It might have something to do with the 'slacker Pope' (that's what jon stewart calls him.) So yeah feels a little passive aggressive if that' s His doing.

What does triune mean? Something like the Father Son and Holy Ghost?

As a good little catholic the Holy Ghost thing always through me off. I imagined Him as Casper.

Hi a-bunny!

jojo cucina cucina said...

of course i meant 'threw me off' ....damn it not having an edit button on comments...but at least this way i get more comments...

BTW did anyone catch the quentin tarantino spoof last night on SNL called Djesus Uncrossed. It was pretty funny but i sm sure there eill be quite the backlash especially if folks don't know about tarantino.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any movies so can't weigh in on the Oscar stuff. Have no wishes for any daughters other than my own.

I was just thinking I.could use some new sheets, and have been thinking about.joining Costco... So maybe I'll check that out.

Louie, I'm envying you with your bushmills at the beach!

BTW, this is equeyaya. :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Heyyyy eque! I almost missed seeing you here since i put up a new post.