Sunday, October 30, 2011

What's going on.

1.  I still haven't mailed in my absentee ballot. I have even marked it (except for the City Council folks since i don't know them) and just need to get it in the mail otherwise they will start calling me. 

2. I am procrastinating about doing my On Demand 10 Minute Workout. I'm still sore from the day before. Workouts hurt. Running hasn't hurt me for years. That's why i like it better. But it does nothing for my core. I hate worrying about my core. stupid word.

3. Brian's band was great last night. Fun seeing all the Halloween costumes. Probably the best one was an Avatar chick. Then a couple of cavemen. The guy was pretty funny because he had to wear glasses with his costume. (We did not dress up.)

4. I returned my online raincoat and got a better one. Every time i buy a coat it looks like i'm wearing someone else's coat. And that's what happened with this one. Good news is i found a shorter one i like better and it was HALF the cost! 

5. Bought another pair of jeans which i may still end up returning. Or maybe altering. I cannot find a good pair of jeans! 

6. i WAS starting to think i might be wrong about Rick Perry winning the nomination because of his horribly stupid performances in the debates. But then i remembered how Americans voted in Bush and so i'm sticking with my first pick. I still think it will be Rick Perry. I feel like the polls are f*cking around by pretending to pick Cain. 

7. I'm back to reading Dave Eggers What is the What. It's very good and i wonder why i put it down in the first place. (I started it last summer). 

8. I keep thinking i might want a Kindle or a Nook or an iPad. And then i think i'm not sure that i really do. For one thing, if someone wants to steal my copy of What is the What i'm only about $15. I don't like the idea that i have to carry around an e-book worth something every time i go anywhere because i never go anywhere ever without a book. I'm afraid i'll lose it. 

9. My best nephew Brian (Troy's son) , came over Thursday to my office. He wanted to tell me in person that he was going to ask his girlfriend (of 8 years) to marry him. I was very excited for him because they seem to be in a very good place now after some tough times. I got to know before his Dad. (I think once he made up his mind he wanted to tell someone who was close to him and he couldn't find his dad.) He asked his girlfriend the next day and she said yes. 

10. Speaking of politics for a minute, i'm thinking i might not be overly thrilled with our Democrat candidate Jay Inslee. He's cute and looks like the quarterback that he used to be, but sort of seems like he might be an empty suit. HOWEVER, we have to be sure not to let McKenna in or we could be in for what Wisconsin just went through. 

11. I just don't like working for elections solely on wanting to be sure the other guy doesn't get in. I've done it before, but i liked it much better when working for Obama.

12. I haven't given up my thoughts about going to Occupy Tacoma. I just don't want to seem like that Catholic person who only goes to church on Easter and pisses off the regulars (who tend to run late to everything and have to stand in the back) because i get to sit in the pew (because i'm always on time). I need to feel committed to doing something besides showing up once and going out for a beer afterwards. (The photo above came from their Facebook page.) 

OK that's all i got. Not too inspired but it was a week and time to change the blog. 


Swiss said...

Have you seen this?

jojo cucina cucina said...

Swiss, i LOVE this guy. How fun! What a great idea! Roofing shingles, indeed!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I took the kid shopping Friday before she left for Chicago. She needed a good coat for the cool weather there. We found a London Fog black wool car coat for 70$ at Burlington Coat Factory. I was pleased.

Mail your absentee ballot back you lazy woman you. I mailed mine, it only had 3 people running for 2 offices. It seems like no one else in this house changed their registration. I will remind them.

I was thinking about the cheap Kindle. Don't need an Ipad, I have an Itouch, which is everything but the phone.

Is there much news coverage up there about the Hana Williams death? The 14 year old Ethiopian adoptee who was starved to death by her adoptive parents? I heard the 911 tape and the mother only sounded irritated and pissed off that this girl was outside naked, not breathing, and messing up her yard. The child was made to use a porta potty, use the hose for showers and eat next to nothing. I hope to God that when the mother gets convicted she gets treated the same way.

I'm starting the 2nd George A.A. Martin book, A Clash of Kings. Pretty interesting.

Still dealing with hives. I could go TnT as Itchy and Scratchy. Ugh.

Pandy14 (Alyson) had a bouncing baby boy with her adorable Irish husband Francis. Named him after her brother who committed suicide. She is over the moon.

Alas, I can't think of anything else witty and wonderful to say. Football is calling me . . . .

louielouie said...

1. Had a good weekend

2. Went with Emma to get stuff for a mouse costume. Teachers at her school are all dressing up as animals on Monday, Kids don’t get to dress up.

3. After we bought a tail and mouse ears, the mouse turned into Mickey Mouse. I had some giant yellow buttons to sew on red shorts (actually em has a red skort) left over from when her brother was Mickey the Halloween after his dad and I split up. Those are some old buttons. The best part was we spray painted my old Crocks bright yellow. Perfect use for those Crocks.

4. We also got a Huskies’ jersey and UW stickers so Ron could be a football player at work.

5. This was all sort of fun but took way too long. And I hate Halloween.

6. Made some great quesadillas from a left over roasted pork loin. They were delicious. I’m getting good and the tenderloin in my grill pan and then the oven. I did burn myself though; that’s the third time in as many months. Maybe I’m too old to cook and need to do take out from now on?

7. Spent the afternoon and evening cutting out PJs and flannel quilt squares. Continued cutting today after church. Still not done but made a real deny in it.

8. Am roasting a chicken with lime, turmeric and garlic. Just added the sweet potatoes. It smells good but it’s making me crazy to keep checking the temperature. I have to take my glasses off because they stem up when I open the oven but then I have a hard time reading the thermometer.

9. Looks like we’ll be eating at about 8:30.

10. Back to work tomorrow; at least I have leftover quesadillas for lunch.

11. Didn’t read my home email or Mary Worth at all last week. Hope I have more time this week.

no preview or edit for me. Ron's downstairs from watching the Living Dead and my chicken might be ready

Anonymous said...

hi, this is equeyaya.... this works better if I don't sign in as anyone.

lol, i haven't heard that expression "empty suit" for a long time. i have no energy for politics these days. i don't even plan to vote this time.

i went through 140 pieces of candy last night in about 2 hours. we ran out and closed the door and turned out the light, just as the teenagers started coming.

does brian's new band have a web site or you tubes? would love to hear them.

and congratulations to your "best nephew" brian! (does the other nephew get his feelings hurt when you say that?) it sounds like they will be very happy.

i haven't been reading lately, or buying music, or hardly even cleaning my house, lol! i've been burning the candle at both ends... so exhausted!

it's great that you are keeping up with your weekly posts. sorry i haven't been a better participant on your blog!


louielouie said...

"To try is to risk failure...but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing!"

Mary Worth

jojo cucina cucina said...

eque, the last time i heard 'empty suit' was Don Imus used to refer to John Edwards that way. I agree. But of course his suit wasn't empty. He had a pretty active penis in it! And pretty big balls for treating his wife as he did when she was sick.

Brian's band doesn't have a website yet, i'll let you know.

I only have two nephews on my side now and the other nephew is my sister's son. I've never been able to get as close to him partly due to geography and i think just because my sister isn't alive i just don't have as much opportunity to have ever seen him as often as Brian. Brian and i have similar interests in music and books, just like Troy and he likes to call and just talk about stuff. He's funny and savvy and also sardonic and edgy and i've always felt he was special since he was pretty young. I am really happy for him. His fiance is a nurse and they have been together a very long time, weathering some pretty bad shit along the way.

louie, your chicken sounds great. For all my cooking i have never in my life roasted a chicken! I was thinking i might want a sewing machine for Christmas but i'm not so sure now reading about how busy you are with it!

I have decided against ALL ebooks now. I can't believe i didn't think of this sooner. I read probably more in the bathtub than any place. I cannot bring an e-reader with me in the tub. And i don't want to have to worry about which books i want to read in the tub or not. Every morning before i go to work i read for an hour. It's the only way i can get into gear.

I don't like Halloween either but we had about 20 kids this year which is probably a record for us. I gave out about 10 pieces of assorted Reeses, butterfingers,etc from the big Costco bag. What i had left over i shoved in the paper carrier's box with a note. I don't want that stuff around. I ate four pieces of it yesterday just cause it was there.

louie, that quote is a hoot and vintage Mary. I wish that bitch would quit trying to give me advice.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I was just thinking today that in exactly one month i will be putting up a Christmas tree and i freaked myself out.

I am glad at least for not being on the Gumbo message board anymore because i remember how far behind i used to feel about Christmas because so many of the yayas were already done with shopping by Dec. 1.

If y'all don't have any Amos Lee music you MUST get some soon. I am listening to a download from his World Cafe Live and it's so beautiful. I am Facebook friends with him which is where i got the link. Mission Bell is an amazing cd. This World Cafe is cool because he talks through it. I'll come back and post the link in case you want to listen online while you're hanging on the computer.

I have only 9 more posts to make to reach my goal of one a week before the end of the year. I think i'll make it, but if anyone has any ideas on what theme you want to post on, let me know!

jojo cucina cucina said...

this is not video, it's just audio, so you can listen while typing. He sounds like a cool fellow!