Friday, February 1, 2013

Disappointments & Satisfactions - vacation link added.

Disappointment: At first glance, i think we might owe $5000 in taxes after trying to break even by deferring Brian's income. I hope I'm wrong.

Satisfaction:  We have no dependents and my retirement is only 7 months away.

Disappointment: It's only Feb. 1st, which means we have 5 more months of this crappy gray weather, cement/semen color skies, tofu colored skin tones, bad hair, dark moods and ugly patio foliage.

Satisfaction: Today was sunny, for more than two hours! And i don't have to have my windows washed because you can't tell they are dirty this time of year.

Disappointment: My New Orleans trip that i was going on in April with my brothers is not going to happen for ME ever since I found out my mom is coming. So i decided not to go.

Here's an example of my mom traveling: last fall in Hawaii she bought all this stuff and put it in her carryon bag, and it was wayyyyy more than 3 ounces of liquid according to my nephew Brian who was traveling with her. (I wasn't there, it was a family destination wedding.) Brian the nephew told me it was really embarrassing how she was upset that she couldn't bring her liquid stuff on the plane. Because i hardly EVER travel anywhere and the last person i would ever travel with is my mom. So after looking forward to this trip since October, i am backing out. (This example is only one of many, i have more.)

Here is a beach place i think we might book. It's near Pt. Townsend. It's beautiful inside! I want to put it here so if i ever loose the bookmark or forget it, i can come back here.

Click here to see photos

Satisfaction: So instead of New Orleans, I am looking into renting a house on the water in Cannon Beach and going to the fabulous cooking class place that i went to last summer with the galpals. They have a wine/small plates event in March.

Disappointment: My night sweats are back after being gone for a few months.

Satisfaction: There isn't one, except maybe the things i think about at 3 am that i need to remember when i wake up in a soaking wet t-shirt.

Disappointment: I didn't get chosen for one of the 5  News Tribune Guest Columnist for 2013.

Satisfaction: Relief that i don't have to come up with a bunch of columns to submit on deadline.

What's going on with YOUR life?

Notes to Self: 

Sunset: 5:13 pm
Today's High: 50 degrees
All time Posts: 39,337
Low: 35 degrees
Longest Run this Week: 75 minutes (TODAY.... training for the May 19 Capitol City Half Marathon again).
Shout Out: Amulbunny !