Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stuff I Used To Want When I Was Younger

I loved her hair, her clothes, her eyeliner!
This is from Restoration Housewife's actual ad that  shows these cost $12.95 back then!

I thought she was SO beautiful and i wanted to be her. 
First off, I found out tonight in a form email from Pat O'Callahan (that I copied and pasted on Facebook) that The News Tribune did not choose me to be their Guest Columnist. Apparently thinking i was qualified to take over Dear Abby and for dissing folks for praying to Jesus on Facebook when He doesn't have a Facebook page did not resonate with the editors.

I didn't really think i had a chance, because you have to know our newspaper. But i hoped that maybe the Tribune might decide to take a chance on me and wouldn't it be cool if they did pick me and let me run with anything i wanted to write?

I am not the greatest writer but some of those folks they have chosen for Guest Writers are BORING and BANAL,  (Is that redundant?...probably why i didn't get chosen, i have a propensity to do that.)

One story was a woman writing about her grandmother's recipe and how as a little girl she loved making it with her... i forget the recipe i just remember thinking OH, how cutesy Norman Rockwell is that... barf!.....OK,  enough about that. But you can bet when i read these Guest Writers in the coming months i will be blogging about them.

But before i get to it, let's do a short Menu for The Day, it's been awhile.


Book: I am reading River of Doubt, a Teddy Roosevelt biography and Susieatl, i think you read this. I posted the question on your FB page. Did you? It's good. I also am getting ready to read Louise Erdrich's Roundhouse, and Zodiac (because i saw the Jake Gynllenhall/Robert Downey Jr movie recently on Encore about the Zodiac California serial killer back in the late 60's & 70's ...)

Music: I can't remember if i mentioned that i recently discovered Ray Bonneville. My nephew Brian introduced him to me. If John Hiatt and Bob Dylan (the way he sounds now) had a baby, the baby would be Ray Bonneville.

Best Thing That Happened: Girl Night last Saturday with jj, louie, and louie's amazing daughter Emma at HG Bistro. And a nice long run, with my new young 17 year old running partner, Katie. (Kylee/Modern Hippie's first cousin on her mom's side). She and i are training for the half marathon together and we run the same pace.

Shout Out: Susieatl.... where you be?

Ok, on with the Stuff I Wanted....Come and post your stuff!


1. White GoGo boots. (We're talking Shindig era, 1968.)

2. Real skates, you know, the kind that were boots that you laced up, not the stupid key tightening kind. 

3. I wanted Twiggy's short pixie cut. 

4. Every Monkees LP... i had i think one of them and then a bunch of 45s, like Last Train to Clarksville, etc. 

5. Remember mohair sweaters when they were popular? I so wanted one of those. (Just as well, i think i would have been allergic, and actually they were ugly too, like the GoGo boots, but i didn't think so back then.) 

6. I wanted a Stingray bike with a sissy bar. I had the big Schwinn girl bike with the boring handlebars it seemed like an old lady bike. then mini-bikes came out and i wanted one of those too, but knew that would never happen.

7. I was a military brat living in Japan during 1969-1973 and during that time many of my friends were wearing POW bracelets. My Dad wouldn't let me get one. Maybe he thought it was too morbid, i have no idea, he never gave a reason. 

8. I wanted to look like Olivia Hussey from Romeo and Juliet

That's all i have for now. 

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susieatl said...

grrrrrr...I posted and then I had to reset my google password because someone keeps hacking into my and Furline's acct. I hope it is not a yaya. It's somebody in Texas on their phone.

Ok, I'm going to Miami tomorrow for our NSM and I'm so busy I can't breathe. Plus there is a woman who I've grown to dislike intensely who is going for the first time. She is the most judgemental, condencending person I've ever met and really don't relish the fact that she will be there. I hope to continue to be so busy that I won't have to be near her.

Teddy is my favorite subject. He fascinates me. He could read volumes of books in many different languages and then discuss them at length. He wrote tons of books on many subjects. He loved nature, he also loved battle. He had a great moral sense. He worked with labor and with big business. He abhored corruption. He had suffered from many physical ailments but never accepted them for excuses not to push himself.

I loved River of Doubt. Those were some very primitive surroundings and while I think they eventually shortened his life, I think it was what he needed when he lost his bid for the presidency.

As for what I wanted - I wanted to be Ginger on Gilligan's island and marry Davy Jones. You know he died in a town that I used to cover when I was a social worker. I would have loved to have met him. I'm still a sucker for a Brit accent.

jojo cucina cucina said...

susie! how does someone hack into your google account without knowing your password???? I hope it's not a yaya, but you never know. Some of them were pretty wack.

I thought i remember you reading Teddy Roosevelt. I just wasn't sure if it was the River of Doubt. I love survival stories ever since Into Thin Air about the Everest tragedy. I read Alive and the followup called Miracle in the Andes and then i read Endurance all last year in a row. Endurance is Shackleton's journey into the Anarctica. What a story. All of them. A friend of mine offered up Teddy's book when i was saying i loved survival books.

I probably like them because i am the least adventuresome person i know. You can ask louie and jj. I don't like to do anything too dangerous. Flyfishing is the most i can do.

I hope your trip is okay. Don't drink too much in front of her or you might rip her face off and hurt your career. hahaha.

Amanda said...

Things I wanted as a kid...

• A Teddy Ruxpin - This toy looks really creepy by today's standards, but it was a marvel of technology back in the day.

• A real Barbie - I had a Marie Osmond barbie-type doll with a huge mole on her dumb face. I cut off all her hair and the dog chewed off her leg. I still hate Marie Osmond and her dumb face.

• To marry Ricky Nelson - I didn't realize he was already dead when I'd watch reruns of Ozzie and Harriet on the Disney Channel. He was so dreamy. My first celebrity crush.

• Penny loafers with pennies

• To look like Mia Farrow or, when I was a teenager, the girl from Legends of the Fall

• A bean bag chair

• To meet Shotgun Red and the cast of Dumbo's Circus

• Smaller feet - Shopping for shoes was (and still is) a nightmare. I've worn size 11 since the seventh grade. Completely horrifying.

This is a great topic, Jo.

I'm packing up in the morning, but I'll keep checking on your blog as often as I can. I hope to have the internets up at the new place by Wednesday. Hope. I've been singing "On the Road Again" for three days and missing Brian!

louielouie said...

1. I wanted white go-go boots in junior high SO bad I couldn’t stand it. My mom would have no part of it. Can’t believe they were only $13.

The closest I got was a pair of yellow-patented leather shoes. I bought them with my own money in the 8th grade. Got a matching purse too - remember when you changed your purse to match your shoes? My mom thought the yellow shoes were impractical, but I made sure every dress I made for school that spring had yellow in it so I wore the heck out of those shoes.

2. I had a big bike too with a big basket which I loved on bookmobile days (no library at my school) and rode a ton. I did ride my little brother’s Stingray too, actually we rode it together up to the Texaco to buy a can of Coca-Cola to split.

3. I wanted my own room. Shared a room (and a bed) with my sister until I was 14 and she was 16. My brother went away to college that year so we got to take turns having his room when he was gone. We re-did his room in a orange and yellow “mod” theme. Even painted the window shade with big yellow and orange flowers.

4. I wanted a real Barbie too. My sister had one. I had Midge, Barbie’s best friend and Midge’s boyfriend Alan. Got Midge’s little sister Scooter (Barbie’s little sister was Skipper) one year but it was too late; I was done with dolls.

5. I wanted to be like the girl in Sound of Music (although I would never fall for a Nazi) or even Julie Andrews. I wanted to be able to sing all those songs all the time and wanted a boyfriend to sing “You are Sixteen Going on Seventeen” to me. Always sort of figured my future husband would sing “On The Street Where You Live” outside my bedroom window.

6. Also wanted to date the paperboy. We did go on one date – roller-skating – in Lakewood somewhere. I couldn't skate. I never did learn to skate; we had one pair of skates (with the key) to share and no sidewalks so it just never happened.

6. I loved the Monkees. The only 45 I ever owned was Day Dream Believer.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Good ones, louie! I especially love the yellow patent leather shoe story. Your mom was right, they are SO impractical!

I can't believe i forget to put up your #3. We have lived in tiny homes all our lives because of military housing and being poor. People sometimes don't understand how Brian and i can live in a 1000 sq foot condo until i mention that the house my parents bought when we moved here was also only 1000 sq feet and all six of us lived in it. The room my sister and i shared was so tiny that you couldn't fit two twin beds in it so at the age of 17 and 14 we were sleeping in bunk beds. Later we got a futon that fit under the bed and Kelly used to sleep on that.

Good thing neither one of us had many clothes because there is no way the closet could have supported us both.

So yeah, having my own room was a big deal. I don't think i could ever live with another woman to this day because of this room sharing trauma drama.

I had MIdge too. But i DID have a real Barbie and i remember it was the one with the strapless one piece swim suit that had white and black stripes. She had blonde hair and the real heavy eyeliner. I think i had that Skipper doll too but it might have been my cousin's from when i lived with them.

I'm surprised nobody mentions a princess phone. I never wanted one, but many girls my age did.
I do remember this though: i really really wanted a canopy bed!

jojo cucina cucina said...

AMANDA i just now see you're here too. I remember penny loafers with pennies! I actually had them though cause my aunt judy bought them for me when shr bought my cousin's.

And you're right..that Teddy Ruxpin was former stepson had one. I think he was creeped out by it too. Hahaha about Marie Osmond's dumb face! I can't stand donny and marie and their those big teeth!

louielouie said...

Ooo I sort of liked Donny and Marie; you know a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll.

I did like the Sonny and Cher show better

And because I'm really old, I liked the Smothers Brothers too. At the time, I didn't know they were controversial.

Oh yeah, and Laugh In. It reminds me of one of my favorite songs - R.E.S.P.E.C.T - you know, sock it to me, sock it to me

We didn't watch much TV, but caught all the variety style shows, like Carol Burnett

forgot this was supposed to be about what I wanted as a kid. I know, a better TV without rabbit ears -maybe even color

jojo cucina cucina said...

good one on the tv..louie! I am going to change this blog tomorrow. I have been low on estrogen this week so it will likely be a random rant post.