Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today's Menu....No Specials.

I got nothing to say but i needed to change it. So here's a lame post. again. 

What I've been doing for the past hour: searching for a vacation place on the beach. I may have found one! It's near Pt. Townsend. Actually not THAT close, 32 miles away. But i like the looks of this place. Click below.

This place looks cool!

Longest run this week: 75 minutes.

What aches: my hips.

In my glass: Fresca with cranberry juice.

What's coming up: Bowling in another week AND bowling lessons this Wednesday!

State of mind: Bored. Kind of cranky. You know that kind of mood where you aren't really in a bad mood, but you're not in a good mood either? And you don't feel like doing anything really. And then you feel alittle bit guilty for feeling this way cause, hey, everything is fairly copacetic so there is no reason really for feeling ambivalent or uneven about the day. But i do anyway. Feel that way, i mean.

Reading: Teddy Roosevelt diary AND Life of Pi.

Music: none. I like the sound of the dishwasher running. It's comforting and i didn't want music to drown it out.

Besides vacation places, i'm searching for: the perfect pair of jeans. I bought Citizens for Humanity jeans but they are too low even though they say mid-rise and not only that, the denim fabric feels so thin i am sure they will wear out quickly and they are EXPENSIVE! i do like they look though. What are YOUR favorite pair of jeans?

Notes to Self: 
Sunset: 5:20 pm
High Temperature: 51 degrees
All time blog posts: 39,471
Page views yesterday: so pathetic i'm not even including it. why do i blog?


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

What I've been doing for the past hour: Reading stories about how the Republicans are trying to sneak Dominionist Theology into their platform. I thought we've come past the days of barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, homeschooling with out of date and out of context texts. Guess not.

Longest run this week: End of the block chasing the love struck schnauzer terrier who's Pepe Le Pew incarnated.

What aches: my shoulders. Had to take an actual pain pill to deal with it.

In my glass: Remnants of Coca Cola and Crushed Ice.

What's coming up: Learning the Webber Pie Jesu for Good Friday.

State of mind: Crabby and pissy. It's my husband's birthday and the kids are taking him to see Hansel and Gretel (they took me 2 weeks ago). He went to the store this morning and didn't even look at my shopping list. We've got a freezer full of frozen veggies for stir fry, but no protein.

Reading: From Dead to Worse, a sookie stackhouse novel. I've got Christian Bride in a Muslim Mosque on my Kindle. It's about a Mennonite family in Idaho and their legacy. Also trying to get through Gone Girl. It's very disquieting.

Music: None at all. Not even TV droning in the background.

Since I'm a little Rubenesque, I like Lane Bryant jeans and Avenue jeans. For just plain on pull on ones for around the house I love Chic. I always like to go to the outlet malls that have VF products. The one name brand I do buy is Coach as their bags go on forever. I was just thinking it's time to change to a springy one.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny, i shouted you out last week!

I really liked Gone Girl. Lots of people are reading this. I got it before the hype because i had read her earlier books and liked them. All of them are good. As always with books i read, i can tell you that i liked them, even rate them on a scale if you need it, but don't ask me the plot because i can't remember. I think it's because i read too much i can't keep it all in my head. That's why i can't join a book club. We would have to convene for a gathering the VERY NEXT DAY after reading so i can participate, so it would have to be all up to me.

That and the fact that i want to choose all the books we read. So i have to be content to be in a bookclub of one.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I finally got fed up at shopping in the Nordstrom section that i always shop in. You know, the place with all those NYDJ. I HATE those Not Your Daughter Jeans. I have a pair of some black pants that is so high waisted and the zipper is so long that it looks like i have a hard on unless i am wearing a sweatshirt hoodie to cover the bulk. Why did i buy those?

So today i went to the young girl section where they carry those Citizens for Humanity jeans that i needed to return. I have never ever been in this department. But i found this salesperson who was so good that when i told her i don't want:

pocket embellishment in a big way
straight leg or skinny jeans
too low of a rise
and no ripped jeans

She found me two pairs. One pair is 7 for Mankind and the other i forget. And the best thing is she asked the alteration lady to have them both ready by tomorrow even though i didn't ask. No one has EVER done that for me before. I don't even want to tell you what those jeans cost. So within a half hour i found two pair because she did all the work. I loved her name too: Natasha.

Here's the worst thing i find when i shop at Nordstrom. I can't stand having to put on my old clothes that i wore in after i go in a buy something. It's one of the reasons i like shopping online. I got to Nordstrom thinking i look okay until i get into that 3 way mirror room. And then none of my clothes look good to me after trying on new stuff. Does this happen to anyone else?

It's never a good thing to look in those mirrors this time of year either. Who ever thinks their backside looks good in those?

jojo cucina cucina said...

That ARE so high waisted. Not IS.... i hate not having an edit button.

Amanda said...

I need new jeans. My one pair that fit (the same gap jeans I've bought for years, which are now being discontinued) ripped during the move. There's a horizontal tear about three inches above my knee in the back. I still wear them, mostly because I don't think anyone really looks at me on the weekends. I feel like an invisible person so it doesn't matter if my jeans have a tear in them.

But, they won't work for work and tomorrow is casual day.

My backup pair is too tight, so I slept in them last night to stretch them out. It didn't work as well as I'd hoped. I definitely can't sit in them all day. Stand, yes. Sit, no.

So, I have to go shopping. I hate shopping. I hate looking at myself and confronting my appearance in that tiny room with likely bedbugs. I feel old and ugly, and, like a troll woman, I feel I should crawl out covering my face, shouting to bystanders to look away. It's very upsetting. Maybe I'll just go to WalMart and buy $12 stretch jeans without trying them on. Or maybe I'll get maternity jeans with the cotton panel up to the boobs. No sucking-in necessary, and I bet I could sit in them all day without getting sawed in half. Fuck it. There's 20,000 people in this town. Who gives a shit if I have nice jeans?

I'm cranky.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, nobody feels good looking in those 3 way mirrors. I think i look good in my clothes until i go shopping for jeans at Nordstrom. Only a Victoria Secret model has a backside that looks good in those mirrors. I had no idea i had so much cellulite until yesterday. I like jeans. i just don't like shopping for them, that's why i keep trying to do it online. And i always fail. This is my second time blogging about online shopping for jeans that didn't work within the year i think.

Ok, i have to ask: How in the f*ck can anyone sleep in jeans? I can barely sleep in underwear because i hate clingy clothes when i am sleeping.

Also i thought ripped jeans were hip. I know i'm old and would never wear ripped jeans on purpose, so is the hipness with the rips ONLY in the front and not in the back? I don't get it. but then i never did about ripped jeans.

Amy said...

Those 3 way mirrors and the florescent lighting are the worst. This is why 85% of my wardrobe is from Costco. Every once and a while they stock some dark lucky brand jeans that come in long and I stock up. Costco's great. You get to try everything on at home and if you don't like it you just take it back. I also like the idea of getting clothes at the same time as groceries. Two birds with one stone :)

Amanda how can you sleep in jeans! That's craziness!

jojo cucina cucina said...

AMY! I have those very Lucky brand jeans from Costco that you are talking about. I bought two pair. Years ago i bought Luckys from Costco and still wear those. I also bought the women's Costco Levis (I always buy both the ankle length AND the regular length) so i have four pair of these Costco jeans. But the Levis don't fit great, they're kind of baggy and loose. Comfortable around the house, but not so classy looking outside. I do like the Lucky jeans alot.

I could never sleep in jeans. I barely can sleep in underwear! You have to air it out down there sometime!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I'm going to have to count my jeans now. I wouldn't be surprised if i have about 25 pairs even after getting rid of some to charity when i switched out my summer clothes.

I am addicted to buying books and jeans and iTunes.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I knew it. I. knew. it. When louie got a Facebook page, i knew she would be lost to my blog, just like modern hippie, my niece Kylee. I hate F*ucking Facebook!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Thank you Amy and Amanda for being here! :)

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hahaha i did not mean to spell out the whole F word and still put an asterick! But when you do it that way you may as well just spell it out all the way..who is the asterick kidding?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hahaha i did not mean to spell out the whole F word and still put an asterick! But when you do it that way you may as well just spell it out all the way..who is the asterick kidding?