Saturday, October 15, 2011

Velvet Sledgehammer - my new favorite wine. And my new favorite commercial

This has been my favorite commercial for awhile now. I almost wonder if the little girl is really the father's daughter. I know y'all probably know it well. 

1. It's Saturday night and i just poured a shiraz called Velvet Sledgehammer. I bought a bottle of this also for our chief bargainer who is in part responsible for my new retire/rehire status. I thought it was a fitting title for a chief bargainer who had to put up with a lot of shit from our own union members. And he did with a lot of grace and patience. I got a wonderful thank you from him about my support for the bargaining team by trying to stand up to some of those shitheads. It's really very very good. (And velvet in the title is fitting because it is velvet-y.)

2. I have money in my iTunes account but i am finding that sometimes i just need to own the cd in it's commercial packaging. I still play cds on our stereo set up because the sound system is so much better and my iPod hooked up to it has a bit of static. So i play cds. Ryan Adams just put out his new cd and instead of iTunes i bought it from Amazon. I never seem to be able to find the cds i've burned. And like some books that i want to own (The Help, Prayer of Owen Meany, Broken for You, Cutting for Stone) i also need to own the storebought cd and not a download.

3. I also bought a raincoat online. i hope i like it.

4. I should be practicing my speech for Tuesday night. But i don't like to be too rehearsed for these kinds of thing. I know what i want to say so i'll just jot down notes and talk. That's gotten me through some funeral eulogies and retirement speeches okay. (That and a beta blocker!) lol.

5. I got all my paperwork for my retirement yesterday. It turns out to be better than i was expecting and more than the original quote because of how the bargain turned out, so THAT was worth celebrating. I can't believe i'll be done for good in only two years.

6. I probably should buy another bottle of the velvet for the chief bargainer.

7. Last night i bought Paul Simon's Mother and Child Reunion cd. I own it on vinyl and used to play it on my outside patio record player during the summer. But something is wrong with the record player. Probably since we keep it outside on our patio!

8. My husband just got accepted into another band today. A  blues band and so much better than his old band The Disclaimers. Truth is i never liked his old band because i couldn't get past the bad women singers. This new band is much better. As of this writing he is actually in THREE bands, but will be quitting the Disclaimers. He's so excited. And he's constantly studying it and practicing while at home. I think i have mentioned before that both of his cars sit outside the garage to make room for his drums. (He owns two sets).

9. Sometimes i think i need to learn a new hobby. Then i remember how i hate learning new stuff.

10. I didn't really have anything much to say today, but being the numbers goal oriented person that i am i saw that i have 12 more posts to reach my goal of 52 by Dec. 31. So here i am.

I guess i'll go practice my speech. What are y'all up to?


sam said...

I have nothing to say but I wanted to be the first to post (since I often am the very last).

I'm glad the retirement worked out better than you expected. I love good surprises.

jojo cucina cucina said...

hahahaha! usually it IS amulbunny. I also wanted to say to you not to feel horrible about sort of liking your husband going off to Anarctica again (from the previous blog post) for 8 weeks. I know what you mean. I really like my husband as well as love him and i like having him around, but i also like time apart. And so does he!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I'd be celebrating if mine was gone for 8 weeks. No having to pick up kleenex where it's dropped, no reminding him that there might be an extra body in the house so it's not cool to go commando, no yelling at my dog. And for that I'd get a phone call every night about the bank balance, his car payment, and the cell phone bill.

I'm glad your retirement will be good. I have 5 months to decide if I want to pursue medical retirement or just stay on disability. I get 75% of my base now, but it would be significantly less if I did the other.

I had an Octoberfest beer tonight. That was tasty. Last night I had a 22 oz Pale Ale with my BBQ Ribs and that was good too. Now it's Propel Grape.

My daughter got her new IPhone and has been having conversations with SIRI the computer and has been making new ring tones left and right. And putting her music on. It's a great deal like my Itouch except I don't have a phone. And it was cheaper than my Itouch.

Enjoy your Sunday!

louielouie said...

I love that ad too. I actually like most commercials; however, that new Old Spice one with the guy with the octopus on the shoulder is awful!!

I have been sick with a nasty cold since Friday. Have been moping around this weekend, blowing my nose, coughing and feeling sorry for myself. I do not get sick so this is really bugging me. Am better this evening.

Hemmed a bunch of pants for Em this weekend, kind of got me in the sewing mood. Good thing to, I need to get started on Christmas stuff soon.

I did a presentation at a conference in Kennewick last week. It went well. It had been along time since I had done anything like that so I was a little nervous, it went well.

I want to quit my job more than anything. I fantasize about winning the lotto (don’t buy tickets through), getting fired or just walking out. Probably none of those things will really happen.

I’m still driving my dad’s 91 Mazda pickup. It is as basic as can be. Ron is using my car ‘cause his is in the shop. I am tired of it and want my own car back

Have not had any good wine, but did have some Bushmill’s last night for medicinal purposes.

That’s all I got

jojo cucina cucina said...

I have not seen that Old Spice commercial yet! I hope you're better for our dinner louie!

amulbunny, my husband ALSO drops his kleenez on the floor on his side of the bed! It makes me crazy and i always tell him it's going to take the finish off of our hardwood floors! HA!

Hey! My speech went REALLY well last night! AND i did it without a beta blocker! (But only because i bought a new purse and forget to switch my little stash from the old purse!)

In fact Irene in our office made a point of telling me this morning that she really liked it too and I have inspired to start her exercise program. The instructor told me she thought i was scamming when i was talking earlier about being nervous so i think i passed!

I was nervous though. But i could feel calmer within a minute. The more i do this, the better it gets, but i'm still always anxious for days ahead of time. I never write it out, i just make very short notes with words that keep me in my place. The words have a very large font! (I made sure i went first too. )

I had my audience pretend they were at a running clinic and i was there to talk to them about how to start a running program even though i myself HATE running (but have done it for 32 years!) And every time i ran, i practiced the speech!

We're going to start our own class in the union office so this might be an ongoing thing. It could be fun. Like a toastmasters thingie.

equeyaya said...

this is equeyaya.... i am going to try posting without using the blogger profile.

congratulations on your speech! i always do my speeches that way, too - with the key words in a big font, but mostly extemporaneous. I always feel like i stumble around with my words but people tell me i do a good job,so i just think it comes off sounding natural.

can you post youtubes of brian's new band when they get going? i would love to hear them!

okay, going to test the new posting strategy....

equeyaya said...

haha! i did it!

have a great weekend everyone!

jojo cucina cucina said...

hey eque!!!! I haven't shot video of Brian's band yet, but i will soon. They are SOOOOO good. It was my first time seeing them Friday. Troy and his son Brian came. It's a really good blues band and i was very happy for Brian to get into a band like this because they had no singers in the other one. This one is fun. They play next Saturday too - opening up for a popular local band as they did last Friday.

Time to change this blog, i'll think of something soon.